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Maximizing Your Profit Margin: 12 Tips for Choosing the Right Gift Box Supplier in China

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Top 10 reliable gift box manufacturers in China

The demand for gift boxes has been growing rapidly mainly because people are consuming more food and beverage products like ice-crème, chocolate, wine, sweets, and toys. Food products appear more attractive and lucent when packed in beautiful gift boxes. Furthermore, individuals are buying gift boxes to package many other types of gift products like electronic gadgets, jewelry, sculptures, toys, cosmetic products, personal care products, and goods.

1. Why Gift Boxes?
2. The Concept of Gift Boxes
3. Effect of Gift Boxes
4. Material of Gift Boxes
5. Advantage of Gift Packaging
6. What are types of Gift Boxes imported from China?
7. Why Import Gift Box from China?
8. How to Find Reliable Gift Box Supplier from China?
9. Where to Find Wholesale & Custom Gift Box Supplier from China?
10. Top 10 reliable gift box suppliers in china
10.1 Kunshan Fanhe Packaging Products Co., Ltd.
10.2 Guangzhou Xinfa Gift Packaging Box Co., Ltd.
10.3 Shenzhen Jiajie Printing Co., Ltd.
10.4 Nanjing Yuanchuang Packaging Design Industry Co., Ltd.
10.5 Guangdong Sending Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.
10.6 Shengzhou Hengda Packing Factory
10.7 Yiwu HNA Packing Box Co., Ltd.
10.8 Ningbo Yinzhou Haomei Packaging Products Co., Ltd.
10.9 Bestyle Gift&Packing Industry Limited
10.10 Dongguan Beilin packaging Co., Ltd
11. Why Choose Huntersourcing as Your China Gift Box Sourcing Agent?
12. Conclusion

If you are planning to start selling gift boxes, the best thing to do is import wholesale gift boxes from China. China has many gift box manufacturers and suppliers who offer quality products. This guide will help you choose the best types of gift boxes and China manufacturers. It will also help you import the best products without traveling.

Why Gift Boxes?

The purpose of gift boxes is to package gifts in a protected and secure manner. Nevertheless, gift boxes have now gone beyond their basic functions. They also act as important marketing tools. Companies use them to show their sincerity, prove creativity, and add credibility. Gift boxes are also available in many types and styles. So, you have to decide on what you need to import.

The Concept of Gift Boxes

Gift boxes are practical gift packages equipped with gifts from friends and relatives for a purpose. They are an extension of the social needs of the packaging function. People buy them or make them by hand on major anniversaries or festivals. Every gift packaging box has to be beautiful to express or decorate the solemnity or romance.

Generally, the exquisiteness of a gift box has to be proportional to the gift value. Fragile or expensive items will mostly feature delicate ribbons or linings for decoration. Good packaging reduces transportation costs because it minimizes the risks associated with collisions.

Gift box producers classify them according to the packaging materials. They include paper packaging, metal packaging, plastic packaging, glass containers, wood packaging, and composite packaging. Most gift boxes are made of paper due to green packaging advocacy. The production of paper packaging is easy, and the boxes can be beautifully printed and recycled.

Keep in mind that cultural concepts vary from one nation or country to the other. People will express cultural concepts directly or indirectly in their ceremonial customs and activities. So, gift boxes have to express a colorful, unique artistic and cultural style.

Effect of Gift Boxes

As we have already stated, gift boxes are an extension of the social need for functional packaging. Therefore, in addition to the function of packaging, they also add value to the gift. The exquisiteness of any gift box will be directly proportional to the value of the gift. If you choose a cheap box, then the gift will look cheap.

Further, the gift box protects the item inside. Some items require quality packaging and beautiful lining for adequate protection. If you are a seller of gift items, you will need beautiful boxes to attract more customers.

Material of Gift Boxes

Gift boxes are classified according to the packaging materials. The materials include composite materials, glass container materials, wood packaging materials, bamboo materials, metal materials, paper materials, and plastic gift box materials. The general gift boxes are made of paper packaging materials, which are related to traditional Chinese culture.

