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Pallet Suppliers from China: All You Need to Know

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Top 10 reliable pallet manufacturers in China

Even though pallets are very small, their role in the supply chain is vital. A large percentage of products we consume today spend many days on pallets, in a store, warehouse, or ship. Without pallets, the transportation of goods from one place to the other could be hard. Pallet loads allow shipping companies to move many products in a single trip using equipment like forklifts.

1. Types and Materials for Manufacturing Pallet
2. Where is the Chinese Pallet Production Base?
3. How to Choose a Pallet Type?
4. What are Euro Pallet and America Pallet Standard?
5. When will you Need Custom Pallet Services?
6. How to Look for a Reliable Pallet Manufacturer in China?
7. How to choose a best pallets factory from china
8 Top 10 Reliable Pallet Manufacturer in China
8.1 Suzhou Hongtian Plastic Co., Ltd.
8.2 Qingdao Huading Industry Co., Ltd.
8.3 Shandong Liyang Plastic Molding Co., Ltd.
8.4 Zhejiang Zhongbei Equipment Co., Ltd.
8.5 Shandong Lingyue Packing Products Co., Ltd
8.6 Shanghai Eltete Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.
8.7 Qingdao Land Industrial Products Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
8.8 Shenzhen Qichang Industrial Co., Ltd
8.9 Hangzhou Penno Packtech Co., Ltd.
8.10 Shanghai Custom Packaging Co., Ltd
9. Why Choose Huntersourcing as Your China Pallet Suppliers Sourcing Agent?
10. Conclusion

If you need pallets for your business, this guide will help you choose the best pallet manufacturers in China and import quality pallets. However, you must first decide on the type of pallets you need before checking our top 10 reliable pallet manufacturers in China.

Types and Materials for Manufacturing Pallet

Pallets are structures made to provide a foundation for transporting or storing goods.

Manufacturers use various types of materials, such as metal, wood, and plastic to make them.

Generally, they are horizontal and flat to make their stacking, moving, and loading easy.

Mostly, the goods placed on them are heavy, necessitating the use of machinery, such as pallet jacks and forklifts, to move them. Here are the different types of pallets in the market.

Paper Pallet

Paper pallets are the lightest type of pallets in the market. They are also easier to dust and clean.

Most people choose them because they do not have any nails or splinters and they are easy to dispose of.

Unfortunately, they are susceptible to water damage, and they do not hold heavy loads.

Metal Pallet

Even though metal pallets are long-lasting and sturdy, only a few people buy them.

Aluminum and steel pallets are the most common and they are stiff, strong, recyclable, free of insects, and sanitary.

However, they are expensive, heavy, and susceptible to rusting.

Recycled Pallets

Recycled pallets are old pallets that are repaired and sold for reuse.

Mostly, the recycling process involves the reuse of good wood from the old pallets so that the recycled pallets can hold up to heavy use.

They are cheaper than new pallets and therefore a good choice for people operating on a shoestring budget.

Plywood Pallet

These types of pallets are ideal when transporting light or medium-weight goods. They are super effective and lightweight.

Actually, they are increasingly resistant to bugs infestation compared to normal wood due to their high moisture resistance.

Furthermore, they are highly customizable, which means they may come as single deck pallets or even double wooden deck pallets.

Plywood is strong, rarely warps, swells, or shrinks.

Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallets are among the most recognizable types of pallets. They are generally made of softwood or hardwood and the quality of wood used defines the quality.

The commonest type of hardwood used is oak, while the commonest softwood is pine.

Wooden pallets are customizable, meaning that you can reuse them or sell them.

Unfortunately, they are lightweight and can break easily.

Plastic pallets

Plastic pallets are made of recycled bottles or high-density polyethylene. They are therefore weather-resistant and do not corrode or rot.

Moreover, they are durable, easier to clean, lightweight, odor-resistant, 100 percent recyclable, and fire retardant.

Still, they are expensive and they may break under heavy loads.

Heat Treated Pallets

Heat-treated pallets are important for all wood packaging materials used in shipments. They are made of organic materials but they have to pass through a phytosanitary process, which was developed by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC).

During the process, the pallets are heated to a temperature of around 140 degrees Celsius for over 30 minutes. That kills all insects and larva.

Pallet Boxes

Also known as bulk boxes, pallet boxes are large corrugated boxes, which are usually attached to wooden pallets.

