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Top 10 Gifts Manufacturers in China and Everything about Gifts Suppliers

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The demand for wholesale gifts from China has increased recently. That is mainly because of the rapidly growing online market, which accounts for 12 percent of all wholesale gift sales. The annual global gift sales exceed $200 billion, and a large perfect of the sold gifts are from China. Actually, China Customs statistics show that around 70 percent of the gifts sold in many parts of the world are imported from China.

1. Why Choose China Gifts Manufacturer?
2. How to Import Gifts from China
3. How do you find a gift manufacturer from China?
4. Top 10 Gifts Manufacturers in China
4.1 Gili
4.2 Skycrane
4.3 Bestarts
4.4 Italina
4.5 Jindeli
4.6 Icestory
4.7 Wangxingji
4.8 Aurora
4.9 Boyue
4.10 Jinhui
5. Why Choose Huntersourcing as Your China Gifts Sourcing Agent?
6. Conclusion

The internet has made the importation of goods from China easy. So, if you are a buyer and reseller of wholesale gifts, you can benefit more by importing your gifts from China. This guide provides you with the benefits of importing your wholesale gifts from China and a list of the top 10 wholesale gift manufacturers in China. It also offers an online shopping guide to help you avoid making losses.

Why Choose China Gifts Manufacturer?

Almost everything is labeled “made in China.” That shows that Chinese factories produce many private-label products. It also means that Chinese manufacturers have been making a lot of money, and their capability has risen steadily. The manufacturers are now offering manufacturing services and techniques that you are unlikely to see in other places. That makes them a good choice for people in need of wholesale gifts for resale. Here are the other benefits you will enjoy by choosing a China gift items manufacturer.

Lower Production Costs

This is among the key reasons people have been choosing Chinese gift manufacturing companies. The manufacturers offer unbeatable prices. In fact, the cost of having your wholesale gifts manufactured in the USA is higher than what you expect in China. Manufacturers in the United States have to contend with tight labor laws and high overheads. Things are different in China.

Access to High-End Equipment

You will always need the right machine and equipment to produce high-quality items. The quality of machines and equipment used also affects the efficiency and cost of the manufacturing process. Regardless of the type of wholesale gifts you need, there are gifts suppliers in China to accept your order. They offer customized products or off-the-shelf products to match your needs. You can choose one or many gift items suppliers depending on your needs.

High Production Capacity

Apart from the low production cost and high-end equipment, Chinese factories are known for their high output. Factories are an important pillar of the global economy. Their production capacity exceeds anything that those in other countries have achieved. So, after selecting a Chinese wholesale gift companies for your wholesale gifts, you will have nothing to worry about. You will work with a system that is proven cost-effective for US businesses.

Reduce the Lead Time

One big benefit of manufacturing in your country is that you can easily reach the manufacturer and the transport costs will be lower. Further, local production eliminates most of the problems associated with importation. It reduces the lead time between the first shipment’s arrival and the placement of another order.

However, you can do a few things to reduce the lead time when importing from Chinese factories. For example, you can place many orders to maintain a steady stream of products from your gift suppliers. You can also streamline the administration systems in your country to reduce lead time.

Prompt Service

China has a huge population. That means labor is abundant in the country. Due to the large number of potential employees, gift item manufacturer can hire many people when a need arises. Therefore, you will get your wholesale gifts within a short time.


Manufacturer of gift items produce goods for many companies. They might therefore produce for competitors in the same industry. However, they have a large production capacity than the original manufacturers. For that reason, they will respond to any increased production capacity quickly.

Availability of Materials

China has a wide range of raw materials and parts readily available. So, if you need custom gift wholesale products, they will make them according to your specifications.

How to Import Gifts from China

There are many factors to consider when importing gifts from China. While cost is a key issue, you will have to think about the customs, logistics, and people to help you move the goods from China to your country. Importing from China presents many fantastic opportunities for buyers and sellers.

Unfortunately, it is a hard task for beginners. The process can be confusing, complex, and expensive. Long transit times, regulatory fees, fluctuating delivery, and unexpected delays are known to erase expected gains. Here are the important things to keep in mind when choosing a promotional gifts China manufacturer.


