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Amazon FBA is one of our main services. At present, China is the world’s largest product exporter. The country offers many categories of industrial products, household products, and technology products.

As the world’s largest e-commerce retail company, Amazon sells many products from China. Still, many Amazon FBA sellers would want to import products from China, but they are unfamiliar with the importation process. They do not know how to find reliable suppliers, how to check the quality of the products, how to organize freight, and how to import to Amazon FBA warehouse.

If you are one of them, do not worry. You only need to hire Huntersourcing. We will make everything easy, as long as you tell them what you need.

Our Amazon FBA Service Mainly Includes the Following Aspects

Product Prep Service:

We will look for Amazon FBA product manufacturers in China based on your requirements. We will find at least 5 suppliers and finally determine 1-2 qualified potential partners.

Inspection Service:

We will provide inspection services such as factory inspection, sample inspection, product quality inspection during production, final inspection after production, and installation supervision.

Alibaba to Amazon FBA

As the largest B2B e-commerce website in China, Alibaba has hundreds of thousands of manufacturing companies. The products of these companies are exported to all parts of the world. If you need a lot of products, Alibaba is the best choice. We will help you select high-quality products and Alibaba suppliers. Finally, we will handle the shipping to Amazon FBA

Aliexpress to Amazon FBA

Aliexpress is the largest B2C e-commerce website in China. It mainly deals with global small and medium-sized e-commerce sellers’ wholesale products. If you have a new small store with relatively low-risk resistance and want to sell a small number of products, then Aliexpress is the right choice. Huntersourcing will help you find quality wholesalers with high-quality products at an affordable price.

Shopify Amazon FBA

Shopify is currently the world’s most popular and fastest-growing B2C e-commerce platform. It has many global sellers and the number is increasing rapidly. One reason behind that is that building an e-shop on the Shopify platform is easy. Further, retailers on the platform can use Oberlo plug-ins to connect to other channels. It only takes a single click to move goods to their Shopify store. The system automatically places an order to the source channel after a customer places an order. Huntersoucing helps customers choose products and suppliers.

Amazon FBA Warehouse

Amazon FBA warehouse plays a very important role in the sales process. It can reduce delivery time, improve user experience, and reduce sellers’ sales costs. Huntersourcing provides Amazon FBA overseas warehouses for Amazon sellers purchasing from China to reduce their Worries.

Amazon FBA Shipping

Amazon FBA shipping is very important for sellers, Huntersourcing offers door-to-door one-stop transportation. Here are the shipping services to expect.

  • Shipping from China to Amazon FBA
  • FCL Shipping from China to Amazon FBA
  • LCL Shipping from China to Amazon FBA
  • FBA Air Shipping from China to Amazon
  • Sea Freight Shipping from China to Amazon
  • Express Freight Shipping from China to Amazon

Amazon FBA Documents

You need customs declaration and customs clearance materials when importing from China. Huntersourcing can help you get these documents if you are unfamiliar with the processes. Here are the services to expect in this category.

  • Verification proof, e.g., Passport, Driver License
  • Verified bank account
  • Proof of Address
  • Your business details
  • Employee ID number
  • Contact details (Phone Number and Email)
  • Tax Reg details if required by local laws
  • VAT and other supporting documents may be requested

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