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13 Ways to Find Linen Manufacturers from China Buying Guide

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1. What’s Linen Fabric?

Linen is a highly resistant strong fabric yet very lightweight. Because of its amazing finish and durability, it is one of the leading choices of high-end cloth lovers..

2. What Is Linen Made Of?

Linen is a plant-based fabric, making it a biodegradable textile. It is made from the flax plant. This textile plant is the genus Linum in the family of Linaceae.

3. What Are the Different Types of Linen Fabrics?


Linen fabrics are one of the first-line choices of customers in matters of home appliance ware as well as clothing. However, their choice of types depends on the special characteristic each type of fabric owns. There are several types of linen fabric in the market. In the following part some of their descriptions are given:

Bed linen: It is a premium selection of fabric when it is to beds and mattresses. There are plenty of things that are made from bed linen and serve as the gold standard of textiles. Pillowcases, duvet cover sets, kids’ bedding, duvet covers, fitted sheets, sheet sets, crib bedding, and fitted sheets are made from it.

Table Linen: This type of fabric enhances the durability and aesthetic look of the table, and also improves one’s personality while using it. Some of the products that are enlisted in this line are tablecloths and runners, placemats, and tablemats, napkins, chair covers, overlays, table skirts, etc.

Kitchen linen: Kitchen use fabric is a matter of headache. Kitchen linen has minimized the pain to a certain extent. This amazing textile is used in making dish towels, aprons for adults as well as for young cooks, kitchen towels, oven mitts and potholders, bundles as well as several decorating elements are made from it.

Bathroom linen: In the case of bathroom textiles, very well absorbent fabric is needed. Linen serves that quality to a great extent. They are high performing and luxurious. Some of the bathrooms that use substances made from linen are hand towels, bath towels, bathrobes, bath mats, and spa accessories.

Clothing linen: They are very comfortable fabrics to wear, lightweight, and economically friendly. Regular wear like shorts, joggers, pants, tops, swing dresses, shirts, jumpsuits, organic dresses, es, etc is made from it. They give the easy entrance of air as well as an easy escape. They help to regulate the temperature of the body.

4. What Are Some Advantages of Linen Fabric?


Linen is extremely comfortable, very lightweight, and economically convenient fabric. It is breathable and also a good adsorbent. Due to these properties, they help in temperature regulation.

Being an organic substance, it is also eco-friendly. Versatile types of fabrics can be made from them. It is two times stronger than cotton. It is lint-free.

5. How Linen Is Made?


In order to make linen fabric, there is a six steps process. To get high-quality fabric the seeds of flax have to be sowed in April.

After 3 months when the flax seed plant is well grown and of good weight it has to be harvested, then it will be soaked for two weeks, for approximately ten days we need to spread it in an open space and dry it accordingly.

Finally, plants are stocked and bundled together. As of the last stage it is taken to the mill for grinding.

6. How to Know the Quality of Linen Fabric?

There are certain parameters that assure the quality of the linen is high-end.

The best-made linen is opaque, has a very natural color, and is wrinkle-free.

It is not too elastic and resistance-free and durable.

It is heavier than cotton and good absorbent.

7. Where Is Linen Fabric Made in China?

China is the largest manufacturer of many product lines, including linen. Like all other products, there are some areas that are most commonly the house of linen production. These certain industrial areas in China have specialized in the technique of producing linen substance, resulting in a great number of linen manufacturing factories.

Shaoxing, Zhejiang

The city is located in the eastern part of Zhejiang province. It is popular for textiles manufacturing, in our case, linen manufacturing.

Guangzhou, Guangdong

Guangzhou city in central Guangdong is popular for housing trade fairs, especially for its annual Canton fair, which is the oldest and largest trade fair in China. It even managed to earn the fame of being the best commercial city in China.

Jiaxing, Zhejiang

Jiaxing, a city in the northern part of the Zhejiang province is also a large producer of linen fabrics. It is popularly known as ‘the hometown of silk’ due to its fame in textiles and wool products.

Nantong, Jiangsu

The ‘Jiangsu’ province is famously known for its tourist spots and natural beauty. However, the city is also known as a production house of silk and linen products.

Suzhou, Jiangsu

Another city in the beautiful ‘Jiangsu’ province, houses silk museums. It was at the center of silk production during the early periods of the Chinese industrial rise. Today is no different for Suzhou, Jiangsu..

8. Where To Find Linen Fabric Manufacturer in China?

In order to find a linen fabric manufacturer, there is a certain trusted source a person can go to. These sources are mostly online providers, who will find the best linen fabric for you.