Perhaps, you have seen them in the local supermarkets holding bags or potatoes or pumpkins.

They come in three different parts, made of single, double, or triple wall cardboard with stitched joints.

Pallet Crates

A pallet crate is simply a pallet box that has walls. It is used for holding products, supplies, and anything that has to be secured extensively and protected.

A crate can hold many goods and it is very stable. However, crates are bulky and hard to transport.

Custom Pallets

Wooden pallets exist in various designs. Generally, they are expandable wooden pallets used for heavy products in a one-way flow.

They are strong, something that makes them ideal for both heavy-duty and lightweight products.

You can customize and combine them with other materials, making it possible to tailor a solution to your supply chain.

Where is the Chinese Pallet Production Base?

China has the largest number of pallet manufacturers in the world. However, the pallet market in this country is highly fragmented with the presence of a few big companies and thousands of small-sized enterprises focused on the regional market.

The pallet suppliers offer plastic, wood, metal, and corrugated pallets. Here are the main production bases.

1. Qingdao City, Shandong Province

Qingdao is a big city in Shandong Province, China, and an important pallet production base.

It is situated near the Yellow Sea coast and it is a key modal city of China’s One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative, which connects Asia to Europe.

You will find hundreds of pallet manufacturers in this place.

2. Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province

Suzhou City is located in Jiangsu Province China and many people refer to it as the “Venice of the East” due to its many canals and bridges. In fact, nearly 42 percent of the city is covered in water.

Other than that, the city has many pallet suppliers such as Suzhou Hongtian Plastic Co., Ltd.

3. Shanghai City

Shanghai is a popular tourist destination and a historical landmark in China. It has many skyscrapers and museums such as the Shanghai Museum and China Art Museum.

Further, it has many manufacturers, including pallet manufacturers. The pallet manufacturers in this city include Shanghai Pallet Machinery Co., Ltd and Shandong Lingyue Packing Products Co., Ltd.

4. Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province

Shenzhen city stands as the third busiest port in the world. The high urban population accompanies the high port traffic and many pallet manufacturers are located in this city.

The pallet manufacturers to expect in this city include Shenzhen Xingfeng Plastic Co., Ltd and Shenzhen Dongheng Environmental Packaging Materials Co. Ltd.

How to Choose a Pallet Type?

At first, a pallet will look like a flat, benign, wooden, or plastic base that a warehouse uses to store goods or a manufacturer uses to ship inventory.

Pallets may look very basic on the surface, but you will realize that there are many things to consider when choosing one.

Pallets vary in size, reusability, materials, design, and sustainability.

When buying one, you have to consider the factors that directly affect the bottom line of your products.

If a pallet fails in one area, you may make losses. Here are the factors to consider.

Maximum Load Weight

The weight capacity of a pallet depends on the thickness and strength of the used material.

Other factors include the manufacturing design and process. It is the maximum weight that the pallet can carry and the two types of load capacity are static load capacity and dynamic load capacity.

Static load capacity is the total weight a pallet can hold when in a fixed position or at rest on a level surface. That includes when stacked.

Dynamic load capacity on the other hand refers to the maximum evenly distributed weight that a pallet can hold when hoisted by a pallet jack or a forklift.

Pallets have to be of the right size so that you can lift them easily with a pallet jack or forklift, particularly when shipping or storing heavy loads.

Manufacturers also offer two groups of wood pallets, which are block pallets and stringer pallets. Block pallets are 4-way by design while stringer pallets are 2-way platforms.

Block pallets for heavy loads because they provide more clearance for the insertion of forklifts. Consider the weight of goods you are planning to transport when choosing pallets.

Tray Material Type

Today, pallet manufacturers use a wide range of materials to make them. The materials include wood, metal, plastic, and cardboard.

Traditionally, wood is the material used to make pallets for carrying heavy loads due to its durability, cost-effectiveness, and reusability.

However, more eco-friendly materials Presswood and plywood are also in fashion due to their low weight.

While they are not as sturdy as wood, the materials stand up to elements well.

Steel and aluminum pallets are also common in the catering and restaurant industry because they are easy to clean.

Unlike wood, aluminum and steel can be easily cleaned or wiped and they do not absorb the spill, which is the case to expect with wood.

