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Import Solar Panel from China All You Need to Know

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Top 10 Solar Panel Manufacturers in China:

1. What Type of Solar Panel Is to Import?
2. Why Import Solar Panel from China?
3. Where Are Solar Panel Manufacturing Locations in China?
4. How to Find Solar Panel Manufacturers in China?
5. How to Import Solar Panels from China?
6. How to Choose the Best Solar panel?
7. Top 10 Solar Panel Manufacturers in China
7.1 Shenzhen Shine Solar Co., Ltd
7.2 Blue Carbon Technology Inc.
7.3 Anhui Daheng Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
7.4 Hefei Yangtze Solar Power Co., Ltd.
7.5 Starworld Solar Co., Ltd
7.6 Boxin Solar Co., Ltd.
7.7 Zhejiang Perlight Solar Co., Ltd.
7.8 Ningbo Osda Solar Co., Ltd.
7.9 Shandong Zhongjing Solar Energy Co., Ltd.
7.10 Jinhua Dokio Technology Co., Ltd.
8. Why choose Huntersourcing as your solar panel manufacturer’s sourcing agent?
9. Conclusion

What Type of Solar Panel Is to Import?

You will find a huge number in terms of types of solar panels.

However, most of these types fall into three basic types of solar panels. Each of these types offers some advantages along with some demerits.

Here are the details about the three basic types and some other commonly seen solar panel types.

Monocrystalline Solar Panel:

These types of solar panels are the most common type for residential usage.

They also are the most popular type for rooftop installations. A notable reason for this might be its elegant look. A monocrystalline panel is a flat black color, single solar panel.

You can easily identify them by their corner-cut, square-shaped silicon wafers.

As the name suggests, these solar panels are built with a single silicon crystal. This crystal is brought into this shape via several steps.

The monocrystalline solar panels usually contain 72 or 60 solar cells, based on the panel size. However, residential installations usually use the 60-cell variant.

The monocrystalline solar panels offer the highest power capacity and efficiency among all types. For the same reason, they cost higher than the other types. Their efficiency usually ranges between 17% and 22%.

Higher efficiency indicates that monocrystalline solar panels would take less space than other solar panels to produce the same energy. Hence, if you are looking for residential solar panels, monocrystalline panels should be your first choice.

Polycrystalline Solar Panel:

They are also known as multi-crystalline solar panels. Due to their low cost, homeowners with a low budget prefer these.

These panels do not have their corners cut, which you will find in monocrystalline panels. Just like monocrystalline panels, polycrystalline panels are made of crystals but not a single layer, multiple layers, instead.

In terms of efficiency, polycrystalline solar panels are behind monocrystalline ones because of their 15-17% efficiency.

Hence, they are not a good choice as commercial solar panels. However, recent manufacturing technologies offer more efficiency from these panels.

As they offer less efficiency, their cost is also less compared to monocrystalline panels. As a result, they are popular among homeowners and businesses with a budget.

Thin Film Solar Panels:

If you are looking for flexible solar panels, these are the perfect ones for you. Their flexibility and lightweight allow easy installation.

As they are constructed from a number of elements, you can call them hybrid solar panels, as well. The notable advantages of flexibility and lightweight make them less efficient than the crystalline panels.

As mentioned, these solar panels fall far behind crystalline panels in terms of efficiency. Their efficiency usually ranges from 10-13%. These panels are suitable only if you require a very small power source.

Hence, it can be useful as a camping solar panel. On the other hand, they are not a good choice for residential use as they will take more space than the crystalline panels, which is a major problem for the limited space in households.

Transparent Solar Panels:

Transparent solar panels are a new addition to solar panels. As they allow the proper entrance of sunlight while producing power, they have become a considerable choice for commercial uses.

Foldable Solar Panels: Travelers usually carry these foldable solar panels. Although their efficiency is quite low compared to other types, the minimum requirements of power can be fulfilled by them.

As a result, they have become a preference for frequent tourists. Some of these panels come with a USB port. They are then called USB solar panels. They offer the same efficiency while being a little more convenient due to their USB connection.

Why Import Solar Panel from China?

The Chinese market should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for wholesale companies all over the world.

This is due to the numerous benefits that the Chinese market provides. Here are a few reasons why you should import solar from China.

Lower price

If you’re concerned with today’s business world, you’re undoubtedly aware of how cheap Chinese goods are.

Furthermore, we’re talking about large-scale solar purchases. Wouldn’t it be preferable if you could acquire them at the cheapest price per unit? Indeed, it would.

If you wish to import solar panels from China, wholesalers may be able to do it at a fair price because of their cheap labor costs and high competition.

You may then resell them to different firms or retailers in your area for a higher price.

As a result, your solar importing company will generate higher revenue.

Easy Import Process

Importing goods from a different country is far from simple. There are several factors and concerns that you need to have an eye on. The transportation system is one such factor. The same applies in the case of China.

