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Find The Perfect Furniture For Your Business – Import Furniture From China At Affordable Prices

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Why Import Furniture from China?

Furniture is a must for an office or a home. It is available at varying price points as per the brand and the material used. The economical option is to buy at wholesale prices from China. China’s furniture market is highly popular and has dedicated cities to the furniture business.

1. Advantages of Sourcing Furniture from China

2. Import furniture from china business model

3. China Furniture Market Analysis what Regions do they make furniture

4. Customs duty on import of furniture from china

5. How to import furniture from China?

6. B2B website in china

7. Furniture Fair in China

8. Factors to Consider While Purchasing Furniture

9. Document furniture import from china

10. Finding a furniture Sourcing agent VS Buying directly from manufacturers

Advantages of Sourcing Furniture from China

China is well-known globally for various products as the manufacturing base. China furniture is an attention-grabber, offering variety and is cost-effective. The advantages of sourcing furniture from China include:

  • Cheaper price –If you wish to reduce the expenses in buying furniture, China is the right place. Importing furniture from china ensures you get furniture at low costs.
  • Wide selection- China has endless furniture products that the selection is extensive. You can find great designs in a variety of. The furniture market is astounding, offering a wonderful choice.
  • Good design and quality– China has a big furniture market as they use top-quality wood and keeps away from using screws, nails, and glue. The technique of manufacturing is the best in that you cannot find visible joints, giving the feel of a single wood piece.

Buy furniture from china

There are 2 ways you can buy furniture from china. One is to visit China and source the furniture, and the next is to partner with a sourcing agent. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options, though the latter is an online partner such as Alibaba.com or some China-based sourcing agent. Visiting China involves higher overheads as it entails ticket costs, hotel stays, visas, etc. However, the benefit is that it gives you control over what you buy and see.

Import furniture from china business model


Office or home furniture is a big cost, and it can be reduced to a great extent by importing China furniture. The prices are lower in comparison to your home country’s retail prices. Any business wishing to import from China their required furniture should stay in alignment to consider import. China is a mass producer of furniture. Setting mass production requires enough expertise and a lot of time. The effort and time are worthy of a business model that requires regular mass-produced goods in supply.

Here are two business models to work:

Business Model One – Businesses with a shop and one outlet selling unique boutique furniture pieces may buy from suppliers only in minimal quantities. It is not suitable to import from china furniture manufacturers. Such businesses cannot consider buying from China as they will not import regularly. Their market is small and with low volume. Thus, they cannot import furniture from China.

Business Model Two – Businesses selling high volumes. Offline or online, the capacity of the warehouse is to intake stock in loads. There may be a sales channel, and it means turning the inventories fast. Such businesses may place re-orders for the same furniture type of pieces. Businesses of the model two-type can buy from China as they require high volume and the market is large, suitable to import the furniture. Another way of importing is using an agent. Importing directly helps in getting a great deal in faster growth of the business. It takes the headache away from the assemblage, packaging, instructions, etc.

Using the agent allows adding a margin or taking away value. A good agent may be better off and add meaning to your business.

China Furniture Market Analysis what Regions do they make furniture

Importing furniture is very important for China by understanding the regions that produce the furniture. Knowing the regions gives you an idea about the strength of production and their qualities. China is a huge country offering diversity in furniture. It has the best manufacturers in many provinces. The four regions of China are:

  • The South of China (Pearl River delta)
  • Central China ( The western triangle)
  • The central coastal area (Yangtze River delta including Shanghai)
  • The North coasting area ( Bohai sea region including Beijing)

Import furniture from china Regulations – Importing furniture for individuals and businesses from china does not require a license. Generally, the process is:

  • As the furniture shipment arrives, if it is through sea freight, arrange customs clearance and delivery.
  • If it is through a freight forward company, as a pre-selected choice, do it through the furniture office or by you.
  • Ensure packing list, commercial invoice, bill of lading, and required documentation. Pay relevant taxes and the ocean freight if the import is through FOB basis, besides port handling, documentation, and admin charges.
  • Before the shipment, it should be pre-agreed fees; if not, the companies will charge what they wish. The furniture-buying office uses the volume to negotiate the logistics charges.
  • If you are getting furniture in a full container load for import, you have to offload it when the container is delivered.

Import furniture from china to the USA – To import furniture into the USA, a customs bond is required.