Everyone has a romantic heart. We also believe that paper packaging can express heart affection. And when it comes to advocacy for green packaging, paper packaging is the best choice. The production recovery rate is high, and the process is simple.

Advantages of Gift Packaging

1. Protecting goods:

A gift box protects the items in various ways. In addition to preventing the squeezing and shaking of the gift, it also protects the gift from sun rays and water damage. It also prevents leakages during transportation. Some manufacturers may customize gift boxes to match the customers’ needs and allow them to use them for display and product promotion.

2. Enhance product value:

Regardless of the gift you want to hand out, a beautiful bow on the gift box will make it more attractive. A hand-made, large, or round bow will be part of the packaging. It will bring tension and a sense of fashion to the package while conveying the high value and quality of the gift. Actually, a gift box can increase the value of a product worth $50 to $100.

3. High-end parity

The grade of paper gift boxes is not worse than that of high-grade iron boxes or wooden boxes. However, the price of the box is nearly half that of the wooden box. Further, the paper gift boxes are relatively environmentally friendly and recyclable.

What are the types of Gift Boxes imported from China?

The market offers a wide range of gift boxes to match any event. Here are the main categories of gift boxes to import from China.

Flower Box Supplier

Gift box manufacturers offer flower box designs to fit any flower arrangement. The boxes are light and easier to transport. They also keep the flowers fresh.

Chocolate & Candy Box

Chocolate and candy lovers dismiss the packaging quickly to get their hands on the real milky goodness. However, the packaging is as important as the chocolate or candy. A chocolate or candy box has to be eye-catching and artistic. The boxes are made of a wide range of materials and designs.

Wooden Gift Box

China gift box manufacturers offer many types of wooden gift boxes. Some of the most popular gift boxes in this category are rustic pine gift boxes, black pine gift boxes, and natural pine gift boxes. They add a personalized touch to the boxes by engraving the name, logo, or initials. They have to be smooth and classy. People buy them for presentations, weddings, birthdays, corporate events, and anniversaries.

Plastic Box

Gift boxes in this category are made for people who would want to present their gifts in slick or glossy packaging. They are ideal for photographs, greeting cards, tech items, and candies. They allow people to notice the gifts inside without opening the box. People buy them for giveaway gifts, corporate gifts, and branded gifts due to the low shipping costs associated with them.

Paper Gift Box

Manufacturers use recycled paper to make paper and card boxes. They are, therefore, a lightweight alternative to plastic boxes. The used materials are moisture-resistant, and you can color print them or engrave your logo or company name on them. Furthermore, manufacturers add promotional tags, branded labels, and color-matched ribbons to match any event.

Acrylic Gift Box

Gift boxes in this category allow the display of items in an impressive way. They must be sturdy and trendy to lure more customers into buying the items. Also, they have to be made of high-quality materials for stability and long-lasting performance. They might be made of stainless steel, metal wire, white acrylic, and hardware, cardboard, or wood.

Apparel Boxes

Apparel boxes are made of chipboard, cardboard, or recyclable fiberboard materials. Retailers use them to enhance the apparel packaging experience. All boxes in this category come with a lid that is easy to assemble in the packaging part. They are also custom-printed and are available in many sizes and shapes. Further, they have to be exquisite and eye-catching.

Jewelry Gift Boxes

Jewelry gift boxes are designed for artisan and fine jewelry. They come in unique colors and sizes, and most are available with velvet, cotton filler, or peach board inserts. They are ideal for packing bangles, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and earrings.

Magnetic Gift Box

Gift boxes in this category are rigid flat folding boxes that pop open on their sides. You have to fold them to close, and the magnetic closures inside them magnetically snap the bottom flaps and lid together to close. You can disassemble the boxes for easier storage. People use them for promotional mailers, gifts, invitation boxes, jewelry boxes, and gift and product kits.

Corrugated Box

Corrugated boxes are ideal for gift storage and shipping. They are available in many colors, sizes, and weights. China manufacturers allow customers to choose the sizes they want.

