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Find Your Perfect Partner: How to Choose the Best China Dropshipping Suppliers for Your Business Needs!

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As a dropshipping business owner, you will need a reliable supplier to take over all your fulfillment matters. Unfortunately, there are many factors to consider when choosing a dropshipping supplier in China. This guide will help you avoid the hassles associated with finding one.

1. What are China’s Dropshipping Suppliers?
2. The Benefits of Dropshipping from China
3. How to Find Dropshipping Suppliers in China?
4. Top 15 Dropshipping Suppliers in China
4.1 AliExpress
4.2 1688
4.3 Banggood
4.4 CJDropshippinga
4.5 Nichedropshipping
4.6 Alibaba
4.7 DHgate
4.8 HyperSKU
4.9 GlobalSources
4.10 HKTDC
4.11 Made in China
4.12 Lightinthebox
4.13 uDroppy
4.14 DealeXtreme
4.15 Huntersourcing
5. Conclusion

What are China’s Dropshipping Suppliers?

Dropshipping suppliers are vendors who deal in a particular range of products and they generally promote their websites through dropshipping platforms.

They are an essential constituent of any dropshipping business. Without them, no dropshipping business can sustain itself because it will not have any products to deliver to its customers.

Dropshipping entrepreneurs planning to sell their products online benefit more from Chinese Dropshippers.

Whenever a customer places an order in an online store, the vendor allows the dropshipping company to complete the fulfillment.

If the supplier dropshipping company has a warehouse in your country, then they will ship your goods from there. If they do not have it, then they will have to ship the goods from China.

Recently, a new form of dropshipping model that allows online retailers to buy products from China in bulk and store them in the warehouses of the suppliers has outcropped.

Each time you receive an order, you should allow the Chinese drop shipper to complete the fulfillment. The supplier charges you a proportion of the shipping fees, including the packaging, and fulfillment costs.

The Benefits of Dropshipping from China

Here are the reasons why most retailers prefer dropshipping from China today:

Lower Risk

China has evolved in regard to technological sophistication and business capabilities. The manufacturing system advancements allow dropshipping suppliers to focus more on quality and meet the quantity demanded. Products from China compete perfectly in terms of quality standards.

Further, the companies offer longer payment terms. That minimizes the chances of losing your money or getting low-quality products.

Product Variety/Diversity

The Chinese wholesale market offers a wide range of products from many manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers.

The local suppliers handle everything, from packing to shipping, so that the buyers can concentrate on essential tasks, such as improving customer relations and marketing.

Lower Prices

China has invested in large-scale manufacturing technologies, machinery, and premises. The properly established logistics structure, low labor costs, and mass production allow Chinese manufacturers to offer high-quality products at competitive prices.

Therefore, if you require affordable options to fill your store, dropshipping companies from China are the best choice.

Very Easy to Start a Business

If you need a dropshipping company from China to help you establish an e-commerce business model, then you do not have to invest in a warehouse space, racking, warehouse management system, barcode scanners, forklifts, or insurance policies.

Chinese dropshipping suppliers are experienced in production, packing, and shipping and therefore you do not have to dedicate your attention to these aspects.

Build Your Brand

Chinese manufacturers offer customized products that will help you establish your brand.

All you need to do is provide them with your logo, the product specifications, and the packaging design. They will develop a unique product for you.

How to Find Dropshipping Suppliers in China?

Many websites list dropshipping suppliers from China, but they do not mention the best ones.

Below we have a list of the best dropshipping suppliers from China that will give you a good starting point.

However, you can also use the following methods to find the best suppliers for your business.

Trade Shows

Tradeshows, also known as wholesale fairs or trade exhibitions, are among the best places to find China dropshipping suppliers.

You will meet dropshipping suppliers face to face after attending a tradeshow and therefore build rapport and establish relationships.

Attending a tradeshow will also allow you to test various products, work out logistics, and negotiate deals in addition to bargaining exclusive discounts, connecting with many like-minded individuals, and spotting future trends.