Import furniture from china to India – The import duties on tableware and kitchenware were doubled to 20%, while the furniture items attract custom duties of 25% now.

Import furniture from china to Canada – USA and Canada have a close relationship in trade, but the shipments are seen as commercial transactions and are subjected to import duties. The customs duty differs from zero to 9.5 percent. Importing furniture into Canada implies paying the regional and federal sales taxes and determining customs duty fees from a licensed customs broker.

Import furniture from china to Australia – Importing into Australia from China the furniture means there is a need for a fumigation certificate recognized by the Border security of Australia.

Import furniture from china to European Union – A single market is European Union. The import duty is the same for all EU member states on imported products from non-EU countries.

Customs duty on import of furniture from china

Furniture Duty in Europe Duty in the USA
Wooden chair 0% 0%
Wooden Sofa 0% 0%
Garden Umbrella 4.70% 6.50%
Rattan Furniture 2% 0%
Fitted Kitchen Unit 2.70% 0%
Furniture made of plastic 0% 0%
Furniture Made of metal 0% 0%g4
Fittings for furniture: ornament 6.50% 3.40%
Seats with height adjuster 0% 0%


What Types of Furniture Can I Import from china?

There is a huge variety of furniture to import from china, and they are:

  • Sofa
  • Chairs
  • Beds
  • Hotel furniture
  • garden furniture
  • office furniture
  • wood furniture
  • cubicles furniture
  • document furniture
  • Bedroom furniture
  • Mattresses
  • Children’s furniture
  • Dining sets
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Indoor Furniture
  • Metal furniture
  • Plastic furniture
  • Wicker furniture
  • Living Furniture
  • Kitchen Furniture
  • Living Furniture
  • Closet Furniture
  • Rattan Furniture

Whatever the furniture, you can place the order, regardless of the size, type, design, and material. Specify your requirements, and you can spot the right supplier. Organize shipping from china and furniture shopping.

How to import furniture from China?

Importing furniture from China is not easy. Most China furniture displayed is found in Furniture Malls and furniture shops. A sourcing agent can handle the shipments and purchase of furniture, charging 5 to 10% of the purchase value.

Find the Right Furniture Manufacturer/Factory?

The foremost thing is to find a factory or a manufacturer. Finding the right manufacturer is a crucial step. Besides, finding the factory, getting good quality, reasonable prices, good cooperation, lead times, and a good outcome is equally important.

There are suppliers in thousands, and Alibaba.com is the first stop for importers. Selecting a suitable supplier and negotiating a deal is a time-consuming job. You need a specific skill set and experience to lead you to gold, and it lines up with the manufacturing companies.

Buying from Chinese furniture offices may be manufacturers or factories not listed on Alibaba. But, if you are looking online, you will find many furniture manufacturers that may be hard to find on globalsources.com or Alibaba.com.

Before deciding on any manufacturer or factory in china, pull all the eggs in a basket. Select several manufacturers and audit them to discover their capability, market strength, overall truth, process, and equipment they have, sustainability, and ethical standards they followed.

Arriving at a minimum of 3 suppliers, send a request for an official quotation. Mention set timeframes. Some may send quotes; some may give a unit price without any terms and specification details. It is hard to manage and process you may consider other options.

B2B website in china


Furniture suppliers on Alibaba

Alibaba.com is the giant B2B supplier directory to find f furniture factories, trading companies, and wholesalers. Narrowing down the selection helps in settling for one. The simplest way is to fly to China and visit the suppliers. If not, use Alibaba.com to understand the information. Some manufacturers give factory audit reports. Look for uploaded furniture test reports and compliance documents if you are importing to Europe or the United States.

Furniture suppliers on Made in China

Made in China is a one-stop platform for online furniture shopping, and you can find factories and manufacturers’ big lists with product lines. They also have small factories offering personal service, high packaging, and solutions. You can find competitive prices and value-added products meeting the local market needs.

Furniture suppliers on GlobalSources

Large and medium-volume importers will find GlobalSources to be the right source. This is a smaller Alibaba version. The interface is easy to use, and you can find products in a variety of. On B2B platforms, you can find suppliers and also search on Google to know about them.

Furniture Fair in China


Canton Fair Phase 2 (Guangzhou)

Canton Fair is a regular event taking in three phases twice a year. Several major industries participate. The second phase displays furniture from different industries. This is the largest trade exhibition for furniture that receives attendees in big numbers from all over.