Cosmetic Boxes

Many cosmetic brands are entering the market each day, and most of them offer similar products. Therefore, packaging is the only way to differentiate your products. Cosmetic boxes play this role by highlighting your products in the market. They feature eye-catchy colors and attractive patterns. They are also available in many shapes and sizes.

Gable Boxes

Generally, gable boxes are made of sturdy paperboard material. Therefore, they are lightweight and strong. They are available in many sizes, ranging from tiny boxes to extra-large boxes used for catering. Manufacturers ship them flat. That means you have to fold them into position to use them.

Wine Box

Wine gift boxes are a fun and upscale way of gifting wine bottles for special occasions. The market offers a wide range of trendsetting wine boxes, such as one-bottle, two-bottles, and three-bottles. Choose luxury boxes with magnetic closures, handles, and lids.

Wedding Gift Box

Wedding gift boxes are designed for all people planning to take part in a wedding. They have many small parts, which work together to form an outstanding gift. Furthermore, they show gratitude to the gift recipients. China manufacturers offer them in many varieties.

Food Gift Box

Food gifts are better shipped in special boxes. China manufacturers offer decorative gift boxes so that the gift will look special to the person receiving it. Boxes in this category include cookie gift boxes, which are perfect for tea or coffee get-togethers, popcorn gift boxes, cheese gift boxes, and meat gift boxes for Christmas and other occasions.

Why Import Gift Box from China?

People import gift boxes from China for various reasons. Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy by importing them from this country.

Low Costs

Yes. We all know this benefit. While the costs of producing locally can be competitive after you factor in the duties and shipping costs, importing from China is cost-effective. Any retailer of gift boxes will tell you that low production costs always result in better sales and higher profits.

Better Services

Chinese manufacturers are more likely to offer better services than domestic manufacturers. Almost every supplier or manufacturer you contact will be ready to work with you due to the high competition in China. Unfortunately, the minimum order quantity can be high.

Quicker Time and Higher Output

Most factories in China will accept an order of any size. That is not necessarily the case in the US. The manufacturers in the country are limited in time and capacity. Expect impressive turnaround times when working with China manufacturers.

Duplication Capabilities

You do not have to reinvent the wheel when importing gift boxes from China. You can ask the manufacturers to duplicate some of the gift boxes you like. That will reduce the production costs.

How to Find a Reliable Gift Box Supplier from China?

A reliable gift box supplier from China produces quality products and delivers them to you on time. China has many gift box manufacturers, but most of them are not reliable. Here are the factors you have to keep in mind when choosing one.


Design is important. According to a report that McKinsey published in 2018, companies that invest in good design earn 32 percent more revenue compared to those that do not work on the design. Design goes beyond brand colors and logos. Therefore, the China gift box supplier you choose should have a reliable design team. The team should also have the tools they need to come up with good designs.

R&D Team

The best gift box manufacturers have research and development teams. The R&D team should have low turnover, a proven ability to think outside the box and innovate and be well-equipped with many capabilities. Further, the team should have the right equipment and support.

  • One-stop Service In-House:

Choose a gift box manufacturer that provides a one-stop service in-house for gift box production and printing. The company should offer various services such as packaging solutions, designing services, sampling, printing, and final manufacturing. That means that the company should have adequate staff and tools.

  • Production Capacity:

You have to study and analyze the production capacity of any manufacturer in detail. That means you have to check the production and machines to be sure that the manufacturer will deliver what you need and meet the deadlines. Check whether they are using the latest technologies and equipment. Their workers should also be properly trained and highly skilled. Such a workforce will deliver defect-free products.

  • Certificate:

The important certifications you should look for when choosing a Chinese gift box manufacturer include ISO9001:2008 certification. This generic certification specifies the requirements for quality management systems. For a company to get this certification, it has to provide products that meet its customers, regulatory and statutory requirements consistently. Also, it has to enhance customer satisfaction through effective system applications.