After identifying several custom gift suppliers, you will have to discuss the design. You can communicate your ideas through reference photos, instructions, or sketches. If they do not have in-house designers, you can hire a freelancer for the designer work. You can also hire a local designer and work with them to come up with custom molds or prototypes. You save more than you would if you chose the handicrafts gifts manufacturer route.


Product samples are another important thing to consider when importing wholesale gifts from China. Obviously, you will have to see and feel a product before allowing the gifts manufacturer to start mass production. Moreover, product samples will also help you test the supplier’s reliability.

Samples also allow you to feel and test the design of your products. You have to be sure that the overall quality and functionality of the products are as expected. Further, the gifts for suppliers has to prove that they can deliver quality samples. Pay close attention to the function, feel, performance, and packaging of the gift. It is also important you have two or three people check the sample, just in case you missed any details. If the products require mail-order packaging, the samples should be in the mail-order packaging that the manufacturer would use on your orders.

Remember to perform drop tests on each product to ensure that the packaging is strong. Sturdy packaging will withstand any impacts associated with transportation. The drop test will also help you identify any potential problems. If the manufacturer cannot match your requirements, they are not a good choice.


The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is the lowest number of wholesale gifts you can order from a manufacturer. If you cannot reach the MOQ requirement, the manufacturer may not start production. Manufacturers can set an MOQ per order, per material, product, or color. A quick example, if your gifts manufacturer sets the MOQ as 500 pieces, then you will have to order over 500 pieces so that they can accept your order.

The gift suppliers mostly specifies the MOQ on the Alibaba page or their website. You can also contact them to know the MOQ requirements. Keep in mind that some factors can affect the MOQ.

Most China manufacturers operate on a razor-thin profit margin. The profit margin can be as low as 5 percent. For that reason, they have to produce in large quantities to break even. Further, they do not keep stock of material. They have to buy them after you place your order. So, a high MOQ allows them to satisfy the MOQ of their suppliers


You have to search for a wholesale gift suppliers that can offer high-quality products at a lower price. While China manufacturers have very thin profit margins, they will be willing to give you discounts if you are a good buyer. That means there will be no need to switch manufacturers. Manufacturers also want to keep you cooperative with for a long time.

Compare various gift suppliers based on their pricing, material, MOQs, lead times, packaging, and other important factors. Use the details when negotiating prices and tell every manufacturer what their competitors offer. If a gift manufacturer is offering high-quality products, better lead times, and lower prices, they might be a good choice.

Keep in mind that you will put yourself in a vulnerable position if you provide the price. Your key competitors may have negotiated for lower prices. So, ask the manufacturer to provide their lowest price for different quantities such as 1,000, 5,000, or 10,000 units. They might offer a lower price than what you expected.


A gifts manufacturer may not have considerable experience exporting products to Europe or the USA. However, they might understand all your requirements. They will know the type of wholesale gifts you need, and they may provide the best quality. Further, they will be willing to provide the documentation and information you need for verification.

Chinese manufacturers with many clients in the United States and European countries are more likely to fulfill your large orders. You are unlikely to encounter any challenges related to overall service and quality when ordering from them. After all, they want to maintain their reputation before global buyers.

When it comes to business credentials, you have to ask for specific documents from them. Some manufacturers may give you fake documents, so be ready to check for authenticity. Here are the main documents to ask for.

  • A copy of the Business License

This is the license containing an 18-digits license number. It confirms that the business is legally registered in China

  • A Copy of the Bank Account Certificate

This certificate ensures that the manufacturer has a business account. Avoid those with offshore or personal accounts.

  • ISO 9001 Certificate

This certificate ensures that the manufacturer has put the right management systems in place. It also shows that the systems meet the requirements of international standards.

  • Foreign Trade Registration Certificate

Every manufacturer engaging in import/export business should have a foreign trade registration certificate. The certificate ensures that the manufacturer will not rely on trading companies to fulfill your orders.

