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14 Ways To Find perfume manufacturers From China – Buying Guide

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Finding perfume manufacturers from China is relatively easy. You can find them on the Internet and in the local market.

Finding perfume manufacturers from China has always been challenging. You can search the Internet for perfumes suppliers, but you need to know where to look and what questions to ask of them. The most important thing is first to define your needs and requirements. After that, you can search for the best perfumery company from China. This article will help you find the best perfume manufacturer in China and make the right choice.

Finding a good perfume supplier in China is easier than it sounds, especially when you know what to look for in a manufacturer.

1. Where to spray perfume?
2. What are the classifications of perfume?
3. What’s perfume made out of?
4. How perfume is made?
5. What are the most popular brands of perfume?
6. Which perfume is best for men?
7. Which perfume is best for women?
8. Where is perfume made in China?
9. Where to buy perfume in China?
10. How to find out reliable perfume manufacturers in China?
11. How do perfume companies check the quality of their products?
12. Top 10 list of perfume manufacturers in China
13. Perfume FAQ
13.1 What is the difference between fragrance and scent?
13.2 What perfume should I wear?
13.3 Why perfume so expensive?
13.4 Which perfume last the longest
13.5 When perfume expires
13.6 Are imitation perfumes as good as real brands?
13.7 Why are perfumes so cheap online?
14. Why Choose Huntersourcing As Your Perfume Sourcing Agent?

1. Where to spray perfume?

Spraying perfume on clothes will have a different effect than applying it directly to your skin. The chemicals in the perfume evaporate more quickly when spraying on fabric, so they do not last as long. If you want to use perfume to freshen up an outfit, spray it on the clothes after you finish wearing them.

Spray perfume in the air and not on your skin. The best place to spray perfume is in a good location, near a window or dresser. Spritz the scent at an angle, so it gets dispersed more evenly throughout the room.

2. What are the classifications of perfume?

Perfume is a complex blend of various ingredients, such as aromas, essences, oils, resins, and natural gums. Perfume manufacturers extract them from plants or animals. They are often blended with other ingredients to create the scent that gives the perfume its unique character.
A perfume can contain up to 5% alcohol which acts as a solvent for the fragrant oils. For example, rose oil contains dimethylaniline and linalyl acetate, which evaporate in alcohol at room temperature. This process creates what is known as the “rose note” in perfumes.
Professionals classify perfumes according to their type, fragrance, and use. Perfume can be classified into the following categories:

• Secret perfume

Secret perfume is not mass-produced; instead of being produced on a small scale, it is made in a minimal quantity. The main difference between secret perfume and other perfumes is that it has more natural ingredients and fewer chemicals.

• Hair perfume

Hair perfume is a kind of perfume that is used to make the hair smell good. It is a widespread perfume used in many other types of perfumes.
Hair perfume can be made from natural ingredients or synthetic ones. The most common ingredients for hair perfume are oil, rose water, and sugar. These substances are mixed and then applied to the hair as a solution or sprayed in liquid form.
Hair perfumes are popular with professional hair stylists because they use them to add a subtle scent to their work environment.

• Vanilla perfume

Vanilla perfume is a rich, warm aroma that conveys the message of love and romance. It is easily detectable to anyone who comes in contact with it. The scent of vanilla is not only romantic, but it also gives off an aura of refinement and gentility. Vanilla perfume is a light, fresh and delicate scent. It combines vanilla, amber, musk, sandalwood, and other spices. Vanilla fragrances are trendy in the perfume industry because they are easy to make and have a lot of variations. They can be used as a base for other perfumes. The main ingredients that go into making vanilla perfumes are:
 Vanilla beans
 Ambergris or Ambergris tincture (ambergris)
 Musks (sometimes known as moss)
 Sandalwood oil

• Musk perfume
Musk perfume is made with musk oil, an essential oil extracted from the root of the Asian musk deer. The term “musk” refers to a scent similar to the smell of a cat’s fur. Musk was first used in ancient Egypt as incense and then as perfume.
The musk perfume comes from several sources:
 Perfume oil or essential oil derived from the secretions of trees and flowers such as juniper, oakmoss, myrrh, cinnamon, galbanum, ambergris, and castoreum (beaver scent).
 Perfumes contain essential oils or synthetic substances produced through chemical synthesis.
 Perfumes contain synthetic substances or extracts derived from plants or animals.