Still, the company should have an Incoming material Quality Control (IQC) department to check the incoming components, raw materials, and parts from their suppliers before they land in the warehouse. An In-Process Quality Control (IPQC) department is also necessary to monitor all assigned processes. It prevents the production of massive defective items. In gift box factories IPQC department focuses on die-cutting, laminating, printing, hot foil stamping, embossing, spot UV, and debossing.

A good gift box manufacturer should also have Outgoing Quality Control (OQC) and Final Product Control (FPC) departments to check the quality of all finished goods. The departments should pick up any defective products and keep them in defective piles. They should also ensure that the products are packed and marked properly for shipping.

Quality control:

Quality Control (QC) is another important aspect to remember when choosing a gift box supplier. Whether it is in China or any other country, QC focuses on inspecting the manufacturing processes and product specifications undergo. Inspecting your products during and after production ensures that they meet the set requirements, and you will keep your customers coming back. You will also avoid importing a large number of faulty products.

However, you do not have to invest your resources in quality control. Ideally, the gift box manufacturer should follow all the quality control procedures to ensure that the products you receive are of the right quality. The main types of inspection are pre-production inspection, in-process inspection, and pre-shipment inspection.

After-sales guarantee

The company you choose should offer good after-sales services. That means that they should be open to your market feedback and advice. Further, they should continually upgrade the products for your customer satisfaction. Most China companies will be willing to do that.

Where to Find Wholesale & Custom Gift Box Suppliers from China?

Most companies that sell gift boxes source them from China. We have gathered some of the best sources of custom and wholesale gift box suppliers from China. Here is the list.

1. Alibaba.com

Alibaba is the largest wholesale website in the globe. Started in 1999, this eCommerce website is available in over countries and offers two groups of suppliers. You will find China manufacturers and trading companies on the platform. The trading companies source goods from the manufacturers and sell them on the platform. On the other hand, manufacturers produce goods and sell them on the platform. The suppliers on this platform have a low minimum order quantity, but not all of them are reliable.

2. Made-in-china.com

Made-in-china.com is upscale of Alibaba. The platform nurtures good business relationships with leading China suppliers. Expect high-quality products from the large manufacturers on the site. The site allows you to contact the manufacturers directly or use a chat feature the site. Unfortunately, the minimum order quantity on the site is high.

3. Dhgate.com

Dhgate.com is among the key competitors of Alibaba. It was launched in 2004, and today, it stands among the top 1,000 visited sites in the globe. It lists over 30 million products, and it has distribution centers in the United States. This eCommerce platform allows buyers to reach China gift box manufacturers and suppliers and place orders of any size. Order a single unit to test the product quality.

4. Globalsources.com

Globalsources.com provides many high-quality wholesalers. It will also connect you to the best Chinese suppliers. The suppliers on the platform are large-scale manufacturers and trading companies. You can contact them through a live chat or inbox to place your order. Unfortunately, the minimum order quantities on this platform are very high. So, contact the manufacturer before placing an order.

5. Aliexpress.com

AliExpress is part of Alibaba Group, but unlike Alibaba, it is more like a business-to-customer website. It allows people to place orders of any size, including one unit. Like Alibaba, the platform has trading companies and big manufacturers. You can contact them directly and order a single unit to test the quality.

6. chinabrands.com

Chinabrand.com is another eCommerce site similar to AliExpress. But unlike AliExpress, it has solid integrations with other platforms like eBay, Amazon, and Shopify. It offers suppliers of different sizes. However, you cannot contact the suppliers through direct messages. The MOQs are as low as one and as high as the demand might allow. Suppliers accept CB Wallet, PayPal, and Wire Transfers.

7. Sourcing Agent

People importing from China encounter many challenges. They have to deal with language barriers and mixed business practices. You do not have to travel to China or find suppliers online. A sourcing agent will find the best gift box manufacturers, do all the necessary factory inspections, inspect the final products, and ship them to you. Apart from speaking Chinese, they are familiar with China customs and business practices.

Top 10 reliable gift box suppliers in china

China has many gift box manufacturers that supply custom cardboard boxes, plastic boxes, wooden boxes, and metal boxes. Below is a list of the best manufacturers to try.