However, because China is the global economic hub, importing any goods from China is easier than importing from any other country. Chinese manufacturers offer a wide variety of transportation services. China has everything you need, whether it’s air freight or ship freight.

Furthermore, a large range of Chinese sectors and enterprises provide online services, so you don’t need to physically contact the company.

Instead, you can purchase solar panels made in China from any firm you choose by placing an online order.

Huge Competition

In every market, the more competition there is, the greater the possibilities for buyers to receive superior quality items. It’s a simple phenomenon that is known to all of us and this scenario best fits in terms of Chinese markets.

There are hundreds of solar panel suppliers in China that you can choose from. Because of the fierce rivalry, manufacturers are required to provide higher-quality solar panels.

Moreover, the buyer gets an advantage to choose a different variation, size, and quality.

Overall, the quality of Chinese-made solar panels is excellent in nearly every way, and Chinese technological advancements play a critical role in this sector.

Taxes and Tariff Import Solar Panels from China

As you are going to import solar panels from China, you have to pay the relevant taxes and tariffs.

The taxes and tariffs are based on the actual product price, the country to be imported to, and some other factors.

You can contact your local customs office to have a better idea about the taxes and tariff to pay.

Where Are Solar Panel Manufacturing Locations in China?

China is a large industrial country. While the solar panel manufacturers in China are scattered across the country, there is some China solar panel industrial zone. Here are some of those locations.

  1. Shenzhen city, Guangdong province: The city lies on the Pearl River’s east bank and borders Hong Kong in its south. It accommodates a number of industries, among whom solar panels are notable. Shenzhen Shine Solar Co. Ltd. is a notable solar panel manufacturer in this region.
  2. Ningbo city, Jinhua city, Zhejiang province: The Ningbo city was formerly known as Ningpo, and Jinhua was formerly known as Kinhwa. The two cities are the place of several companies. Among them, Ningbo Osda Solar Co. Ltd., Jinhua Dokio technology, Zhejiang Perlight Solar Company Ltd., etc., are notable.
  3. Nanjing city, Yangzhou city, Suzhou city, Jiangsu province: The Jiangsu province is popular for a number of things, tourism being one of them. The province includes different industrial cities. Among them, Nanjing city, Yangzhou city, Suzhou city, etc., are more popular for their industrial purposes.
  4. Qingdao city, Jinan city, Shandong province: Qingdao city and Jinan city are the two biggest cities in Shandong province. These cities are home to a number of solar panel manufacturers along with other industries. Shandong Zhongjing Solar Energy Co., Ltd., is one of them.

How to Find Solar Panel Manufacturers in China?

The large Chinese solar panel market offers numerous advantages, but it also has certain drawbacks.

Most essential, the buyers should be well informed of the scenario. You may think a manufacturer is lucrative, but they may fail to meet certain requirements.

As a consequence, finding known and reliable solar panel manufacturers in China, undoubtedly, is crucial. Here are some ways for locating trustworthy Chinese solar panel manufacturers.

Google Search

As the greatest search engine accessible, Google will quickly provide with you results for the best solar panel manufacturers.

So, Google search is the quickest approach to locate reputable solar panel manufacturers although it is not the best method.

Moreover, just because the first result in a search is the top doesn’t imply it is the best.

There are a few more things to think about. Based on what their factories look like, customer reviews, and other factors.

A Google search will generally bring you to their websites, from which you may make further decisions.

Trade Shows

Another simple approach to locating reputable solar panel manufacturers is to attend trade shows.

In such an event, representatives from various solar panel companies from throughout China would assemble. They will exhibit their products and services, demonstrate them, talk about them, and answer various questions regarding those products.

By attending trade shows on solar panel manufacturing, you may simply get a sense of how different manufacturers operate their business. It will later assist you in selecting one of them.

Furthermore, you may immediately contact a particular manufacturer of your choice.

Yellow Pages

Yellow pages are similar to traditional phone directories, where they list companies by category rather than alphabetically.

Several websites provide this service in today’s world. You may visit one of these websites and search for the type of business you want, which in this case is solar panel manufacturers.

Then, among China’s numerous solar panel manufacturers, you may choose the best one for you.

Sourcing Agent

A sourcing agent’s purpose is to assist companies to find manufacturers and suppliers who can provide the products or services they demand.

Suppliers and manufacturers are often evaluated by sourcing agents based on several factors, the most important are price and quality.

Best sourcing agents, such as HunterSourcing, provide far more services, such as contacting manufacturers, obtaining samples, and many more.

B2B Web

B2B stands for business-to-business. The last, and perhaps most importantly, the B2B web may be used to find manufacturers of solar panels in China.

It is the interaction and exchange of products, services, and information between businesses. A wholesaler and a retailer are frequently involved in this procedure.