The exhibition takes place in China Import and Export Complex, located in Guangzhou, Pazhou Island, china. It is the largest in Asia as a modernized exhibition. They offer a range of categories, including:

  • Household items
  • Home, school, office, hospital furniture, outdoor and indoor.
  • Kitchenware and tableware
  • Home decorations, etc

Exhibitors from all over, come but most are furniture manufacturers who are Hong Kong-based and Mainland China.

China International Furniture Fair (CIFF Shanghai)

The China International Furniture Fair takes place in September in Shanghai. It is held once a year and is the largest furniture expo. The event receives attendees from more than 155 different countries. The China National Furniture Association organizes the event and receives over 3500 exhibitors participating in the event. It is attended by furniture exporters and brands from Hong Kong, Mainland China, and other countries. Their products include:

  • Chair, table, mattresses
  • Outdoor, garden furniture
  • Furniture for office and contemporary furniture
  • Upholstery furniture
  • International brands furniture
  • European and Chinese classical furniture

China offers visa-free entry to 13 countries’ citizens, including Japan, and Singapore, but there is a need for a visa for North America, Europe, and Australia. Admission is for 18 years or older. The same event takes place at the FMC (Furniture Manufacturing & Supply) location at the same time. The events are co-located.

China International Furniture Fair ( CIFF Guangzhou)

China International Furniture Fair is the largest furniture fair receiving over 170,000 visitors every year, and over 3,900 exhibitors participate in the exhibition. This event is twice a year, in March and October. It is in two phases in the same city at two venues. It is in Pazhou Complex and Poly World Trade Center Expo. The area is the same for both Haizhu District, Xin Guandong Road

With the presence of many manufacturers of furniture, there are international brands and exporters allowing exploring unattached products. Some of the products are:

  • Leisure& Outdoor
  • Modern furniture
  • Upholstery& bedding
  • Home Décor & textile
  • Hotel furniture
  • Classical furniture

China National Furniture Association organizes this exhibition with the China Foreign Trade Center. The exhibitors are from Hong Kong and China, but there are other Asian countries and furniture brands from European, North American, and Australian companies.

Shenzhen International Furniture Exhibition

This furniture exhibition showcases interior, architecture, furniture, planning, and product design, besides home furnishings, designing, and home textile industries. Shenzhen International Furniture Exhibition is a successful commercial exhibition. It is fashion-leading, design-oriented, and has continuous innovation. It is a window introducing global furniture and is the platform connecting china manufacturers with international design resources seeking domestic and international markets.

This fair features professional designers with architecture interior products and other landscape interior product design furniture offering overall vision. This exhibition has developed rapidly towards professional furniture and is emerging as a strategic trade exhibition.

HKTDC Hong Kong Houseware Fair

HKTDC Hong Kong Houseware Fair is a well-recognized furniture fair in Hong Kong. This fair receives attendees in good numbers, and more than 2200 brands display their products. The exhibition takes place in the April third week in Hong Kong. 18 years old and above can attend the fair. There is a payment of HK$1000 to be done, and it is equal to USD 15 to attend the exhibition fair. Visiting Hong Kong without a visa is possible. There is visa-free entry for 170 countries, including Australia, Europe, and North America. Explore the houseware categories, including:

  • Bathroom products
  • Craft and art items
  • Furniture
  • Storage solutions
  • Home appliances
  • Gardening and outdoor accessories
  • Handicrafts & interior décor
  • Kitchenware

Factors to Consider While Purchasing Furniture

There are hundreds of exhibitors from Mainland China, Hong Kong, and other countries participating in the region. The event is once a year in April. When sourcing online furniture, manufacturers must consider a variety of factors while assessing potential suppliers.

Registered Capital

A furniture manufacturer with RMB 1000,000 at least as registered capital is a must. Anyone with low registered capital is regarded as a small trading company. The registered capital details appear on their business license.


The exhibition suppliers have vetted suppliers offering good quality furniture or products. You must assess if you can trust a supplier looking for their B2B platform profiles. Only if you are confident, you can rely on your supply chain requirements. Verify the suppliers on AliExprss, Alibaba, and other platforms.