Know that every trade show in China is usually targeted towards a specific product category or niche, such as toys or furniture. So, research before attending any.

Search Engine

Search engines, such as Google, Yahoo Search, and Bing, are great tools for finding different organizations or companies, but only when used correctly.

When using a search engine to find a dropship company, avoid using a generic keyword, which might return irrelevant results. Instead, use long-tail keywords. For example.

instead of searching for “China drop shippers,” use a phrase that will specify the type of Dropshipping Company you are looking for.

Use a long-tail keyword such as “men’s clothing dropshippers in China,” “the best Chinese dropshippers,” or “fashion shoe dropshippers in China.” Also, check beyond the first page.

Dropshipping Software

Dropshipping software programs generally provide a better solution for people who want to find, list, and monitor dropshipping products on popular channels, such as Amazon and eBay.

Most of the software tools integrate with various dropshipping suppliers meaning that you do not have to find the suppliers manually. You will have access to hundreds or thousands of suppliers.

Dropshipping Website

Dropshipping websites like Dhgate, Aliexpress, Chinabrands, and Alibaba, are other great source of the best Chinese dropshippers.

While most of the websites are geared towards bulk buying, most of the 3rd party sellers on them provide dropshipping services in all parts of the world.

To find the best Chinese dropshippers, search for the products you need and add the term “dropshipping” at the end. You will get a long list of suppliers. Choose those that appeal to you.

Top 15 Dropshipping Suppliers in China

China has many dropshipping suppliers. However, you will have to choose the best if your goal is to keep your customers for a long time and make profits. Here are the best Chinese dropshippers.

1. AliExpress

AliExpress connects international buyers from all parts of the world with suppliers from China that offer dropshipping services. Most beginner-level dropshippers choose AliExpress because it offers a wide range of products in various categories at competitive prices.

Besides, it supports many languages, such as Portuguese, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, and German. AliExpress has warehouses in several countries.

Key Features of AliExpress

Great value items: AliExpress provides over 100 million products in various categories, such as clothing and accessories, laptops, cellphones, consumer electronics, home and garden, jewelry, bags, luggage, shoes, baby essentials, maternity, health and beauty, sports, and hobbies, and many other categories. You will always get great value for your money.

Safe payment: The website offers several safe payment options. It accepts MasterCard, Visa, and other payment methods. However, it does not accept PayPal.

Buyer protection: If the seller offers a free return service, a “free return” icon or label will appear on the product details page. In such circumstances, you will have 15 days to decide if you should keep the product or return it. Returning through door-to-door pickup service or return service point is free of charge.

Return/Refund policy: AliExpress has no return policy. It offers a limited refund policy.

Worldwide delivery: The Company delivers to over 237 countries and territories around the world. Some of the shippers on the platform offer free shipping to their customers.


Most sellers on AliExpress with local warehouses in foreign countries offer free return service. If you happen to initiate several requests under one order, you will enjoy the return service once. The product should be unused, in original packaging, and in perfect condition to benefit from the service. The seller will cover the return shipping costs.

2. 1688

Owned by Alibaba Group, 1688.com is among the largest online platforms and a good choice for dropshipping suppliers. You might wonder why the Alibaba Group has another site in addition to Alibaba and Express.

Actually, Alibaba Group owns four sites, which include Alibaba, AliExpress, 1688, and Taobao. Alibaba and AliExpress are good choices for those who do not speak Chinese. 1688.com and Taobao run in the Chinese language.

Key Features of 1688.com

Great value items: 1688.com offers the most affordable prices for all goods. Further, you can find rare goods that are not available on other platforms like DHgate and Alibaba.

Safe payment: The payment for goods is through cards issued by Chinese banks, Union Pay, or Alipay.

Buyer protection: The site offers product and supplier ratings and other metrics like the seller’s popularity to help buyers make the right choice.