There are a few well-known B2B online companies all around the world. You may go to their websites to find the best panel manufacturers.

The following are some examples of B2B online firms.

All of these B2B companies are popular across the globe due to the services they provide worldwide.

Also, as all of these companies are based in China, it will be easy for you to find the manufacturers of solar panels via these companies.

How to Import Solar Panels from China?

What is the process of importing solar panels from China? This is the most essential question that most suppliers want to be informed of. Well, here are the steps to follow.

1. Samples:

To initiate, you’ll need to request samples from the provider.

You may either contact the supplier on your own or hire a sourcing firm to contact suppliers for you.

Then you have to evaluate several samples from various companies.

Once you find samples from a manufacturer suitable for you, you can proceed to the next step.

2. Contract:

As you like the sample provided by the manufacturer, you must now get into a deal with the manufacturer. You must ensure that both parties’ terms and conditions are understood while negotiating the contract.

Along with these, you must also be cautious regarding the contract’s duration.

3. Deposit:

The next step is to fulfill the required deposit. Some vendors may need a big deposit up in advance, while others may just fit in a modest deposit.

4. Production:

Since you’ve already completed the necessary amount, the manufacturer will begin production as soon as possible. The production amount will depend on the contract, which was based on your requirements.

5. Quality control:

In any production process, quality control is a crucial phase.

Especially, if you’re manufacturing a huge quantity of something, you have to make sure that quality control is ensured.

You can verify the quality by contacting the manufacturer or seeking the assistance of any particular sourcing agency.

6. Inspect:

A successful production line relies on continuous inspection.

To ensure constant inspection, there is nothing better than a sourcing agency.

Consequently, they will be solely responsible for the product’s quality.

7. Payment:

As the manufacturing is completed, you must now make the payment. Some suppliers will require paying the shipping cost as well.

On the other hand, some vendors will only charge you for shipping once the items have arrived at your doorstep.

8. Shipping:

It’s an important aspect of importing goods from a different country.

However, shipping from China is getting easier by each day.

Later in this article, we’ll discuss various shipping options.

That may provide you with enough information to decide precisely.

9. After-sales service:

The duration of providing after-sales services varies depending on the supplier company.

Generally, the majority of companies limit their after-sales services to a period of 1-2 years.

Nevertheless, try to extend it out as much as possible.

How to Choose the Best Solar panel?

The industry of solar panel production in China, nevertheless, is huge.

Therefore, you get to know how to choose the best solar panel.

Here are some factors that will help you choose the best solar panel manufacturers in China.

Main Products:

Different solar panels are made of different products.

When choosing a solar panel manufacturer, that should be considered, as well.

Furthermore, different products cost different. Also, not all of the main products are suitable for the environment.

Therefore, you should check the main products attentively.


The design of the solar panel has a lot to do.

If you are looking for a residential setup, the commercial design won’t look good. It applies to vice versa, as well.

Therefore, based on where you want to use the solar panel, you should choose the design pattern.


You will find some solar panel suppliers in China that use the OEM service.

In that case, you should be looking for the quality of the actual manufacturer also.

Otherwise, the product quality may not be up to the mark.


Some solar panel manufacturers in China offer ODM products.

Based on the other factors of the manufacturer, you can choose their ODM products or go for the OEM ones from another manufacturer.


Price plays the most vital role in such cases.

No matter what type of product you want to buy, your budget will be the ultimate determiner of what you should go for.

If you are on a very low budget, you should not go for monocrystalline panels. Instead, thin-film solar panels will have to do.


Before choosing a manufacturer, you should ask for samples from them.

Only then can you determine the best solar panel manufacturer.

Eco-Friendly Material:

As the solar panels remain outside your residential or commercial space, it is a must to look for eco-friendly material.

The opposite will cause harm not only to your health but also to the health of others besides the environmental pollution.


On top of everything else, quality should be your primary concern.

In terms of solar panels, you should look for efficiency, whether they meet your needs.

Besides, the manufacturing quality along with the material, all should undergo a quality check.


The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) varies from seller to seller. You should go for the one that offers higher MOQ. That is because the higher MOQ, the easier it will be for you to determine the quantity of their product.


As you import such solar panels, packaging will play a vital role. Go for the manufacturer that offers strong packaging.


The services offered by different manufacturers are also different. While some of them will just sell you the solar panels, some will ensure their proper installation with that. And some others will also offer after-sales service.

Although most companies now offer notable after-sales service, you should go for those with a longer service period and relevant warranty and guaranty.


The best solar panel manufacturers in China will have relevant certifications according to authorities. Before you place your order, check the certifications of the company.

By evaluating these factors, hopefully, you will find the answer to what are the best solar panel manufacturers in China.

Top 10 Solar Panel Manufacturers in China

Here are the top 10 China solar companies.