• Ladies perfume

Perfumes for ladies are generally divided into two categories: natural and synthetic. They are also further classified according to their base notes, which are the most vital fragrance parts. The most common animalic scents are musk, ambergris, and civet.

• Male perfume

Perfumes for men are different from perfumes for women. Most men’s perfume has a strong scent that lasts in the air for a few hours or even more. So, choose your favorite perfume carefully, as it will make you smell good all day.
If you want to buy a new perfume, you can go to a shop and ask them to give you their recommendation based on your skin type and body odor. They will help you find the right perfume according to your preferences and needs.

• Molecule perfume

A molecule perfume is a fragrance composed of one or more individual molecules in which the scent molecules are selected for their affinity for the skin and ability to evoke an emotional response. The composition of a molecule perfume can be adjusted by altering the percentage of scent molecules present and the type of base note. Most molecule perfumes are based on natural extracts, although some are artificially created by mixing chemicals. Some molecular perfumes are highly concentrated, while others are more dilute. Some molecules have been used to create scents with no natural counterpart, such as rose absolute and iris root absolute.

• Solid perfume

Solid perfume is a product that is solid and not liquid. The main difference between the two is that solid perfumes are usually more concentrated, which means you need to use less of them to get the same effect as liquid perfumes.

Solid perfumes can be used for many different purposes, such as adding scent to your care products or simply as a base note for other scents. You can also use it to make your home smell amazing.

• Flower perfume

Flower perfume is a set of fragrances used to evoke the feeling of spring and summer. The perfume is created using flowers, fruits, spices, and leaves grown in tropical regions. These perfumes are usually made from natural ingredients and have a fresh and fruity smell.
The main ingredients in flower perfumes are rose water, jasmine oil, orange blossom oil, lemon grass oil, bergamot oil, violet leaf oil, and others.

• Natural perfume

Natural Perfumes are made from plants and flowers that have been distilled or extracted to create their fragrance. These perfumes are usually much more expensive than artificial ones because they are not mass-produced. They are also more natural and contain fewer chemicals, so they last longer on your skin.

• Shoe perfume

Shoe perfumes are placed on a person’s feet and stay on until they are removed. It is a widespread way of wearing perfume, and it is done in all cultures around the world. In many countries, there are special shoes with holes so that perfumes can be put inside them and then worn like regular shoes.

• Skin perfume

Skin perfume is made for the skin. It is a mixture of ingredients tested to be safe for people with sensitive skin and those with allergies. The main ingredients in skin perfumes are water, alcohol, essential oils, and natural fragrances. They are generally made from plants or flowers that are good for the skin. These ingredients help to keep the skin moisturized, soft, and healthy.

• Juice perfume

Juice perfumes are liquid perfumes. Their composition includes various ingredients such as water, alcohol, fragrance, etc. They are readily available in the market and have lower prices than their concrete or solid-form counterpart. These perfumes can be used by people with sensitive skin or allergies that may lead to rashes or redness.

• Ocean perfume

Ocean perfume is a type of perfume that contains freshness, watery and marine smells. The ocean is the source of life and can also be used as a base note to create this perfume. Ocean perfumes have a robust presence in the market, as they are known for being long-lasting and having high-quality scents.

• Summer perfume

Summer perfume is a very spicy and warm fragrance. It evokes the feeling of summer, sun, and water. It is generally considered a summery scent but can also be used for other seasons.
A mixture of sweet, salty, and sour notes usually characterizes it. The dominant scents are citrus fruits, green leaves, and spices like ginger or peppermint.

• Wedding perfume

Wedding perfume is a type of perfume usually made for brides to wear on their wedding day. It is usually a lovely-smelling perfume that smells like a bouquet. Usually, it comes in small bottles with a spray top, which makes spraying the fragrance easier on the bride’s skin.
The most common wedding perfumes are roses, Jasmine, and Lily of the Valley. Brides mainly use these perfumes because they want something that will remind them of their special day throughout their lives.

• Car perfume

Car perfume is a product you can use in the car to give a pleasant smell. It is one of the most popular types of perfumes. The perfume is mixed with chemicals and natural oils to get the desired scent. The perfume is mainly used by people who want to make their cars more attractive and convenient.

3. What’s perfume made out of?

A perfume is a mixture of fragrance chemicals, with each component having a different scent. Some types of perfume use natural materials to create their scents. Others are made using synthetic ingredients.
The most common types of perfumes are:
• Eau de parfum (a natural fragrance)
• Eau de cologne (a synthetic fragrance)
• Perfume oils (made from natural materials).