Return/Refund policy: Offers a 7 days return and exchange policy. It might take you around 1 month for goods to receive the goods and return them for replacement if you are overseas.

Worldwide delivery: The delivery is done in China alone and you will have to pay for it. You will have to choose a delivery method.


The only thing that can help you avoid fraud or low-quality goods after choosing 1688.com is a quality inspection or sample service. You will have to hire a sourcing agent to help you inspect the samples.

3. Banggood

Started in 2006, Banggood is among the most trusted dropshipping suppliers based in China. The company offers over 200,000 products in over 14 product categories, including clothing, electronics, jewelry, toys, beauty suppliers, and homeware.

It has many warehouses based in the UK, US, and EU and offers many fast local shipping options. You will have a chance to choose drop shipper pricing, tool, and resources.

Key Features of Banggood

Great value items: Banggood offers over 200,000 products in various categories. The categories include fashion accessories, apparel, consumer electronics and accessories, lasers, flashlights, and home and garden.

Safe payment: The website accepts Visa, PayPal, MasterCard, American Express, and several other modes of payment.

Buyer protection: Banggood offers 7 days Dead on Arrival (DOD) product guarantee. Each time you receive a different product, a damaged one, or one that is not working, you can return it within 7 days to the assigned address. You can choose a replacement or refund. You will not pay for the shipping.

Return/Refund Policy: The return window, amount of refund, and warranty period vary with the product categories. You can check the return and refund policies at the help center.

Worldwide delivery: Banggood ships to over 239 countries and territories. It has warehouses in Europe, the United States, and several other countries for dropshippers.


Some product categories are covered by a 180 days warranty to refund or exchange. Some of the categories not covered are shoes, clothing, decorations, bracelets, tablet accessories, phones, home decorations, household gadgets, home textiles, RC toys, and similar items.

4. CJDropshipping

CJDropshipping has many international warehouses, and thousands of products, and offers various customization services such as logo engraving and print-on-demand. It is also among the best Chinese dropshippers.

You can integrate it with any of the leading eCommerce platforms like Amazon and eBay for real-time inventory syncing, bulk order processing, and one-click listing. The site has no membership fees and provides true wholesale prices.

Key Features of CJDropshipping

Great value items: CJDropshipping offers quality control services to ensure that all goods are in the right condition. They ensure that all items that ship from their warehouses are inspected for defects and other issues relating to quality.

Safe payment: Offers many payment methods, including Western Union, Credit Card, and Paypal.

Buyer protection: For abnormal situations, such as bad quality items, damaged orders, or delayed orders, the buyer can open disputes on the CJDropshipping platform and contact the CS staff to get a solution.

Return/Refund Policy: You can ask for a refund if the delivery was delayed or the goods were not delivered. You can also ask for a replacement or refund if you received damaged products or the wrong products.

Worldwide delivery: Ships to over 220 countries worldwide. It also offers six shipping methods, including USPS, DHL, Jewel Shipping, Special Line, CJPacket, and ePacket.


CJDropshipping offers a quick dispute solution if you provide photos or videos of the damaged goods, and screenshots of the email or dispute, including the date, name, and content.

5. Nichedropshipping

Nichedropshipping is a well-known professional dropshipping supplier in China. Even though the site is very new, it has gained massive trust among the dropshippers community.

The company offers an all-in-one-solution for drop shippers, from quality inspection, product sourcing, customized packaging, and photography, to shipping. It has warehouses in the US, Thailand, and Germany.

Key Features of Nichedropshipping

Great value items: Nichedropshipping has an experienced sourcing team that offers 1-on-1 support service and helps buyers find manufacturers and quality products. They also follow up on the production and inspect the goods before shipping.

Safe payment: Offers several safe payment methods, including Credit Card, PayPal, Western Union, Payoneer, Payssion, and Midtrans.

Buyer protection: The Company offers quality inspection and quality checks. It rechecks all products from factories to ensure that they are of great quality.