They are also ideal for shipments by boat or shipments that have to be exposed to weather elements.

Plastic pallets have also made an impact in the shipping industry. They are sturdy, lightweight, cleanable, reusable, and recyclable. Depending on their quality, they may be as reliable as wood pallets.

Corrugated cardboard pallets have also made an effect on the industry. They are sturdy, lightweight, and easy to move around. However, they can only hold light loads, and their lifespan is a drawback.


Durability is key during the selection of pallets and it highly depends on the used material.

Most plastic pallet manufacturers claim that plastic pallets are more weather-resistant and durable than wood pallets.

That might be true when it comes to water resistance but the case might be different in a general sense.

When used in a hot area, plastic pallets will become weak and flexible. If left in a very cold area, they are more likely to break.

Wooden pallets are stable in all temperature levels. Further, you can repair them easily if they break.

On the other hand, you cannot repair a plastic pallet after it breaks.

If you need pallets that will last for a very long time, metal pallets are the best choice but if you need pallets for single-time use, then paper pallets are worth consideration.

Plywood pallets and heat-treated wood pallets are also durable.

Pallet Lifespan

Metal and plastic pallets are expensive but their dependability and lifespan are worth the investment.

They will save you a lot of money in the long term compared to wood, plywood, or paper pallets.

Wooden, plywood pallets, and paper pallets struggle to withstand harsh weather and humid environmental conditions. They splinter, crack, and absorb water easily leading to faster deterioration.

The typical lifespan of wooden pallets is around 3-5 years but plastic pallets can last for up to 10 years and metal pallets can last longer.

Some of the industries that have benefited from the long lifespan of plastic pallets are material handling, chemical, mattress, wine and spirits, dairy, food, appliance, and packaging industries.

Pallet Cost

Another factor that differentiates pallets is the cost. Plastic pallets, metal pallets, paper pallets, custom pallets, and others come at different costs.

Plastic pallets are around three times the cost of wooden pallets and metal pallets are more expensive.

Paper pallets have a short lifespan and are therefore inexpensive.

One of the things that make plastic pallets and metal pallets expensive is that they are mostly made for specific industries that have strict hygiene requirements.

The industries include food transportation and pharmaceuticals. The pallets are made uniquely to allow easier cleaning.

Contrarily, paper pallets, plywood pallets, and wooden pallets are naturally porous, while metal and plastic pallets are not made that way.

Most industries do not care about sanitation issues, something that makes wooden pallets more practical.

You can refurbish or recycle wood and therefore save more money in the long term.

What are Euro Pallet and America Pallet Standard?

Pallets used in the world have different characteristics and dimensions, but the primary ones are European and American pallets. The main difference between European and American pallets is the dimensions.

American standard pallets are bigger, measuring 1200mm x 800 mm. They are also lighter, weighing around 25kg.

The pallets came into being during the Second World War when transporters in Europe complained that the American pallets were very big for European trains and they made the handling of cargo hard.

New pallets that could fit in European trains and utilize space of wagons in a better way were developed. A subcategory of Euro pallet, known as the Display Pallet, was made and it is half the standard European pallet.

It measures 600mm x 800 mm and it is what you see in supermarkets.

The first pallets regulations and standardizations were made in the 1960s. European pallets, or euro pallets, follow the EAL or EUR standard, while America, also known as standard/universal pallets, follow the ISO standard 6780:2003 Flat pallets for intercontinental materials handling – Principal dimensions and tolerances. The standard was revised in 2020 and that is the reason some pallets are known as ISO pallets.

When will you Need Custom Pallet Services?

Not all pallets are made equal. Therefore, you have to choose the right pallets for your business.

Unfortunately, some goods will need custom pallets, crates, and boxes, meaning that you will have to specify structure requirements and the proper durability when contacting a supplier.

Here are some of the factors that may necessitate buying custom pallets.

Product Weight

The weight of products is among the factors that dictate the type of pallet to buy. Heavy items will dictate the need for strong pallets. You can use any type of pallet when importing light ones.

Product Packaging

Product packaging protects the commodities from contamination and damages between the manufacture and application.

The packaging must withstand transport over long distances and rough terrains. It should also allow easier handling of the goods.

The customized pallets selected should match the packaging of y our products.

Irregular Product

Irregular-shaped products are among the reasons you might need a custom pallet.