As China is a big industrial producer of linen fabric, it gets quite challenging to find the best linen fabric manufacturer. That is where such sources can help.

The specialty of these sites and sources is that they will provide linen fabric according to your demand and category. Even if you want to buy linen fabric from a specific manufacturer in China, they will provide you with it.

1. alibaba.com

2. made-in-china.com

3. DHgate.com

4. globalsources.com

5. aliexpress.com

6. chinabrands.com

7. huntersourcing– China sourcing agent.

9. Where to Buy Linen Wholesale in China?


Buying linen in retail in China is not so hard. Almost every city has one or more retail linen supply lines.

However, if you are trying to buy a large amount of linen fabric or linen products, the better choice might be buying linen wholesale. In China, there are some wholesale linen suppliers.

Also, there are some cities with their production line and some markets that are specialized in linen wholesaling. Following are some of those.

1. Guangzhou Zhongda Fabric Market

This fabric market is the largest wholesale fabric provider in China, in fact, the whole world. The market is said to be started as an illegal business of fabric stalls.

However, now it is the world’s largest wholesale fabric market with around 30 different textile products and other accessory markets.

2. Shaoxing Keqiao China International Light Textile City

As the name suggests, it is a whole city of textile products that covers a wide range of popular and big markets, including the Beilian market, the United market, the East market, etc.

The specialty is that you will find all the different types of textile products you look for, including linen products.

3. Dongguan Humen Fabric and Accessory Markets

Humen town is popular for its housing of the industry of extensive fashion clothing manufacturers. If you are looking for some top-notch clothing wholesale, this is a place to go.

There are some accessory wholesale clothing markets here as well, which will elevate the experience even further.

4. Jiaxing China Southern Textile City

Jiaxing is popular for many reasons, including being the birthplace of the communist party. However, the city is also popular for housing one of the top 10 wholesale fabric markets in China.

The city is specialized in a few fabric styles. However, you can wholesale linen fabric products from here, as well.

5. Jiangsu Changshu Jingu Cloth Market

Changshu clothing market is well known for both wholesale and retail clothing items. There are many multi-leveled clothing malls, selling retail clothing. However, there are some wholesale fabric sellers as well.

10. How Much Does Linen Cost?

The price of linen varies depending on some factors. For example, if you are buying unprocessed linen yarn, it will cost you one type of price; and if you are going for woven linen fabric, the price may go a bit higher.

Usually, for woven linen fabric, you will have to spend $5 to $12 for each yard. As linen is rarer, it is more expensive than many other types of fabric and clothing.

Many think that the price of linen and cotton should be similar. But another reason for linen’s high price is the difficulty in its harvesting and production, which is not the case for cotton. Also, linen has some advantages, including being skin-friendly.

11. The 10 Best Linen Suppliers in China?


China is the center of many industrial lines. The linen fabric sector is a major one among them. However, there are some suppliers who do their job better than others. The following are the top 10 wholesale linen fabric suppliers in China.

1. Haining Juncheng Textile Co., Ltd

The company managed to become at the top of our list of bests. The company was established in Haining, a city in Zhejiang, in 2010. It produces all types of fabric, including sofas, toys, home textiles, garments, etc.

If you are a common clothing seller, Haining Juncheng Textile might be a good choice for you. That is because you can get your hands on all types of fabric as well as linen.

The wholesale linen company is well known for its service around the whole world, serving over 50 countries.

2. Kinghood (Quanzhou) Textile Development Co., Ltd

This is another of the best wholesale linen fabric suppliers. The best thing about the company is that they provide all kinds of fabric, both knit and woven.

Another advantage the company has is its advancement in both human resources and technology.

With its advanced technology and a good knowledge of the world fashion, the company has managed to create business relationships with clients across America, Europe, Korea, Japan, and many more.

3. Huzhou Jiershen Textiles Co., Ltd

The next in line of bed linen suppliers is Huzhou Textiles. The company started in 2005, basically as a silk factory.

Its location is quite a satisfaction due to its placement beside Moganshan Mountain, a popular tourist spot.

The company is one of the largest fabric suppliers in the world with an annual output of 5 million meters.

The company specializes in customized fabric manufacturing. That is to say, if you have a specific demand, the company will fulfill it with its capable team.

4. Haining Haoyang Textile Co., Ltd

Haining textile is known for its home decoration knitting. That is to say, if you are looking for a curtain fabric supplier or bed linen manufacturer, you are at the right place.

The company exports all these products all around the world. Quality control is a major step in the company’s manufacturing process of fabric. That is why you can rest assured of the quality of the fabric.