4. How perfume is made?


The perfume industry is a very complex one. It involves the production of raw materials, extraction, blending, and packaging. The process starts with the raw material extracted from various plants and flowers.
This is mixed with different other ingredients to make a unique blend. The fragrance is then bottled and sealed before being distributed to retailers or directly to customers.
The product is ready, and a perfume supplier can start distributing it to buyers.

5. What are the most popular brands of perfume?

The perfume industry is expanding, and different brands dominate this market. Many factors contribute to the growth of the perfume industry, and one such factor is the popularity of perfumes. Perfume companies come up with unique perfumes to attract customers to their products.

The most famous perfume brands are Coty, Chanel, Dior, Elizabeth Arden, Lancome, and L’oreal. These brands have gained wide popularity by offering quality products at reasonable prices, which makes them stand out from other brands in the market.

6. Which perfume is best for men?


Men have a unique sense of smell, so they will be able to tell if it is working. If you are looking for a signature scent, look for something with citrus and spice notes. The most common scents in men’s perfumes are leather, amber, musk, and tobacco.

When it comes to choosing a fragrance, you want to make sure that it is going to suit your lifestyle and personality. If you are trying out a new perfume, you should go for one with notes in common with the smells you already like.

7. Which perfume is best for women?

The best perfume for women also depends on their individual needs and preferences. For example, some women like to wear light perfume, while others prefer a strong scent.
Many types of perfumes are available in the market today, but the most popular ones include:
• Eau de toilette
• Eau de parfum (EDP)
• Eau de cologne (EDC)
• Perfume oil

8. Where is perfume made in China?

China is the largest producer of perfumes in the world. Most of these perfume manufacturers sell their products to businesses and consumers in other countries. While you can find perfume factories in various towns and cities, some areas host the most wholesale perfume suppliers. These areas are:

• Guangzhou, Guangdong Province
• Shenzhen, Guangdong Province
• Dongguan, Guangdong Province
• Yiwu, Zhejiang Province
• Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province

9. Where to buy perfume in China?

Buying perfume in China means choosing from a wide range of different brands and fragrances. It also means choosing from the best custom perfume manufacturers.
There are so many options that it can take time to choose which one is right for you. We have compiled a list of the best websites to buy fragrances. Here are the platforms with the most reliable perfume manufacturers:

• alibaba.com
• made-in-china.com
• dhgate.com
• globalsources.com
• aliexpress.com
• chinabrands.com
huntersourcing.com -China sourcing agent.

10. How to find out reliable perfume manufacturers in China?


You can go to the Internet to find reliable perfume manufacturers in China. The first step is to use the search engine to search for “perfume manufacturer.” You will see the results of the search for “perfume manufacturer.”

After this, you need to compare and contrast them. To do so, you can look at some of their websites and evaluate their products. You can report back if there are any problems with their products.

Then, you can choose a few manufacturers with good products and services. After this, you need to contact them directly and discuss your requirements and how they can help you with your business

11. How do perfume companies check the quality of their products??

The quality of a perfume is tested in several ways. First, the scent of the raw material may be tested using a sniffer machine. This device can detect the scent of different ingredients in the raw material and give them a rank order.

When testing perfumes, some methods, such as chemical and physical analysis, are used to test their quality. Physical analysis tests include smell, color, and acidity tests. Chemical analysis tests include pH level measurement and molecular weight measurement. In addition, there are also gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) and high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) methods for measuring perfume composition compounds and their concentrations in the final product, respectively.

12. Top 10 list of perfume manufacturers in China

China is one of the world’s largest and best perfume manufacturers. It is also known as “the factory” because it hosts some of the biggest perfume manufacturers. The Chinese government has been making perfume for centuries. It has since become a key industry for the country, making it the place to find the most reliable perfume manufacturing companies.
Finding the best scent supplier in China can be challenging because there are nearly 100 perfume brands, each with its unique style and taste. To help make your work easier, we have compiled a list of perfume manufacturers you can always go right with.


Jinghui is a cosmetics manufacturer in China. It has been focusing on developing and manufacturing beauty products for more than seven decades.
In 2009, Jinghui established its research institute to develop new brands and expand its market share.
Jinghui’s flagship brand, “Meisho,” is a leading brand in skin care products in China. It has been sold worldwide since 2005. The original perfume supplier has developed several new brands, such as the “Meisho” series, “Meisho Medi” series, and “Meisho Beauty” series.
You can engage the company and negotiate on importing perfumes through its contact information at https://www.jinghui.cc/.

