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Quality is the life of a product. That is especially for transnational imports. When it comes to transnational imports, you will be dealing with suppliers who are thousands of kilometers away. Thus, there is nothing you can do if you receive products of low quality.

Huntersourcing has an experienced Quality Control (QC) team that inspects raw material quality. The QC team also inspects the production process and the final products. Here are the main quality inspection services that Huntersourcing offers.

Source Inspection

This is the type of inspection that happens at the source of raw materials for suppliers. The purpose is to ensure that the raw materials are of the right quality. Huntersourcing will ensure that the manufacturer is using acceptable raw materials to prevent future problems. They may recommend another manufacturer if the raw materials are of low quality.

Pre-Production Inspection

Pre-production inspection refers to the checks relating to production. They include delivery, sample, raw material, workshop environment, and packaging materials checks.

Quality Control Inspection

Quality control inspection happens during the production process. Huntersourcing quality control team reviews many factors related to the production. The production takes a lot of time and you do not want to end up with low-quality products. Some products can also be hard to repair after they are complete. Huntersourcing will also help solve product quality issues if they occur during the production process.

Finished Product Inspection

A finished product inspection happens after the products are complete. If the quality control inspection did not happen, Huntersourcing will inspect the finished products to be sure that they are of high quality. This type of inspection might take time.

Third-Party Quality Inspection Services

Third-party quality inspection services include customer needs SGS, BV, and several other inspection services. Huntersourcing has a good relationship with many well-known third-party testing companies. We can contact them and arrange for product inspection in any Chinese city.

Huntersourcing also helps customers do their factory testing. In such cases, Huntersourcing will be a third-party testing company. The company implements international testing standards to give customers a good final test report. Expect the best products.

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