Return/Refund Policy: If an order is delayed, the items are damaged, or another problem arises, you can open a dispute on the website or app. The after-sales service will deal with the problem.

Worldwide delivery: They remove price tags and merge multiple orders into one with a single or no invoice in the package. The company also offers a worldwide fulfillment service. You can choose one of the offered shipping options, such as EMS, China Post, ePacket, 4PX, DHL, and Yun Express. Nichedropshipping has warehouses in Shenzhen, Yiwu, and the United States.


You can file a dispute on the site or app. The Nichedropshipping after-sales team will provide a solution.

6. Alibaba

Alibaba is among the pioneers of dropshipping industry. The company stands as the largest B2B platform in the world.

While most of the dropshipping suppliers on the site have a very high MOQ, you can find suppliers who are more flexible on their offers because the competition is very high.

Experienced dropshippers prefer the site because of the low product price and the many opportunities for branding and product customization.

Key Features of Alibaba

Great value items: Alibaba guarantees the best value for money. Their agents rate all suppliers to allow buyers to choose those that offer quality products. If a Gold supplier delivers goods of low quality, you will get your money back.

Safe payment: The site offers several payment methods such as Western Union, Credit Cards, and others. You are likely to get many discounts from sellers.

Buyer protection: Alibaba only releases payment to the supplier after the buyer has confirmed receipt of the goods.

Return/Refund Policy: You should return goods within 30 days after delivery if they are of low quality to get a refund.

Worldwide delivery: Alibaba offers three options for international shipping – air freight, courier, and sea freight. You have to choose one that appeals to you.


Remember to check the minimum order quantity or MOQ of a supplier before initiating a deal. Some may have set a very high MOQ.

7. DHgate

DHgate is another large wholesale marketplace in China that offers millions of low-cost products and thousands of third-party suppliers.

The best news is most of the suppliers on the platform have warehouses in the UK, US, and EU.

It further offers products in many categories such as jewelry and clothing, toys, pet supplies, and toys. You can find products available to buy as single pieces.

Key Features of DHgate

Great value items: DHgate offers a wide range of high-quality products. However, the products are not branded and you can only get generic products in bulk.

Safe payment: Buying through DHgate is not an issue because the site accepts many safe payment methods including Credit and Debit Cards, American Express, Bank transfers, and Moneybookers (Skrill).

Buyer protection: After making a purchase, DHgate will hold the money in escrow and release it to the supplier after you have received the item and confirmed that it is in the right condition.

Return/Refund policy: DHgate states the refund deadline on every seller profile. For example, some sellers will have a 3-day refund, 7-day refund, 15-day, or even 30-day from the day the goods are received. The buyer will have to cover the product return shipping cost initially and the seller will reimburse it later. If a seller is not cooperative, you will have to open a Return and Refund case.

Worldwide delivery: DHgate ships products to all parts of the world and it has offices in many countries, including the UK and the USA.


While DHgate is a B2B platform and most suppliers sell products in bulk, most of the sellers are ready to sell a single unit. The quality of products and shipping times highly depend on the reliability of the seller.

8. HyperSKU

HyperSKU is one of the best dropshipping suppliers. We incorporate experience, resources, and technology into a top-notch platform that supports global online sellers.

Key Features of HyperSKU

  1. The best dropshipping supplier in the eCommerce industry, offering premium quality products, express shipping, branding solution, and awesome service.
  2. An amazing, all-in-one system that saves sellers from losing valuable time to day-to-day operations – helping them enjoy their lives.
  3. The go-to choice and long-term partners of 6-figure sellers and brand owners.
  4. A team of passionate people that bring together an average of 5 years of eCommerce experience.


With HyperSKU, you can finally say goodbye to endless spreadsheets, never-ending communication issues, and other behind-the-scenes work that eats up time that could be better spent selling more products and building a thriving business!

9. GlobalSources

Global Sources keeps its inventory on the go and therefore it is a perfect choice for people planning to establish a non-stop dropshipping business. One great thing about the site is that it provides updated quotes from various sites like Amazon and eBay.

