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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Packaging Machine Manufacturers for Your Business

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Top 10 reliable packaging machine suppliers in China.

It is known that almost every kind of product one can export from China at a very low price. Hence, China is the number one exporter of thousands of products.

From here, you can buy everything from pins to extensive equipment. In the field of electronics and machinery, China is advanced too much, and hence all types of machines are available in China.

1. What is the industry’s application of the packaging machine?
2. What Types of Packaging machine Import from China
3. What factors need to be considered before buying packaging machines from China?
4. Where is China packing machine manufacturer bases?
5. Where to find a packing machine manufacturer from China?
6. How do choose the best packaging machine manufacturers from China?
7. Top 10 reliable packaging machine suppliers in China
7.1 Foshan Dession Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.
7.2 Aman Machinery Co., Ltd.
7.3 Guangzhou Rifu Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.
7.4 Zhongshan Combiweigh Automatic Machinery Co., Ltd.
7.5 Wenzhou Chunlai Packing Machinery Co., Ltd.
7.6 Hangzhou Zon Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.
7.7 Ruian Unionpack Automation Technology Co., Ltd.
7.8 Guangdong Mingke Packaging Machine Co., Ltd
7.9 Zhejiang Bespacker Machine Co., Ltd.
7.10 Shanghai Boevan Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.
8. Conclusion

So, if you are looking for packaging machine manufacturers in China, you landed on the right page. Here we provide everything related to packing machines and who are the top ten manufacturers of packing machines.

What is the industry’s application of the packaging machine?

Food (sweets, drinks, food)

The food industry is one of the top-gaining industries. In this digital era, people are looking to get everything to their doorstep. Hence, the demand for packed food has increased significantly.

Whether it is a sweet box, beverage, or any other food item, proper packing is necessary to protect the food intact. Hence, to get uniform packing and errorless packing, packing machines are used.


The cosmetics items should be kept in a protected environment to avoid unwanted chemical reactions.

Hence, the packaging of cosmetics is essential. There are numerous types of packing machines available in the market to achieve your goals.


Proper packing is more important in the chemicals. If the filling slightly goes wrong, it can create a disaster.

So, all the substances should be packed carefully, and this can be done only through a good packaging machine.

The packaging machines will ensure not allow nothing goes outside of the package.

Portion packages

This type of package is ideal for hot fillings, pasteurization & sterilization. The portion packages are smooth wall containers.

You can find all kinds of portion packages in the packaging machine manufacturer base in China.


Filtration is an essential process in many industries. In the filtration process also packaging machines are used, and in China, you can get these machines at lower prices than any other place in the world.

What Types of Packaging machine Import from China


Pouch packing machine – This packing machine is typically an automatic rotary machine; it fills the product inside the pouch and seals it.

Food packaging machine – Food packaging machines are used to pack different types of food. However, the same machine will not suit all kinds of food. Hence based on your food variety, you should choose your machine.

Cup seal machine – A cup seal machine is a semi-automatic machine. In this machine, you have to place the cup in the holder, and it will cut and seal the plastic.

Blister packing machine – This machine will seal the products in a cavity. These are suitable for many types of products and usually pharmaceuticals, food products, and consumer goods.

Powder filling machine – These are high-tech and versatile machines used to fill the powders inside the bottles. They can handle different-sized bottles of various shapes.

Vacuum packaging machine – These types of machines helps to keep the product safe for more period. They reduce the oxygen inside the package and minimize the aerobic fungi and bacteria.

Tea packing machine – Tea powder packaging machines will help fill the powder inside the sachet and seal it properly.

Milk packing machine – Milk packing machines are available in China from various suppliers. These machines fill the milk inside the packets and seal them properly to avoid leakage.

Oil filling machine – You can also find oil filling machines in China at very competitive prices. These machines ensure to avoid the leakage of oil from the packets.

Chips packing machine – This is a food packing machine, where the machine automatically fills the predefined amount of chips inside the packet and seals it properly.

Juice filling machine – The juice filling machines are highly efficient, and they fill the liquid inside the packet and block it properly.

Rice packing machine – The rice parking machines are versatile and capable of packing different sizes of packages automatically.

Coffee packaging machine – Coffee packing machines will stuff the packets with coffee powder and seal them properly to keep the flavor intact.

Cup filling machine – These machines are used to fill granular and powder items with high volumes. You can find varieties of cup-filling machines in China.

Water packing machine – Mineral water manufacturers use these machines, to fill and close the bottles with water.