12.2 Guangzhou Xuelei Cosmetics Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Xuelei Cosmetics Co., Ltd is a leading Fogg perfume manufacturer in China, specializing in producing perfumes, colognes, and toilet waters.
Since its inception, it has been committed to developing high-quality perfume products with superior standards and services. Jinghui offers both OEM and ODM services for customers worldwide.
Going by what is on its official website, https://www.xuelei.com.cn/en/, the main products of this company include perfume, toilet water, cologne spray, aftershave lotion, shower gel, and other personal care products.

12.3 Linyi Weiyesi Daily Chemical Co., Ltd.

Linyi Weiyesi Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. owns many advanced production lines, including biotechnology, chemical, cosmetics, and so on. It has over 1 million square meters of production facilities and over a hundred thousand employees.

Linyi Weiyesi Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. exports its products to Europe, America, and Southeast Asia. The company has also won many awards in various competitions for its high-quality products. Visit http://en.perfumeworld.cc/ for more information about this scent supplier.

12.4 Bath Concept Cosmetics (Dong Guan) Co., Ltd

Bath Concept Cosmetics (Dong Guan) Co., Ltd is one of China’s leading custom perfume manufacturers.

The company has been committed to producing perfumes and cosmetics for more than 15 years. Its products include men’s cologne, women’s, body lotion, shampoo, shower gel bottle caps, and other products.
The company can produce these products according to customers’ requirements and standard specifications. Visit http://www.bathconceptc.com/ to place your order today.

12.5 Yiwu Excellence Cosmetics Co., Ltd

Yiwu Excellence Cosmetics Co., Ltd is another leading perfume manufacturer in China.
The professional company has been producing perfumes for many years. Their products are exported worldwide, especially in Asia and Europe. It has a factory that makes all of its perfumes with high-quality ingredients.
It is among the most reliable custom perfume manufacturers in China. The primary production process is based on the raw material’s high-quality raw materials imported from overseas suppliers. After processing by advanced equipment such as extraction machines and cologne sprayers, it will be put into bottles by our bottling machines or spray bottles and then sent out for sale at customers’ places directly or through distributors all over the country.
The company invites you to view its products at http://www.sourceofbeauty.com.cn/.

12.6 Wilson Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

Wilson Cosmetics Co., Ltd. was founded in the 1980s and is a leading manufacturer of cosmetic ingredients with many years of experience in the industry. The company has developed its technology and produces high-quality products that meet international standards. It offers raw materials, technical services, packaging, and other related services to customers worldwide.

Its main products include encapsulated powders, emulsions, and perfumes used in cosmetics applications. Visit https://www.wilsoncosmetics.com.cn/ for more details if you are searching for wholesale perfume manufacturers.

12.7 Zhejiang Qianfei Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Qianfei Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of fragrances and cosmetics in China. The company produces a wide range of products, including perfumes and colognes, bath and beauty products, hair color, hair care products, sunscreens, and skin care products.
Its main business is producing perfume-based materials such as oils and essences. At the same time, they also offer various types of perfume packaging solutions with high-quality packaging materials such as aluminum cans, glass bottles, and plastic bottles.
The scent manufacturer updates its new products and discounts at http://www.coloyo.com/.

12.8 Guangdong Jiarou Refinded Deci Co., Ltd.

Located in Guangzhou, China, Guangdong Jiarou Refinded Deci Co., Ltd. has been a manufacturer providing customers with quality products for many years.

The company has a staff of over 1,200 employees who work to produce the highest quality perfumes and colognes on the market today. Its primary focus is to provide customers with products they can trust and rely upon regarding their care needs.
Its products include cologne, deodorant spray, body lotion, shampoo, bath gel, and shower gel. They also offer gift sets perfect for special occasions like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day gifts.
At Guangdong Jiarou Refinded Deci Co., Ltd., you will find everything you need for your care needs at an affordable price. Visit http://www.sellion.cn/ for more details.

12.9 Zhejiang Yantao Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Yantao Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is a leading cosmetics manufacturer in China. It researches, develops, and produces premium skin care products and fragrances. It has received many prestigious international awards for its high-quality standards and excellent results.
Its core business is to provide customers with high-quality advanced cosmetic products at competitive prices. The OEM perfume manufacturer also offers consulting services for customers interested in establishing new companies based on its products or other related industries.
Visit http://www.zjyantao.com/ to partner with this reliable company.