If your products are bigger on one end and smaller on the other, you have to consider that when ordering the custom pallets.

Some products may also demand rounded pallets and some will have to be secured on one end if they are dangerously pointed.

Fragile Product

Fragile and highly sensitive products may require extra care during shipping. They have to be secured properly to the pallet to prevent movements and jostling. Banding grooves may be used to protect products from crush effects during shipping.

Furthermore, additional padding may also be necessary. If you need more support, custom pallet crates and boxes may be a good choice.

Long-distance Transportation Products

The final destination of your products will play a role in the selection of custom pallet designs.

At times, your goods may pass through several modes of transport before they reach you and each mode of transport may require a different design of pallets.

You have to consider that when searching for custom-made pallets.

Product Purpose Category

The purpose of products may also force you to buy custom pallets.

When shipping beverages, food, or pharmaceuticals, plastic pallets are more suitable.

Most manufacturers will be ready to customize them according to your needs.

Product Value and Cost

Packaging engineers consider the value of products when creating custom pallet designs.

In most cases, custom pallets will save you a lot of money because they will secure the products.

However, packaging engineers may suggest different configurations depending on the type of goods you are shipping.

How to Look for a Reliable Pallet Manufacturer in China?

The process of finding pallet suppliers from China can be complicated if you do not know where to start.

China offers many pallet manufacturers and not all of them will provide what they promise.

Here are the ways you can use to find the best pallet manufacturer.

Google Search

Google ranks above other search engines when it comes to popularity but you can use other search engines like Yahoo Search, Badu, Bing, AOL to find china pallet manufacturers.

The search engines will display the best results on their first page. If the suppliers on the first page do not meet your needs, you can consider those on other pages. Use long-tail keywords such as “pallet manufacturers in China” to narrow down your search results.

Trade Shows

Trade shows and exhibitions are other great sources for Chinese pallets manufacturers.

Chinese exhibitions and trade shows are many and popular. They will help you get information about many pallet suppliers, see their products, and ask questions.

Unfortunately, you will have to travel to China to meet the pallet suppliers.

Yellow Pages

If going to a trade show is impossible, Yellow Page is a good choice.

This platform lists many pallet suppliers from China. Remember to check the information in their profiles to know whether they are real.

Yellow Pages will provide you with their addresses and the products they offer.

Sourcing Agent

A sourcing agent, such as Huntersourcing, is another great choice when searching for the best pallet manufacturer from China.

That is for the reason that they are likely to find the best suppliers faster and efficiently. It is hard to follow up with the suppliers locally when sourcing from overseas and you are likely to get low-quality goods if you are not careful.

Further, communication between you and the suppliers can be inefficient and unclear. A professional sourcing agent will work as the middleman and will invest his time and effort in finding the best suppliers. You will save time, money, and maximize your profits.

B2B Web

B2B websites have made the importation of goods from China and other Asian countries easier.

Some years ago, manufacturers could only rely on intermediaries and exporters to find international buyers but B2B websites have changed everything.

Today, buyers can find Chinese pallet manufacturers without leaving their home or country, thanks to the B2B platforms.

The platforms also offer everything you might need to know about a supplier.

They also help you contact them. Here are the top B2B platforms to try.

1. Alibaba.com

Alibaba is the biggest B2B e-commerce marketplace in the world with its revenue exceeding $12.29 Billion.

This platform is a haven for exporters and importers from 240 countries. It connects buyers with sellers so that they can complete transactions easily.

Visit the site today to identify the best pallet manufacturers.

  1. Made-in-china.com

Made-in-China facilitates trade between Chinese pallet manufacturers and suppliers with buyers from all corners of the world.

Focus Technology PVT Ltd, which is a leader in the electronics industry, started to help Chinese sellers penetrate the global market easily.

Today, you can find many reliable pallet suppliers on this platform.

  1. DHgate com

DHgate connects Chinese sellers and manufacturers to buyers from all parts of the world.

Around 50 percent of the buyers on this platform are from European countries and North America.

It is a good choice if you are planning to buy pallets wholesale. It has been a choice for online marketers and affiliates from different parts of the world.

4. Globalsources.com

Global Sources is based in Hong Kong and allows China manufacturers and product suppliers to connect with buyers from all parts of the world.

It offers sourcing information to buyers and verifies the quality of suppliers and manufacturers. Global Sources also organizes trade shows and trade fairs in China.