Juice pouch packing machine – You can find varieties of designs and price-range juice pouch packing machines in China.

What factors need to be considered before buying packaging machines from China?


The efficiency of the packaging machines is the critical thing that should be considered before being the machine.

The rate of completion of packages varies from machine to machine, and hence you should buy the one that produces more packages in less time.

Depending on the efficiency, the rate will also vary.


You can get a few machines at lower prices, but you must ensure whether it lacks safety measures or not.

If safety is compromised, it is a brainer to reject those types of machines. The safety of the workers is more important than the cost of the machine.

Hence, look for a machine that offers a tremendous amount of security and safety.

Raises productivity

Productivity is the key thing that makes a business profitable. If you opt for a more efficient machine, it naturally increases productivity.

However, to get more productivity and efficiency, one has to pay more price. Even though the initial investment looks high, it saves more in the long run.

Reduces costs

Sometimes the efficiency will impact the overall cost. Packaging machines sometimes use more resources and power to produce more packages. It leads to additional overhead costs.

Hence, the balance between efficiency and cost should be established before purchasing the packaging machine.

Training Services

There are multiple models of packaging machines in the world. And the machines keep on updating every day.

Hence your supplier should be able to provide the required technical services and training to run the business.

The training will be needed if the machine uses an entirely new method.

Once the workers are trained to use the new machines, your production work will become easy.

Technical Support

The machines are typically used daily in the factories, and hence needs regular maintenance.

Also, it is expected that it will require repairs and technical upgrades frequently.

So, it would help if you bought the packaging machine from those suppliers, who provide technical support whenever you need it.

Maintenance Services

The maintenance of the machines is not always possible to do by yourself. It requires the technicians’ support to perform some maintenance.

In such cases, the packaging machinery provider should be ready to send their representatives to maintain the packaging machines properly.

Hence the after-sales services should be a significant consideration while purchasing these machines.

Where are China packing machine manufacturer bases?

Guangzhou, Guangdong

It is one of the largest packaging machine manufacturing bases. Guangzhou is located on the banks of the Pearl River and hence this port city. This natural advantage makes it easy to ship the products through water transport.

Here, you can find many industries, including packing machines. You can find all designs of machines made with different technology at low prices.

Many traders around the globe prefer this manufacturing base to cater to the needs of their customers.

Foshan, Guangdong

Foshan is known for pottery and ceramics materials. However, in this industrial area, you can even find machine manufacturers. Here many factories are producing different types of machines, including packing machines.

Wenzhou, Zhejiang

Wenzhou is the port city and industrial area located in Zhejiang province. This city is famous for business, and the Wenzhou business model is the role model for many companies.

Shanghai, china

Shanghai is the global financial hub and the largest city in China. Here you can find all types of industries and businesses. Hence finding the parking machine manufacturers is not a big deal.

Zhengzhou, Henan

It is located on the banks of the Yellow River. Hence many industries are working in this manufacturing base, and several machine manufacturing companies exist.

Where to find a packing machine manufacturer from China?


Finding a packing machine manufacturer in China will not be a big problem since if you visit any of the above-provided manufacturing bases, you can find them.

However, finding suitable packaging machine suppliers will become tricky since many people provide below-par machines and services.

So, one must look for conventional and proven methods to find the right packaging machine manufacturers in China. The below-provided techniques will help you in getting in touch with the reputed and reliable package machine manufacturers.

B2B web

The B2B websites are the best ways to find manufacturers of all types of products. This will apply to the packaging machines.

Popular B2B web platforms such as Alibaba, made in china, and other sites provide a list of reliable and top packaging machine suppliers’ details on their websites.

Using the details and their short company profiles, you can contact the manufacturers and proceed further. Here is the list of the top six B2B websites to find the suppliers of packaging machines in China.

1 alibaba.com

2 made-in-china.com

3 dhgate.com

4 globalsources.com

5 aliexpress.com

6 chinabrands.com

Google search

In this era, the most convenient and helpful way to find anything is Google search. This will help in finding the packaging machine manufacturers also.

If you type the right keywords, such as packaging machine manufacturers or packaging machine manufacturers in China, you can get a list of many top websites. If you spend some time researching the company and customer rating, you can easily shortlist and select the best packing machine suppliers.

Trade Shows

In China, there will be many tradeshows happening throughout the year. Many manufacturers, agents, suppliers, and other people associated with this business will participate in these tradeshows.

Participating in such an event lets you see the different and updated versions of packing machines available in the market and their manufacturers. If you want to find packing machine suppliers in China, you should visit the below-provided trade shows.