  • Custom Registration Certificate

China Customs issue the custom registration certificate to exporters and importers. It is important for manufacturers who have to make customs declarations.

  • Factory Test Certificate

Test reports prove that manufacturers can produce the products you need. Only 10 percent of manufacturers in China can provide test reports. The manufacturer should provide more than two documents from the above list. Each document should have the same name on the proforma invoices or email signatures. Remember to check the validity of every certificate.

Trade Terms

After finding the gift bag suppliers, you will have to account for the importation costs and the delivery time. Many people from Canada, the United States, Europe, and Australia imports from China. Here are the key trade terms you have to understand.

  • EXW

Ex Works or EXW refers to an international trade agreement. This type of agreement requires the supplier to have the goods ready for pickup at their business place. The buyer will be responsible for all liabilities and shipment costs after the goods leave the production place. So, Ex Works helps you know the type of shipping costs to expect. You will also be in control during the shipping period.

  • FOB

Free on Board (FOB) is another trade agreement. It demonstrates whether the seller or buyer has liability for the goods damaged during transit. FOB shipping point demonstrates that the buyer is responsible for any damages. On the other hand, FOB destination implies that the seller will be liable for losses arising before the buyer receives the goods. FOB is common with non-containerized sea freight.

  • CIF

Cost, Insurance, and Freight (CIF) is another important trade term that requires china gift items suppliers to ensure the safe shipment of goods by sea. It also requires them to provide the buyers with all relevant documents. EU countries rely on the CIF value to calculate the import duty.

Delivery time

The delivery time can range from a few days to several months. It highly depends on the amount of money you are willing to spend and the transportation method you select for your wholesale gifts. Sea shipping takes the longest time, but it is the most cost-effective. It will take you around over one to import goods from China to the USA and Western Europe.

Airfreight is the fastest method. It will take you a few days to receive your wholesale gifts from any part of China to the USA. However, the speed comes at a higher cost. Airfreight is around 5 times more expensive than sea freight. Express airfreight will take around 3-4 days, while economy airfreight will take between 7 and 12 days. Economy airfreight will cost you a lesser amount than express airfreight. It is, therefore, a good choice if you are willing to wait for more days.

How do you find a gift manufacturer from China?

Some years ago, importing from China was a big task. It required a huge investment in time, money, and effort. Today, the internet and eCommerce sites have made the process easy. You can import goods from China without leaving your country. Here are the platforms to try.

1. Alibaba.com

Alibaba is among the leading business-to-business and business-to-customer online marketplaces. Starting in the year 1999, the platform is available in many parts of the world. You can find manufacturers of any type of gifts you want. The platform has chocolate gift box manufacturers, Valentine gifts wholesale suppliers, wine gift wholesale suppliers, and even wooden gift box manufacturers.

2. Made-in-china.com

You can find customized gift manufacturers, souvenir manufacturers, custom snow globe manufacturers, and gift bag suppliers on this platform. Made-in-China was launched in 1998 to transform global trade. Everything sold on the platform is original and of great quality. It is available in 11 languages.

3. Dhgate.com

DHgate is among the best business-to-business online marketplaces. The website connects Chinese gift items manufacturers to buyers from all parts of the world. According to their site, they have over 30 million products from every category. Expect the wholesale gift prices to change according to the size of your order.

4. Globalsources.com

Global Sources is a popular business-to-business marketplace that allows you to get best wholesale gift companies easily. This company has existed for over 49 years. Today, it has over 1.5 million buyers. You can use it to find handicrafts, gift manufacturers, birthday gift manufacturers, or corporate gift suppliers.

5. Aliexpress.com

Owned by Alibaba Group, AliExpress is another reliable online shopping platform. It was launched in 2010 to help small business owners in China and other parts of the world. Actually, it is the most popular eCommerce site in Russia. Further, it supports all business models such as B2B, B2C, and C2C. It is also available in over 17 languages. You can search for wholesale gift suppliers on this platform.