  1. Alibaba.com

Owned by Alibaba Group, AliExpress was started in 2010 and it stands as the largest B2C platform.

Unlike Alibaba, you can order only one unit from the sellers.

AliExpress is based in Hangzhou, China, and dominates the local B2C market.

It is the best option for people looking for a dropshipping option.

  1. Chinabrands.com

Chinabrands is another leading distribution and dropshipping platform in China.

This platform facilitates the sale of products from all manufacturers, medium-enterprises, and retailers from China, something that helps it list many suppliers.

It promises safe payments and you can pay for products through PayPal.

How to choose a best pallets factory from china

So, how do you find the best pallet manufacturer in China? All you need to make the selection work is easy is to decide on what you need and the questions to ask. Here are the factors to keep in mind when choosing one.

High-Quality Raw Materials

The quality of raw material the manufacturer uses to make the pallets will determine their durability.

Whether they use wood, plastic, metal, or paper, ensure that the material is of good quality.

The best way to do that is to ask for samples and check their quality.

Export Standard Pallets

In most cases, pallets come in a standardized size to fit many products, but at times, an off-the-shelf pallet will not match your needs.

Actually, you might not know whether you need a custom or an off-the-shelf pallet until you meet the design experts.

However, the manufacturer must ensure that the pallets they offer meet the international export standards.

Custom Tailored Solutions

Knowing whether you need custom-tailored pallets is important when choosing China pallets producers.

Some companies only offer standard pallets and others will offer any type of pallet you need or pallet/crate hybrid.

Competitive Price

The pallet vendor you choose should offer the best quality-to-price ratio.

Even though Chinese pallet manufacturers have very thin profit margins, they may be willing to offer discounts.

That means you may not need to switch suppliers more often.


As far as credentials are concerned, you have to do the necessary checks by asking the pallet manufacturer for specific documents and certificates.

The pallet vendor is more likely to provide fake documents, so verify their authenticity. The business license should have an 18-digit license number to confirm that the company is registered in China.

You can also ask for a bank certificate, an ISO 9001 certificate, and a foreign trade certificate, which is important for businesses engaging in international trade.

Top 10 Reliable Pallet Manufacturer in China

China has thousands of pallet manufacturers. Therefore, finding a reliable manufacturer can be a challenge. Do not panic. We have done the selection work for you. Here is a list of the leading pallet manufacturing companies in the country.

1. Suzhou Hongtian Plastic Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Hongtian Plastic Co., Ltd, formerly Suzhou New District Xindongda, was started in 2001 and it is located in Xinzhuang Industrial Park.

It covers 28,000 m2 and its registered capital stands at RMB 18 million Yuan.

This plastic pallet supplier has 150 employees and 8 automated production lines.

Each year, the pallets factory offers 18,000 tons of products that are wear-resistant, vibration-resistant, and impact-resistant, and cooking-resistant.

They also have good integrity and unique structure.

2. Qingdao Huading Industry Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Huanding Industry Co., Ltd is among the leading pallet manufacturing companies.

The company was started in 2006 but the factory has existed since the 1980s.

The manufacturing base of this plastic pallet company covers over 105,000 square meters and it has an independent R&D team, special QC team, and high-end testing labs.

It offers plastic pallets, pallet containers, outdoor bins, outdoor furniture, children’s furniture, bulk containers, and IBCs.

If you are looking for the best pallet vendors, the company should not miss your list.

3. Shandong Liyang Plastic Molding Co., Ltd.

Shandong Liyang Plastic Molding Co., Ltd was started in 2002 and has a registered capital of RMB 65 million Yuan.

It is among the best wholesale pallet suppliers and its factory covers 136,000 square meters, with 60,000 square meters set aside for construction.

Situated in Linyi logistic city, these pallet makers, have over 30 injection molding machines and offer 50 patent products.

Each year, they offer around 3 million plastic pallets and 500,000 other plastic products.

4. Zhejiang Zhongbei Equipment Co., Ltd.

Also known as ZHONGBEI, Zhejiang Zhongbei Equipment Co., Ltd is located in Hangzhou, China, but its factory is situated in Zhejiang Province.

The company specializes in the design and manufacturing of a wide range of warehouse equipment and pallet handling equipment, such as hand trolleys, collapsible steel pallets, steel racks, and display stands.