  1. Shenzhen Gift Packaging Exhibition
  2. China International Packaging Industry Exhibition
  3. Intpak-Shanghai International Intelligent Packaging Industry Exhibition
  4. SITPE -Shanghai International Transport Packaging Exhibition
  5. Canton Fair Phase I

Yellow Pages

Finding the packaging machine manufacturers in the yellow pages is one of the traditional approaches. However, it is still effective and helps you in finalizing the right supplier.

The yellow pages contain the name and addresses of the top packing machine manufacturers in China. Using those details, you can contact the manufacturers and select the best among them.

Sourcing agent

Sourcing agents are the best method if you are looking to conduct the packaging machine buying process smoothly without worrying about anything.

The sourcing agents help in every step in finding the right supplier as per your need to deliver the products to your doorstep.

If you are looking for a reliable sourcing agent, huntersourcing is the best option.

From the point of selecting the manufacturer of the machine to start using the machine, huntersourcing will assist in all activities. Including finding the supplier, negotiating, submitting the order, quality inspection, following up on the order, consolidating the goods, warehousing, freight forwarding, door-to-door delivery, customer support, after-sales services, etc.

How do choose the best packaging machine manufacturers from China?


Before purchasing the packaging machine from any manufacturer, you must know key things about its customers’ feedback.

Getting the quotation, inspecting the factory, and other such activities can be done with the company’s consultation. Or else, you can consult third-party service providers such as agents, freight forwarders, brokers, and sourcing agents and get an expert opinion before finalizing the machine manufacturer.


The design of packaging machines should be convenient to operate and easy to transport. This will help you in moving the machine from one place to another inside the factory.

The design should also be compact; it will help you in saving space on your premises. The design also determines the overall weight, capacity, efficiency, etc. Hence look for the latest design to get the most out of it.


Training is one of the necessities when you buy new machinery. The packaging machine manufacturers should provide the necessary training on operating the machine and the safety measures, maintenance, etc.

Your supplier/manufacturer should arrange the training and make sure the user knows all the basic things.

Technical support

The machines are designed to work for continuous hours without long breaks. However, they also tend to break down and experience technical glitches.

In this scenario, the manufacturing company should offer technical support to ensure the machine is running efficiently.

Continuous Improvement

The major problem if you purchase from an unknown manufacturer is that you cannot get the option to upgrade your machine after a decade or so.

On the other hand, if you purchase from a reliable manufacturer, they will offer the upgrade option, and also, they can take the old machines and provide the updated machines.

One-stop Solution

The best packaging machine manufacturer should offer all the services related to the machine by themselves. If any manufacturer provides a machine and asks you to take assistance from a third party, it is good to avoid such manufacturers.

The manufacturer should give machine, installation support, shipping, training, technical support, repairs, upgrades, customer support, and all such activities.


Usually, the packing machines will be purchased in small quantities. Hence, it is not viable to visit the manufacturer in person and carry out all the procedures, including the shipping.

Many manufacturers in China provide the shipping facility to the buyer irrespective of the number of pieces ordered.

Hence, it would help if you chose only those manufacturers who offer shipping services.


For any product, a warranty is a crucial thing to consider. This applies even more if it is machinery, and hence you should look for the warranty period provided by the manufacturer.

The more the warranty period the manufacturer offers, the more peaceful you can become. Therefore, give more importance to the warranty period.


The company which manufactures the packing machine should have all the necessary certificates. These certificates ensure that the company complies with all the standards of the country and world.

The machines purchased from the supplier who complies with the necessary certificates will help conduct your business quickly.

Top 10 reliable packaging machine suppliers in China

1. Foshan Dession Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.

If you are looking to find the best packing machine manufacturer, probably your search end here.

This manufacturing facility is located just 30 minutes drive away from Guangzhou and two hours from Shenzhen.

The primary products of this company are Rotary packing machines, liquid packing machines, automatic feeding lines, etc. It has produced over 80 packing machines, and most of them are certified with CE certification with European Standards.

Hence, it is also popular among the top packaging equipment manufacturers in China.

2. Aman Machinery Co., Ltd.

Aman Machinery Co, Ltd is the best pouch-packing machine manufacturer among many competitors.

This company was established in 2007, and since then, it is made a big name in the plastic packaging industry.

It sells packing machines to over 10o countries worldwide. The most significant advantage is they offer technical services and consultation in the majority of the countries.

Aman machinery produces filling machines, labeling machines, assembly machines, plastic molds, and packing machines. You can contact them by visiting their website.