Product Compliance

The importers must ascertain compliance as per the applicable standards. This cannot be ignored by foreign manufacturers, as well. Non-compliant item importing is illegal and results in forced recalls and fines. If there is property damage or injury, the importer has to pay millions in damages. Compliance with safety standards and applicable directives needs verification before the shipping of the cargo. There are plenty of inspection firms to ascertain quality and product testing companies to verify compliance formalities.


Buying furniture implies it involves customization. You need to find suppliers offering customization options. Choose a supplier offering ODM/OEM services.


Before considering mass-produced furniture, it is important to assure quality. This is in the form of checking samples and giving acceptance. It is a must, even in the case of furniture, to know how it assembles, the packaging, and the instruction.


The furniture certification is important as you are importing furniture from china. This certification reveals to your competitors, customers, staff, investors, and suppliers that you are following best practices. Your products improve the overall performance, and the market-certified products widen market opportunities as it has certification of independent testing.


MOQ is the minimum order quantity and is an important thing to consider before sourcing from any furniture supplier or manufacturer in China. Manufacturers for wholesale have high MOQ, and it comes at a low price. While the medium and small importers cannot fulfill the same. The furniture suppliers in China are flexible and have a variety of furniture so there is no need to compromise.

Retailers may ask the suppliers if a particular furniture variety is in stock, but the price with retailers is 20 to 30% higher in comparison to the wholesale price.

Quality Management System

A Quality Management System is implemented to avert quality issues. ISO 9001 applies not to traders but to manufacturers. It is important to filter the suppliers. It is because the manufacturers of furniture need to offer stability and the best quality options.

Calculate cost

Importing from china the furniture means you must know the cost of the furniture and its landing cost in your country up to the delivery in your warehouse. It means there is a need to calculate the costs to import. As the basic step, ensure the china suppliers provide FOB as standard. It represents “Free on Board,’ and the cost includes all the charges. Thus, you get to understand the local and freight charges you are paying. The Ocean freight charges, charges for handling, and local port charges in your country, besides the delivery or trucking charges to your warehouse from the port.

As a furniture importer, get the charges from your freight forward company or china buying office. A buying office has rates pre-agreed with freight companies and shipping lines, but you can bargain and try to get the lowest possible prices.

Price negotiation

You may visit the furniture fairs personally or work with a china sourcing agent. The sourcing agent helps to negotiate the price. Price negotiation requires you to fine-tune that you may try negotiating even with qualified factories.

You can work on price negotiation and get a reasonable cost if you place orders in bulk to import from china. After serious price negotiation, select one or two furniture manufacturers. Meet the owner of the factory or even the manager of sales to get a lower price. Placing significant volumes will come with a discount, but if you negotiate, you can get more than a 5 to 7% discount on the price.

Pay China Suppliers

Paying for the furniture can be in any form. Chinese manufacturers are reliable but are prominent to delayed deliveries. Thus, be careful when you pay. The payment forms accepted are:

  • Wire Transfer- It is suitable for medium or small transactions. For a down payment before starting the production. Paying for products as a wire transfer is convenient, but if the buyer fails to make balance payments later, the manufacturer will have to face a big loss.
  • Letter of Credit- It is a secure payment form for buyers involved in huge purchases. For a $50,000 and more value or even for lower amounts. A letter of credit includes high bank fees and a lot of paperwork.
  • Via Sourcing Agents / Companies – Choosing a sourcing agent or company means you pay for the purchases done through them. It can be COD or payment through the Chinese supplier escrow. The payment form is after the sourcing agent checks the product quality and rejects it if the standards do not meet quality. In this way, the buyer is safe, and paying in small amounts is acceptable.
  • Cash- A popular payment form is cash. It helps in getting more discounts. Ideally, paying small amounts or if the buyer has full trust in the supplier.
  • PayPal- Buyers can stay protected through PayPal as there is a small fee charged, and suppliers add it to the invoice of the buyers.
  • International Credit Cards – It is used only for small retail purchases.
  • Western Union- The preferred payment form for samples or small orders from the large consignment. The payment is between two individuals. While Western Union charges a fee for each transaction, while the fund’s transfer is quick.