It has existed in the industry for many years and offers quality pallets. Actually, you will rarely miss it in the list of the best Euro pallet suppliers.

5. Shandong Lingyue Packing Products Co., Ltd

Shandong LingYue Packing Products Co., Ltd is among the corrugated pallet manufacturers in Linyi City, Shandong Province.

The company has existed for over 20 years and it specializes in metal and plastic pallets.

Its LY brand is accepted in many places and some of the companies that use their products include Nongfu Spring, Coca-Cola, and RedBull.

You can order plastic pallets reinforced with steel for heavy loads from their pallets factory.

They also offer plastic racks for 5 gallons of bottled water and metal pallets with a tube design.

6. Shanghai Eltete Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Eltete Packaging Technology Co. Ltd is a subsidiary company of Eltete Group, headquartered in Finland.

This company has over 36 years of experience in the industry and it has established production plants in China and other 13 countries.

All the products from this plastic pallet company are wood-free and environmentally friendly and their main customers are food packaging companies, paper packaging companies, logistics companies, trading companies, and distributors.

Their products include cart pallets. Edge boards, slip-sheets, airbags, paper pallets, and pallet boxes.

7. Qingdao Land Industrial Products Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Land Industrial Products Manufacturing Co., Ltd is situated in Huangdao District, Qingdao, Shandong Province, China and it has 30 million Yuan registered capital.

The company is among the pallet box suppliers that advocate for environmental protection concepts and has large injection molding machines and high-precision production equipment.

Furthermore, it has a reliable technical team and it has passed ISO9001-2008 quality system certification and ISO1400-2004 environmental management system certification.

It offers blue plastic pallets and requires the customers to order at least 500 units if they need a custom color.

8. Shenzhen Qichang Industrial Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Qichang Industrial Co., Ltd specializes in research, design, manufacture, and sales of metal, plastic package products, and logistics tools.

Established in the year 1997, this company owns an injection molding and a die-making workshop.

The company is among the steel pallet manufacturers that have invested heavily in the production of environmentally friendly metal pallets.

That means that they can offer them swiftly, efficiently, and conveniently. It should be the first on your list of steel pallet suppliers in China.

9. Hangzhou Penno Packtech Co., Ltd.

Launched in 2015, Huangzhou Peno Packtech Co., Ltd is located in Hangzhou, China, and specializes in R&D, manufacturing, and sales of Presswood and compressed wood pallets.

Through the years, the wooden pallet supplier has been playing a vital role in the market with an annual output of over 5.5 million pallets.

Due to the quality of its products, it has earned a large market in the industry. Most of their customers are in the chemical, auto, food, and printing industries.

The wood pallet factory ships its products to Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the United States.

10. Shanghai Custom Packaging Co., Ltd

Shanghai Custom Packaging Co., Ltd is a leading packaging company in China.

Its three factories located in Ningbo and Shanghai offer corrugated boxes, paper bags, gift boxes, paper tubes, printing services, waxed boxes, and packaging materials.

They also offer tuck top boxes, paper display boxes, design gift boxes, logistic shipping boxes, and personalized paper bags.

The factories occupy, 10,000 square meters and have several corrugated production lines.

You can order plastic pallets from this pallet supplier.

Why Choose Huntersourcing as Your China Pallet Suppliers Sourcing Agent?


Huntersourcing is a very professional sourcing agent in China. They have an experienced team that helps their clients source various products from China.

If you are looking for the best China pallet suppliers, they will make your work easier.

The sourcing agent has a list of reliable pallet suppliers and they will help you get high-quality pallets for your business. Here are their main services.

    1. Products Sourcing
    2. Import & Export Consulting
    3. Samples Collection & Quality Inspection
    4. Factory Audit
    5. Price & MOQ Negotiation
    6. Order follow-up
    7. Quality Inspection
    8. Free Warehousing (60days)
    9. Goods Consolidation
    10. Amazon FBA Service
    11. Low-cost shipping door to door Solution
    12. Products Photography


The market offers many types of pallets. When planning to import them from China, you have to decide on what you need.

China pallet manufacturers offer both off-the-shelf pallets and customized pallets, meaning that you will get exactly what you need.

This guide will help you find the best China pallet manufacturer and import easily. If you need help, Huntersourcing is the best choice.

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