GlobalSources has a mobile application that is integrated with the website and offers on-the-go services. All suppliers on the platform are verified and therefore you should not worry about scams or frauds. The products are sorted into various categories to allow easier comparison of prices.

Key Features of GlobalSources

Great value items: GlobalSources rates all suppliers so that the buyers can get the best value for their money. There are certificates and badges that the buyers can view to get important information relating to the trustworthiness of every seller.

Safe payment: GlobalSources accepts many several safe payment options including MasterCard, PayPal, and Visa. The company recommends PayPal for small quantities and Western Union for large quantities.

Buyer protection: The company assures buyer safety because its quality assurance team ensures that all sellers stick to their

Return/Refund Policy: The buyer has to return the products within 60 days of the purchase window to be eligible for the return policy. Also, the returned product has to be in the original product packaging and have all the accessories. They do not accept defective items that are returned over 60 days from the online purchase date.

Worldwide delivery: GlobalSources delivers goods to all parts of the world and they use popular logistics agencies like China Post, DHL, and UPS.


The customer has to pay the shipping fee for returned products. Again, only the products deemed manufacturer defects are replaced. The seller may replace the product or provide a discount for the next orders.


The Hong Kong Trade Development Council referred to as HKTDC is a leading choice for dropshipping suppliers.

The company has existed for many years and offers guidance for business people.

Moreover, it organizes trade shows to allow business people from all parts of the world to find suppliers easily.

Key Features of HKTDC

Great value items: HKTDC offers thousands of high-quality items for small orders. HKTDC advises its customers to research the market before placing a large order.

Safe payment: Offers easy payment options and fast delivery solutions. Buyers can choose Visa, PayPal, MasterCard, Discover, and many other payment options.

Buyer protection: Offers buyer protection by PayPal to keep personal details private and safe.

Return/Refund policy: Offers a 90 days flexible return/exchange policy for all products.

Worldwide delivery: HKTDC ships to over 33 countries and regions.


HKTDC offers many opportunities for people who want to connect with dropshipping suppliers and retailers. All you need to do is attend one of their tradeshows.

11. Made in China

Featuring a wide range of domains and products, Made-in-China is another great choice for people establishing their drop ship businesses.

The website offers a wide range of products in various categories, such as décor, accessories, and construction. You will find the navigation easy and you can also get quotes.

Key Features of Made-in-China

Great value items: The quality of products on the platform is assured due to the high competition. Also, Made in China lists various manufacturing excellence and innovation (MEI) award-winning products. The MEI products are in various categories, such as silver, gold, individual, selected, and nominated awards to make the selection of suppliers easier.

Safe payment: Made in China offers many safe payment systems such as PayPal and Webmoney. Choose one that appeals to you.

Buyer protection: Made in China verifies all suppliers listed on the platform. Every verified seller also receives a verified badge that appears near their name. It also offers product inspection services for the buyers to ensure that they only receive quality products.

Return/Refund Policy: Buyers can return goods if they are not delivered on time, the order is not received, or the goods are defective. The goods have to be returned within 15 days after receipt.

Worldwide delivery: The company ships to all parts of the world. They rely on reputed logistics agents and direct shipping companies such as FedEx and DHL. The delivery time highly depends on the chosen transportation mode and location.


It is recommendable you deal with the suppliers that the Made-in-China team has audited so that you can avoid making losses. Check whether the supplier has an Audit icon beside the name.

12. Lightinthebox

LightInTheBox was launched in 2007 and it is a global online company that delivers a wide range of products directly to its customers in all parts of the world.

The company mainly offers products in apparel, gadgets, small accessories, and home and garden categories. The benefits of using this website include a dedicated account manager for high-volume sellers and additional discounts.

Key Features of LightInTheBox

Great value items: The website lists over 370,000 products in various categories including electronics, clothing, shoes and bags, hair and beauty, home and garden, toys, and sports and outdoor.