6. Sourcing Agent

Visits to China markets can take a lot of time and cost you money. Still, some of the suppliers in the online stores may not be reliable. For that reason, you might need to hire a sourcing agent. Sourcing agents will eliminate your worries and anxieties. They will take care of every procedure that requires physical presence. They will also inspect, negotiate, audit, prepare, and ship your products.

Top 10 Gifts Manufacturers in China

Here are the leading China gift manufacturers. They will accept your orders and deliver high-quality products.

1. Gili


Shenzhen Gili Industrial Co. Ltd is one of the leading LED-related product manufacturers. It is situated in Wangheng Industrial Park, Fuguang Village, Xili Town, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. The company designs manufacture and exports LED Sensor Light, LED Night Light, and other LED-related gifts for their customers.

The company has over 10 years of experience in the electronics industry. That means they will provide you with high-quality LED light gifts for Christmas, advertising, and promotions at an affordable price. Their innovative research and development engineers create 20 new products each year. They rarely miss the lists of top Christmas gifts and wholesale suppliers.

2. Skycrane

Shenzhen Skycrane Industry Co., Ltd has six brands of branded gifts. The company has been producing wholesale gifts since in the year 1998. Its headquarters are in Shenzhen, but it has 10 sub-offices in other parts of China. Further, it has 400 retail shops in different parts of the world.

The company has warehouses in Shenzhen, and it is capable of offering any quantity of gifts. Moreover, they are known for fast delivery and the ability to produce quality items. Their Shanghai factory has many certificates such as ISO 9001, QB/T Industry Report, and SGS Test for Cadmium and Lead. Their prices are reasonable.

3. Bestarts

Shenzhen Beixing Industrial Co., Ltd (Bestarts) was launched in the year 1997. In the year 2002, it established the largest colored glaze production base in China. The company started using mold hot pressing, casting, and reform of mod technology in colored glaze crafts production. It has received many awards since the year 2008 due to the high quality of its products. Furthermore, it has many professors, painters, artisans, and pattern makers.

This handmade gifts wholesale suppliers is a leading supplier of shell-shaped boutique business gifts. Therefore, they will produce any type of gift. They have been specializing in religious, and cultural gifts.

4. Italina

Italina Group has existed for over 40 years, and it is among the leading unique gifts and wholesale suppliers. The founder of this group traveled to Italy in the 1960s to meet some of the leading contemporary Italian Jewelry designers. He traveled back to Hong Kong in the year 1969 to launch the Italian Jewelry Factory Co., Ltd and Yitai. Later Italina inherited the Italian Jewelry Factory Co., Ltd. The Italina Industrial Park was established in the year 1989, and it covers around 60,000 square meters. It has a gift box factory, an electroplating factory, and supporting facilities. Furthermore, it has 1,000 employees.

The factory is ISO 9001, TS1649, ISO14000, and OHSAS18004 certified. It offers 20 categories of products in 7 series. They include hair accessories, jewelry, watches, silver jewelry, accessories, home decorations, and ornaments. It is a good choice when sourcing wholesale gifts from China.

5. Jindeli

Launched in August 1992, Jindeli Group Co., Ltd is headquartered in Juyuanzhou, Jinshan Industrial Zone, Fuzhou City. Unlike many other Chinese companies, Jindeli Group was started as a family business. It later grew into a comprehensive group company. It mainly sells jewelry, craft gifts, and jewelry molds. Currently, it employs over 500 individuals, and it has 6 subsidiaries. It has branches in Hong and the United States.

Their craft gifts feature beautiful lines and vivid images. They are delicate in quality and novel in style. Still, their jewelry molds are easy to operate. The company is a good choice for those searching for the best unique gifts from wholesale suppliers. Some reviews call them the best luxury gift manufacturer.

6. Icestory

Shenzhen Bingyu Art Co., Ltd was started in 1994. The company specializes in the production of professional gifts, and it is the chairman unit of the Shenzhen Crafts and Gifts Industry Association. It is also the main supplier of China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The company started as the producer of a single-crystal product known as Yiya Crystal. Today, it is a producer of many crystal brand products such as China Gold State Silver, Yiya Crystal, ICESTORY, and Yi Lifang. It focuses on creative design. Actually, it has participated in the production of gifts for the Olympic Games, the Asia-Europe Summit, and the World Cup. That means you rely on them for the production of your wholesale luxury gifts.