An additional service provided by the company is printing over the fabric, which is an advantage you can get from private-label linen manufacturers.

5. Nantong Lvbajiao Textile Co., Ltd

The next company in our line is Nantong Textiles. This company produces printed fabric, yarn-dyed fabric, piece-dyed fabric, and so on.

The company specializes in different types of fabric, including linen blends. Nantong Textiles boasts of its environment-friendly and recycled fabric products.

The company imports the best raw materials from across the world and processes them in the company’s own manufacturing plant to produce high-end fabric. You will be satisfied with the company’s timely deliveries and strictness with quality control.

6. Zhejiang Rosso Textile Co., Ltd.

Rosso Textiles is a popular manufacturer in the upholstery fabrics industry. So, if you are looking for table linen manufacturers or any other furniture clothing manufacturer, Rosso Textiles is the right spot for you.

The company has over 150 distributors in 20 countries across the world. Rosso Textiles specializes in linen fabric manufacturing in China with a daily production capacity of two hundred thousand meters.

As the company is a provider of upholstery fabric, you will find a wide range of variety in their products, in terms of color and category.

7. Shaoxing Sinofashion Textiles Co., Ltd.

The company mainly specializes in cotton fabric products. In fact, cotton nylon products are the best-selling products in the company’s directory.

However, the company also has linen fabric products. Its linen cotton blend products are one of the best in the whole of China.

Especially, if you are looking for such print fabric products, you can always trust Shaoxing Textiles. The blend in the fabric types makes the fabric a good choice for comfort and durability, especially among hospital linen suppliers.

8. Hangzhou Zhongyi Fabric Co., Ltd.

If you own a hotel or supply fabric to a hotel, this company among the linen suppliers for hotels is the best suited for you. That is because the top products of Hangzhou Zhongyi Fabric company include hotel clothing.

Hence, hotel bed linen suppliers are the main customers of the company. With over 18 years of experience, the company has managed to efficiently provide quality fabric all around the world, mainly in the middle east area.

9. Qingdao Fab Mill Co., Ltd.

The company started its journey in 2004 on the basis that fabric can be produced while keeping the environment safe. Since then, Qingdao Fab Mill company has managed to carry its reputation of being environment friendly.

The main fabric products of the company are linen, bamboo, soybean, organic cotton, and many more environment-friendly fibers. These fabric products are mainly supplied to the home textiles and apparel industry.

10. Skylinens Linen Factory

At the end of our list is a linen-dedicated factory. While the other factories are also included in the list, this one is specially dedicated to linen-made clothing products. For any type of linen-made clothing wholesaling, you can trust Skylinens factory.

From Linen socks to basic bedding, the company offers all. Even if you need plain linen fabric, the company can export it to you around the globe..

12. Linen FAQ

12.1 Why linen?

Linen provides immense versatility, plenty of products can be made out of linen fabric.

It can be used in making bed cloths, regular wear, bathroom linen, tablecloths, and many others.

It helps in regulating the temperature of the body as it is breathable. It is organic and eco-friendly.

Moreover, its quality can be easily checked even by visual inspection. Linen is being produced in large quantities so there is no shortage in the market, it is readily available.

12.2 Linen is made from what plant?

Linen is a plant-based fabric. It is made from the flax plant. It is a genus Linum in the family of Linaceae. Linen plants are sowed during the month of April.

Finally, they are allowed to grow for three months. After that, when they are well grown, they are soaked for 14 days, afterwards, they are dried for more than ten days.

In the end, they are bundled and stacked. Finally, they are taken into the mill.

12.3 What is linen cotton?

Linen and cotton are not the same things. Sometimes, linen fabric is mixed up with cotton.

However, linen is 30% heavier than cotton. It is more resistant, more elastic, less expensive, and anti-static fabric.

The manufacturing procedure of cotton is more tiring than linen. However, they both are eco-friendly as well as plant-based.

12.4 Why is linen expensive?

Linen is not a synthetic product; it is made from plants. It requires a multi-stage process and includes hard labor from the producer.

It also takes a good quality of time for the plant to grow to turn it into an expensive manufacturer. Linen has a great market need which also aids in its higher price.

Its multipurpose use and versatility make it a demandable fabric. These all comply with making linen expensive.

12.5 Why is linen the best?

Linen is a very lightweight fabric; it provides great comfort while wearing it. Linen is slightly elastic, highly resistant, and has great longevity.

Linen is breathable and plenty of products can be made simply with one fabric. Linen doesn’t hold the temperature. It has a high-end look and a great aesthetic look.

Being an organic product, it is biodegradable as well as eco-friendly. These all make linen the best.