1. Kunshan Fanhe Packaging Products Co., Ltd.

Kunshan Fanhe Packaging Co., Ltd is among the leading China companies that deal in packaging design. The company is situated on Miaojing Road, Zhoushi Town, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, China. Further, this company has over 30 acres of modern factory buildings. It produces, processes, and sells craft gifts, stationery, and gift boxes. All the departments of this company, which include design, printing, and backend production, are fully equipped to offer the best products.

Creative packaging design drives this company. The company has been working hard to enhance product market value and customer brand image. Its main services include product packaging design, the production of boutique packaging solutions, and research and development. It has a large team of capable management personnel and professional technical experts who come up with ideas, controls the quality, track the services, and create quality products.

2. Guangzhou Xinfa Gift Packaging Box Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Xinfa Gift Packaging Box Co., Ltd was established in the year 2000. It is situated in Shixi Industrial Zone, Gongye Avenue, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, China. After 20 years of exploration and development, this company has acquired the best machinery and equipment. Its products are paper boxes, paper-packed wooden boxes, wooden boxes, hang tags, mahogany boxes, and handbags. This company believes that a poorly packaged product will appear to be a low-quality product.

3. Shenzhen Jiajie Printing Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Jiajie Printing Co., Ltd was established in the year 2006, and it is situated in Mission Hills International Building, Shenzhen. Its factory is situated in Tangxia, Dongguan, China, and lies in an area of around 15,000 square meters. Further, the company specializes in the design, printing, production, and supply of packaging boxes. They supply cosmetic boxes, gift boxes, mobile phone 3c boxes, folding boxes, jewelry boxes, and wine boxes. Also, they supply hang tags, self-adhesive labels, and booklets.

Jiajie Printing is equipped with high-end printing machines and equipment such as Roland 700 printing machines, gluing machines, die-cutting machines, semi-automatic and automatic box gluing machines, UV printing machines, hot stamping machines, automatic paper cutters, and silk screen printing machines. It produces 5-10 million sets of printed packaging boxes per year. You can import gift boxes, carton boxes, PET/PP/PVC/PS boxes, printing paper boxes, manuals, labels, paper cards, blister boxes, stickers, and manuals from this company. Lastly, the company promises to complete any design within 2 days and deliver within 10 days.

4. Nanjing Yuanchuang Packaging Design Industry Co., Ltd.

Nanjing Yuanchuang Packaging Design Industry Co., Ltd is located in Software Avenue, Nanjing, China, but the factory is situated on Xinggu Road, Guli Industrial Park, Jiangning District, Nanjing, China. The size of its factory is 9,000 square meters, and it has over 60 employees, and 10 technical and professional personnel.

This packaging design and production company specializes in the design, production, and processing of packaging materials. It has many professional designers who offer quality materials. They provide wooden boxes, handbags, food packaging boxes, fine packaging boxes, high-end wine boxes, corrugated color boxes, paper shelves, desk calendars, and wall calendars.

5. Guangdong Sending Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Sending Arts and Crafts Co., Ltd were originally known as Dungguan Sandingde Arts and Crafts Factory. It was started in the year 1999, and it has focused on the production of wood product packaging for more than 17 years. It has a professional research and development team, a production team, top-notch automation equipment, and scientific quality management systems.

You can source solid wood packaging, piano lacquered wooden boxes, wooden jewelry boxes, wooden wine boxes, wine boxes, cigar boxes, watches boxes, gift boxes, commemorative coin boxes, wooden jewelry boxes, watch shakers, wooden packaging boxes, and display cabinets. The company exports most of its products to the United States, Europe, South Korea, and Japan. Some of its customers are Remy Martin, Martell, Hennessy, LV, Chanel, Bentley, and Land Rover.

6. Shengzhou Hengda Packing Factory

Zhejiang Evergrande Packaging Factory is situated in Shengzhou City, Shaoxing, China. This location is the center of Ningbo, Shanghai, and Hangzhou triangle center. That means that the company benefits from advanced logistic distribution and transportation systems. Moreover, this company has powerful production equipment and an experienced team. Expect high-quality gift packaging boxes, scarves boxes, ties, tea packaging boxes, cufflink boxes, scarf boxes, and clothing boxes. They provide customized products to satisfy the needs of each customer.