Quality Inspections

Quality inspections are very important, and one cannot just send back a container full of damaged or defective furniture. Booking for furniture means before it departs, quality inspection is a must. A few crucial checkpoints for furniture inspection include:

  • Dimensions
  • Visual inspection
  • Water resistance
  • Weight
  • Color comparison
  • Labels
  • Fire resistance
  • Colorfastness
  • Material Comparison
  • Packaging materials

Shipping Furniture from China

Shipping furniture from China is possible through:

  • Standard post- Small items and samples within 2 kgs may take 2 to 5 weeks to transport time. Ideal for small cargo amounts.
  • Sea freight- It is a cost-effective method to import furniture. The goods are shipped in containers. Using sea freights enables shipping larger items or large quantities.
  • Airfreight-Items heavier than 300 kg are ideal for air freight. It will reach in 2 to 10 days.
  • Express Courier – A good choice for under 20 kg items. It reaches in 2-5 business days and is transported to your home directly

Shipping Terms

EXW (Ex-works) – Shipping is not done beyond the factory or warehouse.

FOB (Free on board)- Shipping is done to the loading port in china as per your choice.

CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight)- Shipping is done to your country’s port. CIF quotes insurance for goods paid by the seller.

DDU- Ship to your home or warehouse, and you pay the customs clearance cost.

DDPDelivery Duty Paid– The seller delivers the goods at the buyer’s disposal, is cleared for import, and is ready to unload at the delivery place.

Choosing FCL or LCL

Furniture is shipped in pallets and loaded into containers. The two container shipping methods are FCL and LCL.

  • FCL is a full container load shipping for cargo having over 5 pallets.
  • LCL is to ship cargo having less than 5 pallets.

Transit times

The cargo with furniture arriving from China is based on three things:

  • The supplier takes time to prepare your order and this delays shipping.
  • Time to transport from the loading port the cargo to your destination port.
  • Unforeseen delays may be port congestion, bad weather, political tension, and poor scheduling.

Logistic options

Container sizes

  • 20” GP container: 5.9*2.32*2.36m; Capacity: 25-28CBM; Payload:17.5 Ton
  • 40” GP container: 11.6*2.32*2.36m; Capacity: 55-58CBM; Payload:22 Ton
  • 40” HQ container: 11.6*2.32*2.68m; Capacity: 65-68CBM; Payload:22 Ton
  • 45” GP container: 13.58*2.34*2.71m; Capacity: 78-86CBM; Payload:29 Ton
Container Size Cubic Meter Volume Dimensions
20ft 28 CBM 5898mm (L) x 2352mm (W) x 2393mm (H) 20’GP
40ft (standard) 58 CBM 12032mm (L) x 2352mm (W) x 2393mm (H) 40’GP
40ft HQ 68 CBM 12032mm (L) x 2352mm (W) x 2698mm (H) 40’HC
45ft HQ 86 CBM 13556mm (L) x 2352mm (W) x 2700mm (H)


Document furniture import from china

Importing Chinese furniture means paperwork is important. The documentation requirements vary with each country. However, completing customs paperwork and paying the import duties is a must.

The main documents are:

1. A packing list and commercial invoice

For all the imports from China, a commercial invoice and a packing list are essential. These documents allow for verifying the shipment’s contents. The packing list has the product types, volume, and quantity details. A commercial invoice has the value of the goods you are shipping, and the Customs verify the shipment contents against the bill of lading. You can get a commercial invoice and a packing list from your supplier. Ask them to send hard copies.

2. Bill of lading (B/L)

Furniture is transported by sea and in containers. It means getting a B/L for customs clearance. A receipt issued acknowledging the receipt of goods for shipment by a shipping company is the Bill of Lading. These documents are required to collect the furniture on arrival at the destination port.

3. Certificate of origin (C/O)

A certificate of origin certifies you are importing furniture from china that is manufactured or obtained wholly. This document is to prove the origin of the imports to customs.

Finding a furniture Sourcing agent VS Buying directly from manufacturers


Finding furniture sourcing agents and shipping becomes inevitable if you do not have enough time to follow up on the order progress. The agent will help in the entire furniture importation process. They will help with shipping, and logistics and ensure supplying quality furniture at affordable prices.

Another option is to buy directly from manufacturers. This is a way to have control over the purchases, and importers prefer buying from suppliers directly. They try avoiding the go-betweens as they may include exorbitant commissions. However, it requires you to fulfill the demands of the MOW of the suppliers to enjoy discount rates.


Are you all set to get from china furniture? It is a hard process to import from China if you are doing it for the first time. However, going through this guide, you may have information on each step involved in the importing of furniture from china. Book your order and get your furniture imported now!

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