Introduce our one-stop supply chain management services and fees

According to different customer procurement needs, we provide three types of procurement agency services, the first is almost 100% customer choice, the second is 80% customer choice, and the third is 50% customer choice.

Free service mainly including (100% customer choice this to start)

When importing from China for the first time, you don’t know how to find products and which suppliers to trust, and you don’t know whether the price is competitive. At this point, you can submit your procurement requirements to us, and we will help you solve these problems.

Products Sourcing – We will assign an experienced sourcing agent to serve you throughout the whole process. The sourcing agent will contact more than ten suppliers according to your product requirements. After evaluating all the information, we will find at least three outstanding suppliers by considering the price, quality, and delivery. Advantages are then provided to you.

Import & Export Consulting – Many products have different export policies, tariffs, customs declaration documents, etc., and even export to other countries have separate taxes and forms. We will provide you with this information for free to relieve your worries about imported products from china.

Samples Collection & Quality Inspection – Your agent will help you evaluate three high-quality suppliers from a list of ten. Let these three suppliers provide samples, customize samples according to your requirements, add your trademark and logo, and send you the samples. We then help you check the samples’ quality, control the sample delivery time, etc. These are free. You need to submit your sample request to us.

One-Stop china import agent Solution (80% of customers choice)

After enjoying our free purchasing agency service, our one-stop Chinese purchasing agency solution service is the next step. In this service, you will enjoy everything from factory inspection, price negotiation, order follow-up, quality inspection, free warehouse, and goods Consolidation, Amazon FBA, and low-cost logistics solutions and product Photography services

All of these will be done by a one-to-one agent for you; contact us now to learn more.

Factory Audit – This is a crucial step in factory verification. The factory’s scale, management, personnel, technology, etc., will determine whether the factory can fulfill your orders, control the quality and delivery time, and carefully check it for you.

Price & MOQ Negotiation – Price is one of the most critical factors for imports. Only competitive prices can guarantee your profits, give you a competitive advantage in the market, quickly occupy the market, expand the scale and overall profitability. MOQ can help you start to test the market during import to reduce risks. your agent will search at least ten suppliers to help you find the most competitive price and suitable MOQ

Order follow Up is a cumbersome task. It takes a lot of time to confirm many production details and packaging, usually 15-60 days. Your agent will help you closely with the supplier from placing the order to the shipment. Communicate and deal with any problems encountered in the production process, allowing you to save a lot of time and energy.

Quality Inspection – Quality is the foundation of product survival. Suppose there is a problem with product quality. In that case, it will have a tremendous negative impact on the brand, lose customers, your agents will strictly control the quality during the production process. After the production is completed, we will have a professional QC to inspect the product and issue it to you Inspection Report

Free Warehousing (60days) – We have a 1,000-square-meter warehouse, which can provide our customers with a 60-day free warehouse to help customers collect products from different factories, centrally load them, reduce customer costs, and improve efficiency. After more than 60 days, we will pay a $10/ Cubic/month charge.

Goods Consolidation – We will collect different products to help customers with Goods Consolidation according to the best packing method, saving space and cost to the greatest extent.

Amazon FBA Service – We will help global Amazon buyers provide one-stop supply chain solutions. You can rely on us for product procurement, order tracking, quality control, inspection, label customization, warehouse, and logistics services, all of which you need to contact us and inform us of the demand.

Low-Cost shipping door-to-door Solution – We have long-term cooperation with many shipping companies, airlines, express companies, railway transportation departments, and signed preferential price contracts. We will provide one-stop logistics transportation services and door-to-door, door-to-port, port-to-door, port-to-port services.

Products Photography – We will provide customers with three white background pictures of each product. Use them to upload to Amazon website, stand-alone, create marketing advertisements, etc. The important thing is that this is free.

One-Stop china import agent Solution Service Rate

Order Amount Service Charge Payment Term
Less than $1,000 $100 100% payment when place an order.
$1,001-$3,000 10%
$3,001–$6,000 9%
$6,001-$10,000 8% 30% deposit and balance against before delivery.
$10,001-$15,000 7%
$15,001-$20,000 6%
$20,001-$30,000 5.5%
$30,001- 5%

Value-added Services (50% customer choice this to start)

Some customers will have their preferred suppliers, but they need value-added services such as factory audit, goods inspection, graphic design, label and packaging design, warehouse and logistics solution, etc. We can provide all these services. Get in touch with us, and we will willingly listen to your needs. Yes, it’s so simple for you.

Design Packaging & Label – You want to make your product packaging more beautiful, better reflect your brand value, make your packaging materials better protect your products, avoid damage during transportation, and make your labels more personalized to promote sales. We have professional designers who will do all this for you.
Prices start from $50.

Products Inspection – When you are worried about the quality of the factory products you are looking for, we have a professional QC team with an average industry experience of more than five years. We will inspect the products within any province and city in China. We charge 200 US dollars per day in Zhejiang and Shanghai. Outside Zhejiang Province, it is 200 US dollars per day plus a round-trip ticket

Graphic Design – We have experienced designers to design products, picture albums, color boxes, cartons, manuals, posters, and web pages for customers. These will save you a lot of time and money, allowing you to focus on marketing, thereby improving your sales performance.
Prices start from $100

Re-packing, Bundling & Labeling – We have our private warehouse to help repack and Bundling different kinds of products. We can also help with product labeling, reinforcement packaging, palletizing, and other services.
Packing costs $4 per worker per hour, and the cost of labeling is $0.03 for each

Your Chinese Sourcing Agent – We at Huntersourcing, the best purchasing agent in China, can become your purchasing office in China. You can rely on us for communicating and cooperating with the factory on your behalf. We advocate for more generous benefits for you and provide one-stop purchasing and supply chain solutions.
Prices start from 10%-5% commission

Freight forwarding service – Huntersourcing has many years of experience in the international logistics industry and has close cooperation agreements with many large shipping companies, airlines, express companies, and railway transportation departments. We can provide a set of cheap and fast delivery according to the customer’s cargo location and delivery time. Transportation solutions
Please contact us to ask for the price.