7. Yiwu HNA Packing Box Co., Ltd.

Yiwu HNA Packing Co., Ltd is situated in Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, which is a well-known distribution center of small commodities. This area has airports, highways, and railway stations that facilitate better transportation of products. Yiwu HNA Packing Co., Ltd is a professional trade and industrial enterprise that integrates production, research and development, and sales of products.

The main products to expect from this company include PVC, OPP, PP, PE, and PET packaging products, non-woven bags, handbags, color boxes, gift boxes, cake boxes, greeting cards, acrylic, and corrugated boxes. It also provides many printing and packaging products like anti-counterfeiting trademarks and stickers. This company has an experienced team that works hard to produce high-quality products.

8. Ningbo Yinzhou Haomei Packaging Products Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Yinzhou Hamomei Packaging Products Co., Ltd. is another leading producer of packaging material box producer. It produces and processes various medium and high-end gift packaging for seafood, cosmetics, health products, food, moon cakes, wine, tea, and home textiles. Further, it produces desk calendars, wall calendars, notebooks, and hardcover books. Unlike many other companies, it has a first-class workforce, strict management and organization institutions, and high-end precision mounting equipment. After its launch, the company positioned itself in the research, development, and production of packaging boxes. It exports most of its products to Europe and the United States.

9. Bestyle Gift&Packing Industry Limited

Bestay is a professional manufacturer of high-end gift boxes, color boxes, manuals, warranty cards, certification cards, blister, wine, cigars, food, cosmetics, consumer electronics, and other gifts and gift tapes and bubble cotton. Provide “integrated” services from design, template making, printing, and manufacturing. We have more than 400 experienced workers working in a workshop of 12,000 square meters. We provide highly competitive packaging solutions, especially those that use different skills. Such as glazing, laminating, bronzing, bronzing, bronzing, UV glazing, embossing, etc.

We strictly follow the ISO9001 quality management system standard. In order to better meet the needs of customers, we improve technology and services.

10. Dongguan Beilin packaging Co., Ltd

Dongguan Guanlin Packaging Box Co., Ltd was started in 2001. Today, it focuses on the design and production of packaging boxes. It offers customized packaging boxes for all major festivals and celebrations such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and Mother’s Day. You can source cufflink boxes, coin boxes, belt boxes, wallet boxes, electronic product boxes, wine boxes, tea boxes, tie boxes, cloth bags, and packaging paper boxes. Most of the products from this company find their way to Italy, the United States, Germany, Russia, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

Further, Dongguan Guanlin Packaging Box Co., Ltd has an experienced design team and over 300 production and sales teams. It updates its machinery and equipment constantly to ensure that they are offering the best products. Besides, it is ISO9001:2015 certified for the quality management system and ISO45001:2018 certified for occupational health and safety management systems.

Why Choose Huntersourcing as Your China Gift Box Sourcing Agent?


When importing gift boxes from China, you should have a clear picture of what to expect. If you are a beginner, Huntersourcing will help you import quality products and avoid the hassles associated with importing from China. Here are the main services that Huntersourcing provides.

  1. Products Sourcing
  2. Import & Export Consulting
  3. Samples Collection & Quality Inspection
  4. Factory Audit
  5. Price & MOQ Negotiation
  6. Order follow-up
  7. Quality Inspection
  8. Free Warehousing (60days)
  9. Goods Consolidation
  10. Amazon FBA Service
  11. Low-cost shipping door-to-door Solution
  12. Products Photography


Hopefully, this guide will help you choose the best China gift box manufacturers and import high-quality products. However, if you are importing products for the first time, you will find the whole process complicated. Therefore, you must rely on people who can guide you through the process.

Huntersourcing has been around for many years and knows what you expect. After hiring them, there will be no need to travel to China. The agents will choose the best manufacturer, do the necessary inspection, send you samples, and ship the final products to you.

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