Safe payment: This Company offers several safe payment methods, which include Visa, PayPal, American Express, MasterCard, and several others payment methods.

Buyer protection: The Company offers a one-year warranty for lights and lighting and the faucet category. Products in other categories come with a 30 days warranty. The returned items should not be broken, or soiled.

Return/Refund Policy: All defective and damaged products have a 30-day warranty period. However, unless specified, the company offers a free lifetime alteration service for personalized wedding dresses. It states that “changed mind” returns have to be made within 14 days of receiving the item. The buyer has to shoulder the shipping fee of returned products and follow all the right procedures.

Worldwide delivery: The Company ships to over 238 countries and territories. It has warehouses in the United States and Europe.


All returned items must be unused and should be in the original packaging. Further, you will have to confirm the consignee address and the return request with customer service in advance. You will have to return the product along with the return form.

13. uDroppy

uDroppy is the ultimate one-stop solution for the modern entrepreneur.

We help you start, optimize and scale your e-commerce brand by giving you easy access to manufacturers, fulfillment centers and shipping carriers worldwide.

Key Features of uDroppy
Connect your online store

Connect up to 10 Shopify stores to uDroppy’s platform. It’s easy! Just visit the Store Management section.

Import products

Browse our catalog to find the best products for your niche, and push them to your store with just one click.

Make sales

Now, once you’ll receive an order in your store, we’ll receive it too! Manage your sales through the Orders to pay section.


There are only two things that will ever determine your success in eCommerce:

You and how much “You” you put into it. This is exactly where uDroppy kicks in.

14. DealeXtreme

Dealextreme is a leading online platform that specializes in electronic and technical goods. Still, it offers other categories like apparel, outdoors, and shoes.

All dropshipping products from the company come with a DX logo. Its platform offers a list of the top sellers to make finding reliable China dropshipping suppliers easier.

Key Features of DealeXtreme

Great value items: Offers over 300,000 products and the categories include toys, electronics, hobbies, LED lights, mobile phones, flashlights, sports and outdoors, computer accessories, and many more.

Safe payment: Accepts Visa, Paypal, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and several other payment methods.

Buyer protection: DealeXtreme uses a PayPal payment gateway and it does not see your credit card data. You will benefit from PayPal’s purchase protection if you do not receive the goods and file a complaint through PayPal.

Return/Refund Policy: You may return defective items to the registered mail if the return shipping cost is below 60 percent of the total value of the defective item. You have to do that within 90 days of receiving the item. You may receive a replacement or full refund and the refund shipping cost.

Worldwide delivery: Ships to over 247 countries and territories and offers free worldwide shipping for all products apart from pure power products like power banks and batteries due to airline restrictions.


DX offers a feedback forum for customers to allow them to leave their feedback on suppliers. The forum is not moderated by the DX employees.

15. Huntersourcing


Huntersourcing is a leading China sourcing agent. We have been helping small and medium businesses from all parts of the world source quality products at competitive prices from China. Our sourcing experts will help you at every importing stage, from locating reliable suppliers to arranging the shipment. Here are the benefits our customers enjoy.

  • 1-on-1 Customer Support
  • Free Product and manufacturer Sourcing
  • Product Quality Inspection
  • Order follow-up and management
  • Small Business Friendly
  • Same-Day Order Fulfillment
  • One-stop Solutions provider
  • Custom Branding Package
  • Door-to-Door Shipping Solutions
  • Amazon FBA service


Finding reliable China dropshipping suppliers is key to long-term success. Fast and reliable shipping is important when selling on third-party platforms like Amazon and eBay, which have strict selling standards.

Each of the China dropshipping suppliers mentioned above has its benefits and drawbacks. Some have warehouses in the US, UK, and other EU countries and allow their customers to benefit from low prices without dealing with slow shipping times.

Contact Huntersourcing now will help you drop shipping in china more easily.

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