12.10 Zhejiang Meimi Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Meimi Technology Co., Ltd. is a large-scale manufacturer of cosmetic products, including perfumes and cosmetics.
With the development of business, the company has gradually become one of the best private label perfume manufacturers and the most important enterprises in China’s cosmetics production field.
Its official website, http://www.dearbody.com/, contains every information you might need.

13. Perfume FAQ

13.1 What is the difference between fragrance and scent?

A fragrance is a combination of essential oils or fragrant chemicals, whereas scent is the odor of a substance. The fragrance must be blended with essential oils or fragrant chemicals to create a scent.
The fragrance is used to add a specific smell to something. For example, the scent of your favorite perfume or cologne will help make you feel happier when you wear it. On the other hand, the scent usually describes how something smells to humans (and maybe animals).

13.2 What perfume should I wear?

Perfume is a personal choice, and it is entirely up to you to decide which scent will suit you best. Some people love the smell of flowers, and some prefer more complex fragrances, while others are drawn to leathery scents or aromatic notes. Plenty of perfumes are available for your preference to satisfy any mood or occasion.

13.3 Why perfume so expensive?

Perfume is expensive because it is a luxury product, and you must pay a lot to get the best quality. For example, Chanel No 5 is one of the most expensive perfumes on the market. It costs $750 per bottle.

13.4 Which perfume last the longest?

If you are looking for a perfume to last the longest, then look for a fragrance that contains natural ingredients such as ambergris, musk, vanilla, and sandalwood. These ingredients help to keep your perfume fresh for longer by locking in moisture and keeping it from evaporating too quickly.

One of the best perfumes for longevity is Diorissimo, a classic scent designed by Jacques Guerlain. It also comes in an eau de toilette version that lasts longer than the original. Another popular choice is Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male, which was created to complement his fragrance Le Male.

13.5 When perfume expires?

Perfume is a product that lasts long. The best way to know how long a perfume will last is by observing its expiration date. Perfume has an expiration date, which tells you when it would have lost its original fragrance. Perfumes have different shelf life depending on the type of perfume and its packaging.

13.6 Are imitation perfumes as good as real brands?

If a perfumer has spent years perfecting the scent of their line, and it is a new fragrance for them, then yes, it will be as good as the authentic brand. But many of the best-selling brands on the market today are, in fact, imitations of other high-end brands.

13.7 Why are perfumes so cheap online?

Perfumes are cheap online for a reason. You must pay the markup before you even get to the counter when you buy them in a store. You also have to pay taxes, which can be 30% or more in some states.
When you order online, everything is much cheaper because there is no markup. And if you are ordering something from an independent seller rather than a company like Sephora or Bath & Body Works, there is no tax either.

14. Why Choose Huntersourcing As Your Perfume Sourcing Agent?


Huntersourcing is your best choice for sourcing perfume from China in bulk. By choosing us as your perfume sourcing agent, you can quickly get the best quality and competitive price from its long-term relationship with our suppliers.

We have established a strong relationship with perfume manufacturers in China, who can provide us with all the latest trends in perfumery based on the latest market research. we have access to perfume factories and workshops, where our efficient team of experts can inspect each product’s development and production processes, quality control procedures, and packaging methods.

Huntersourcing offers our customers the ability to order customized products on short notice. our team of experts can help you source quality products from the best perfumes supplier at low prices. we have rich experience in price negotiation, a skill that can help you get even better prices.

Our team is made up of experienced professionals with decades of experience working with suppliers and manufacturers. The team understands everything about supply chain management, including customs clearance, shipping & logistics, and warehousing. So, with Huntersourcing offers, you can get professional consulting services to help you choose a suitable product design and receive the right samples.

Our aim at making sure that you get the best value for your money when purchasing perfume from a perfume supplier in China.


Finding a perfume manufacturer from China is relatively easy nowadays, especially with the many online resources available.

First, you want to ensure that it is trusted, reliable, and of good quality. The best way to find trustworthy manufacturers is through reputation or recommendations.

You can use any popular search engine like Google or Yahoo to find a reputable perfume manufacturer from China to work with. Suppose you want to be successful in finding cheap perfume manufacturers.

In that case, you should know how to avoid scams and frauds, find reliable and quality suppliers, and make the best use of Huntersourcing.

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