12.6 How often to wash linen sheets?

Bed linen is one of the most produced linen wares. Several products are made in this product line. One of those is linen sheets.

Linen doesn’t easily catch the dirt, usually, they are on the cleaner part. They do not require too much frequent cleaning.

Depending on their use it is determined how often they should be washed. However, they can be washed once a week in general.

12.7 How to differentiate a 100% pure linen from a fake linen?

Pure linen is breathable, it helps to regulate the temperature. Fake linen is uncomfortable and hot. Pure linen is durable and fake linen is easily turned off.

Pure linen is 30% heavier than cotton, fake linen has very less weight. Pure linen is of natural color and has better aesthetic properties.

12.8 Can you wash linen?

Yes, linen can be washed. But in regulation. It can be both machine-washed as well as hand washed. For longer durability, it must not be washed every day.

13. Why Choose HunterSourcing as Your Linen Sourcing Agent?


A sourcing agent is important if you are trying to import products from overseas. Especially, if you are wholesaling the products, it is quite a mandatory matter to deal with the manufacturer or supplier company via a sourcing agent. This way, the language barrier, and cultural barriers are easily loosened, and the ultimate goal of doing business gets easier. However, there are so many sourcing agents, some of which are not up to the mark to do business with.

Here is why you should choose HunterSourcing as your linen sourcing agent.


Consulting may not always sound important. But when it comes to importing products from abroad, it is quite mandatory. HunterSourcing will help you with that. This consultation also includes discussing different barriers you may face while wholesaling the products from abroad. Luckily, HunterSourcing does not charge a dime to consult with you regarding these regulations and policies.

Products trends

As you are in a different country than the manufacturing one, it is important to keep the cultural demand unique. That is to say, a trendy product in one area may not be the same in another. So when wholesaling products from China or any other country, you should check the product trends. HunterSourcing will help you with that by assigning a dedicated agent for your purpose only.


As you are a wholesaler from outside the country of origin, China, it may get difficult for you to learn about all the products and manufacturers there. That is where a sourcing agent like HunterSourcing can help you.

The company assigns a specific expert on the product line to check different manufacturers and factories in the industry. This agent then collects information and informs the client about it. If the product line of a specific company is not up to the mark, your job gets easier- you don’t have to deal with them. This way, you can learn about your queries from afar.

Factory audit

The quality of the manufacturing plant always matters. The quality systems, workplace environments, and other necessary capabilities must be met by a factory to have quality outcomes. HunterSourcing can ensure that quality by assigning a dedicated agent.


In terms of the fabric or clothing industry, printed fabrics require proper design before you can sell them to customers. Especially, if you are going for a customized design, it is important that the manufacturing plant does not mess up with it. A dedicated sourcing agent from HunterSourcing can ensure that.


When it comes to fabric and clothing, the way of developing the fabric is important. You can assign a person to inspect the development on your behalf through HunterSourcing.


When wholesaling a large amount, it is important that you check the product yourself. But the manufacturing plant or supplier company being in China makes it a hard thing to do. HunterSourcing will collect samples for you and let you check them before you go for a larger amount of order.

Price negotiation

As you cannot inspect different manufacturing plants and suppliers yourself, the price demand of the company may not be the actual rate in the industry. A local sourcing agent can help you with that. The agent assigned by HunterSourcing will do the price negotiation for you. Also, as the agent has already checked different manufacturers in the industry, it gets easier for them to negotiate the price to a perfect range.

Quality control

Sometimes, the end product may seem perfect although being faulty inside or in the making process. You cannot inspect that from abroad. But HutnerSourcing will do the quality inspection on your behalf and make sure that quality control is up to the mark.

Shipping & Logistics

Shipping is one of the most important factors when it comes to shipping from overseas. However, HunterSourcing will offer you shipping for a low price. Also, with the large warehouse option from HunterSourcing, you don’t need to worry about the logistics. The large warehouse of the company is free of cost for storing products for up to 60 days.

Customs clearance

As you are shipping from abroad, you must have custom clearance of the products before you can sell them in your country or supply them elsewhere. As your shipping partner, HunterSourcing will do it on your behalf of you.


Wholesaling products from abroad is not an easy task. But sourcing agents make it easy with their in-person support in the factory and by other means. Visit HunterSourcing today to learn about the different services it has to offer in terms of helping you with your wholesaling of linen fabric and products from China.

As you are trying to wholesale clothing products, it is important to know how they actually are in terms of durability, strength, and color. A good sourcing agent can help you ensure all of that. Based in China, HunterSourcing can be a great help to you.

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