Our Story

Founded in 2018, HunterSourcing is a Chinese procurement agency that helps overseas SMEs, e-commerce companies, and individuals import products from China more quickly, efficiently, and safely.

We are located in Haining, Zhejiang Province, the most economically developed eastern coastal city in China. It is close to Shanghai in the east and is surrounded by Ningbo, Hangzhou, Yiwu, Wenzhou, Taizhou, Suzhou, Changzhou, Yangzhou, Zhenjiang, Changzhou, and many other industries within the city. The traffic is very convenient.

We are committed to helping those buyers from China for the first time who are not familiar with Chinese products and industrial belts and do not know how to find a suitable factory. We provide:

  • product collection

  • factory verification

  • sample confirmation

  • label and color box design

  • price negotiation

  • Order tracking

  • quality control

  • quality inspection

  • free warehouse

  • goods Consolidation

  • door-to-door logistics

  • other one-stop procurement and supply chain solutions

That helps customers save a lot of time and costs.

Our team members are composed of professionals with an average of more than five years of export experience. We are familiar with all Chinese export knowledge and understand foreign customers’ needs and culture and try our best to meet customers’ needs for Chinese imported products.

Our Mission

Let us know your purchasing needs, and leave all other imports from China to help you solve them with perfection.

Our Founder

Wendao, the founder of HunterSourcing, has More than 15 years of experience in China’s export field.

He has been working in Jiaxing Foreign Trade Company since 2003, mainly engaged in the export and purchase of clothing, fabrics, luggage, supermarket daily necessities.

He started to work in Shanghai Foreign Trade Company in 2006, engaged in the export of building materials, hardware, electronic components, garden tools, furniture, LEDs, and consumer electronics.

Worked in Guangzhou Foreign Trade Company in 2010, engaged in the export of luggage, electronic products, pet supplies, gifts, and furniture.

More than ten years of rich experience in China, have been to many places in China where products are produced, familiar with products, and good at dealing with suppliers.

I know that the importers are most concerned about the product quality, price, and delivery requirements. Suppliers’ integrity is most valued, but many factories in China are not perfect due to the concept and management, especially some new importers do not know how to find suitable products and honest suppliers.

Many customers ask WENDAO to help find many different kinds of products. They are delighted with his professionalism and service. They have also become good friends, and they also hope that they can improve their professional procurement experience and services.

So WenDao established its own Chinese sourcing company in 2018. HunterSourcing, Hunter is to have a keen sense of smell and execution like hunters and efficiently and correctly complete the procurement tasks assigned by buyers in the shortest time. It can help buyers seize business opportunities, get high-quality products as soon as possible, and realize company performance growth.

Wendao’s motto is to achieve customers first, then achieve yourself.

Organizational Chart

Our Team