7. Wangxingji

Hangzhou Wangxingji Fan Co., Ltd has a very long history. It was launched over 100 years ago as a fan-making enterprise in China. Today, the company produces over 15 series of products. Further, it has more than 400 types of elegant fans.

The company has accumulated craft secrets and cultural resources during the time it has been in business. It has a large number of skilled fan artisans who work hard to produce quality gift products. Most people see Hangzhou Wangxingji Fan Company as an art gifts manufacturer that focuses on elegance and quality.

You can rely on them for the production of your wholesale animation products, tourist souvenirs, international conference supplies, business gifts, city gifts, and folk collectibles.

8. Aurora

Hangzhou Aurora Industrial Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of Aurora International Group. It was launched in the year 2012, and it designs and develops high-end silk scarves. It has been producing brand scarves for international brands from France and Italy.

The company is widely known for its key brands, which include ITARORA silk scarves, Aurora silk, SOIZIC art umbrellas, SOIZIC Girly Silk Scarves, and Dahan art ceramics. It was listed in New York Times Square in 2018. That made it the first Chinese silk porcelain producer to appear on the screen. You can rely on them for the production of your wholesale gifts.

9. Boyue

Shenzhen Baiyue Digital Technology Co., Ltd has been in existence since 1996. It is widely known for producing high-quality consumer electronic goods such as digital cameras and digital video cameras. The company is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, but the factories are located in Nantong and Dongguan, Shenzhen. The production capacity of its factories increases by around 50 percent per year. Actually, its monthly production capacity is over 1000k.

You can order DVs, digital camcorders, notebook computers, high-definition players, and mobile phones from this company. The company has obtained ISO 9001 certification due to precise production planning. All their products also pass FCC, CE, and ROHS certifications. Its five production bases sit on 100,000 square meters. It has over 4,000 employees.

10. Jinhui

Zhuhai Jinhui Gifts and Souvenirs Co., Ltd opened the business in the year 1997. The company specializes in the production of signs, house numbers, badges, nameplates, merit medals, medals, trophies, and commemorative plates. It also produces office supplies, appointment letters, sports, and cultural goods. You can order woodcrafts, hotel suppliers, advertising materials, packing boxes, and Jewelry for your promotion campaigns.

Even more, the company received the ISO9001:2008 certification in 2015 for its quality management systems. It also received the ISO14001:2004 certification for its environmental management systems. It has more than 150 employees and 18,000 square meters of working area. They will accept any order of China souvenirs.

Why Choose Huntersourcing as Your China Gifts Sourcing Agent?

Here are the main reasons you should choose Huntersourcing when importing gifts from China.

  1. Huntersourcing has more than ten years of rich experience with china gifts experts, who can guarantee to understand every china gifts manufacturer you are looking for
  2. Huntersourcing is familiar with the origin of gift manufacturers in China and knows that different china gifts manufacturer are located in different production areas and cities
  3. Huntersourcing maintains a good cooperative relationship with a large number of domestic gift suppliers in China. We can quickly get gift samples at very competitive prices.
  4. Huntersourcing has a dedicated agent expert who will help customers from order to shipment, ensuring the safety, quality, and delivery time of the order throughout the process
  5. Huntersourcing can provide one-stop door-to-door transportation, and customs declaration, and solve all customer worries.
  6. Huntersourcing provides all free quotations and samples.

Contact Huntersouring agents today and tell them about your needs. They will search for the right manufacturer and negotiate for the best price. They also ensure that the products are of great quality. What’s more, you will receive the products within a few days.


Internet and eCommerce have allowed people to import and export goods to any part of the world. Today, you can import wholesale gifts from China at an affordable price and get the quality you need. The above importation guide and list of the top 10 gift manufacturers in China will help you do that. You can also rely on Huntersourcing for a better experience. We will find the best gift suppliers, vet them, and negotiate for the best price. We will also ensure that the products are of great quality.

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