3. Guangzhou Rifu Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.

Rifu packaging company will find its place in every list of the top ten packaging machine suppliers list.

They produce all types of packaging machines, specializing in pharmaceutical, chemical, and pesticide packaging machinery production and development.

The key product types are filling machines, capping machines, plastic cup sealing machines, labeling machines, sealing machines, vacuum packaging machines, heat shrink packaging machines, etc.

The machines of this company are exported to many countries, including Europe, America, and Asian countries.

4. Zhongshan Combiweigh Automatic Machinery Co., Ltd.

This company is one of the best food packaging machine manufacturers in the world.

This company was established in 2015, and it is a relatively new company that uses advanced machinery and technology to produce the best quality filling machine in china.

The company primarily specialized in designing, researching, manufacturing, marketing multi-head weighers, and offering customized solutions to customers.

The machines produced by this company are exported to many countries in Europe, America, and Asia.

5. Wenzhou Chunlai Packing Machinery Co., Ltd.

It is the best packing machine supplier you can find in Wenzhou city. This company has been in this business for more than 15 years.

You can find all packaging machines from this manufacturer, from small manually operated machines to big and fully automated packing machines. Hence they are also known as one of the best automatic bagging machine manufacturers in China.

The location of this company makes it convenient for air, water, and land transportation. You can contact this manufacturer to get packaging machines of all types at competitive prices.

6. Hangzhou Zon Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.

This is the professional multi-head weighing and packing machine provider in China. Hangzhou Zon Packaging Machinery company is also the best blister-packing machine manufacturer.

From this manufacturer, you can find manual, semi-automated, and fully automated packaging machines. They are also the leading automatic bag-filling machine manufacturers in China.

The company was established in 2010 and had the experience of over a decade in packaging machine manufacturing. It also has CE certification, and hence you need not worry about the quality of the products.

7. Ruian Unionpack Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

This company is known as the best blister machine manufacturer and one of China’s high-quality pouch machine manufacturers.

The company has vast experience of over two decades in developing and exporting packaging machinery to over 30 countries. To date, they have delivered the packing machines to more than 3,000 companies.

The company is certified with CE Standards, and ISO9001 standards and is the owner of over 200 patents.

The company is a reputed packaging machines manufacturer, and hence you can get good after-sales services.

8. Guangdong Mingke Packaging Machine Co., Ltd

This company is one of the best-quality liquid packaging machine manufacturers in the world. This company has experience of over 17 years in developing and producing packaging machines of different varieties.

The primary products of this company are small vertical packaging machines, large vertical packaging machines, ultrasonic non-woven packaging machines, screw counting packaging machines, tea bag packaging machines, etc.

The packing machine factory is located in the beautiful city of Guangzhou.

9. Zhejiang Bespacker Machine Co., Ltd.

This manufacturer is one of the best powder packing machine manufacturers and food packaging equipment manufacturers in China.

Popular food packaging machines such as hand & foot impulse sealing machines, liquid filling machines, continuous bag sealing machines, vacuum packaging machines, labeling machines, etc., are produced and exported to many countries.

It is certified with ISO9001 and has skilled employees of about 100. The company has 15 years of experience in this field, and hence they are experts in designing and producing high-quality packing machines.

10. Shanghai Boevan Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.

Boevan is one of the best automatic packing machine manufacturers, and vertical form fill seal machine manufacturers in Shanghai, China.

The company was established in 2012 and had a professional and knowledgeable technical team.

Here you can find powder, viscous liquid, granule, liquid, stick, block, and all other types of packaging machines.

The technology and concept used by the company are from Europe, and the product line covers numerous sectors, including daily chemicals, agriculture chemicals, food items, medicines, petrochemicals, etc.


Finding packaging machine manufacturers is accessible in China; however, choosing the best one is always challenging. If you go through this guide, it will make your job of finding packaging machine suppliers more effortless than ever.

We now understood the ten top packaging machine manufacturers, how to find them, the key considerations before buying a packing machine, key things to note before selecting the packing machine suppliers, etc.

And most importantly, we know the best way to buy a packaging machine in China and get it at your doorstep without worrying about anything. Yes, that is purchasing through a reliable sourcing agent such as huntersourcing.

The best way to find and get the product at your premises is by contacting huntersourcing. They will take care of all the activities and tasks involved in delivering the product to your address. It will save you a lot of time, effort, and money. Hence, you can enjoy the hassle-free process of buying the packaging machine from China.

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