Most customers need OEM or ODM sourcing from China. They also need customized logos, color boxes, labels, and even product designs. Huntersourcing has a professional graphic design team to help customers design Works and therefore enhance the specifications and grades of their product. Here are the graphic design services that Huntersourcing offers to customers.

Product Graphic Design

Some products require constant updates on the design to attract the consumers’ attention. Huntersourcing has a rich product designer to help customers decide on the product shape, product specifications, product size, and overall design.

Packaging Graphic Design

Packaging is a product selling point. Good packaging can improve product price and customer satisfaction. Huntersourcing has experienced designers to provide customers with product packaging solutions. Expect the best packaging design

Logo Graphic Design

LOGO design is an important part of product design. A good logo can help users remember your company easily. Huntersourcing has a senior designer to design a refreshing logo according to your requirements.

Label Graphic Design

Although the label design may look uncomplicated, it is indispensable for many products. Huntersourcing designers will help you come with the best label for your products.

Carton Graphic Design

The size of the carton is important if your goal is to receive goods without damages. The design of the box can improve the intrinsic value of the product. Huntersourcing designers have extensive experience in carton graphic design and they will help you develop the best carton for your goods.

Color Box Graphic Design

The color box will directly face the terminal consumers. A good color box design can improve the product’s grade. As a result, it will influence people to buy your product. Huntersourcing has an experienced color box design team that works on the aesthetics of your products. They will come with the best color box graphic design.

Manual Graphic Design

Apart from providing the details your customers need to use your products, the product manual also says a lot about your company. Huntersourcing designers have rich experience to help you design an unforgettable product manual.

Web Graphic Design

The website is not only a platform for displaying the products. It will also be the landing place for online shoppers. A good website should be attractive to customers and easier to navigate. Huntersourcing designers will help you develop a stunningly beautiful site that your customers will navigate easily.

Custom Graphic Design

If you have a customized flat design requirement, Huntersourcing the right choice. Our experts will offer customized graphic designs based on your ideas and needs.