1. Shenzhen Shine Solar Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Shine Solar Co., Ltd., one of the solar panel manufacturers in Shenzhen, China, was founded in 2009.

The company’s core business is producing, exploiting, and marketing solar energy photovoltaic products. This company’s primary products include solar modules- both monocrystalline or poly-crystalline silicon panels, solar-integrated street lighting, semi-flexible panels, and more.

SHINE SOLAR has extensive R&D, quality control, production, and management expertise with its products’ competitive prices.

The company primarily exports PV solar modules to the United States, Canada, Australia, and South America.

Its semi-flexible panels, in particular, are famous in Europe, particularly on golf carts, boats, and yachts. The integration of solar panels into the street is used in several government projects.

2. Blue Carbon Technology Inc.

Blue Carbon Technology Inc is a leading manufacturer of off-grid solar modules established its headquarters in Rizhao’s High Tech Zone in 2009.

Solar panels, solar street lights, solar freezers, solar air conditioners, and various utility on-grid and off-grid systems are among the company’s offerings.

BCT employs 530 people, including more than 43 R&D personnel, and annually invests more than $20 million in new product research and development.

Blue Carbon Tech (BCT) has risen to the top of the worldwide solar industry in Southeast Asia, with annual sales of 430 million dollars.

BCT has developed direct selling stores in over 90 countries and districts and has covered an area of over 70,000 square meters.

3. Anhui Daheng Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Anhui Daheng Energy Technology Co., Ltd., is one of the solar panel suppliers in China, was founded in 2009.

DAH Solar is a high-tech company that focuses on solar module research and innovation, and solar power station maintenance.

The firm, which employs 350 people and is based in Hefei, occupies an area of 140,000 square meters.

International certifications such as TUV and INMETRO and domestic certifications like CQC and Leader, have approved DAH products.

DAH Solar is well-established in the local market and is actively pursuing the worldwide market, with sales networks in over 100 countries.

4. Hefei Yangtze Solar Power Co., Ltd.

Yangtze Solar Power, founded in 1994, is a Chinese solar panel manufacturer.

Yangtze Solar is primarily concerned with product development, manufacturing, system integration, sales, and service.

This is one of the top solar panel manufacturers in China, which has delivered more than 4GW of photovoltaic solar panels and solar cells and million units of batteries, solar charge controllers, and inverters.

The company’s Solar PV module plant is 90,000 square meters in size and employs over 750 people.

The company’s primary goal is to design, manufacture, and distribute the most dependable and cost-effective solar energy solutions to every corner of the globe.

5. Starworld Solar Co., Ltd

Starworld Solar Co., Ltd is one of the top Chinese solar panel manufacturers that has been in the solar industry for 8 years.

In its long-term growth, the global photovoltaic sector has gone through numerous changes. Starworld keeps up with the times and learns from the best solar companies in China.

During this time, the company has formed partnerships with several solar farms, including JA, Risen, Jinko, and Trina.

To further serve customers, the company has warehouses in Vietnam, Malaysia, and Shenzhen.

Starworld is dedicated to supplying high-quality and cost-effective solar modules and photovoltaic raw materials to its clients.

6. Boxin Solar Co., Ltd.

Boxin Solar Co., Ltd, founded in 2006, is one of the earliest and leading solar panel companies in China.

Boxin has always worked to provide certified products and high-quality service based on the principle of “lighting up, lighting the future.”

Boxin has a skilled team that focuses on R&D, sales, and after-sales service, and it is one of the most important government-supported high-tech companies.

In underdeveloped and rural regions, Boxin products are widely utilized for electricity and everyday lighting.

Boxin has been in the industry for over ten years, and all of its goods are manufactured in full compliance with the rules.

7. Zhejiang Perlight Solar Co., Ltd.

Perlight Solar was established in 2006 with the goal of researching, manufacturing, and marketing high-efficiency photovoltaic (PV) cells, modules, and systems.

The company employs 500 people, including 50 scientists and researchers, and its annual silicon cell and module manufacturing capacity exceeds 550MW.

Perlight is dedicated to providing the most cost-effective photovoltaic products, with a large selection of panels and complete certifications.

Its scientific and standardized product database allows consumers to register, query, and monitor their booking.

The plant has exported its products to over 100 nations and regions, with the European Union, Australia, South America, and Asia being the primary markets.

8. Ningbo Osda Solar Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Osda Solar Co., Ltd. Is a solar company in china that was founded in 2009.

This is one of the china solar companies, which specializes in photovoltaic product R&D, manufacture, and sales, including solar modules, silicon rods, and cells.

The company is based in Ningbo and has a solar module production capacity of 1 GW per year.

Osda has a strong market presence in Europe, the United States, Asia, and Africa. More than ten countries, including Germany, Bangladesh, and India, have subsidiary branches and representative offices.

By assisting individuals in using alternative energy, Osda contributes to a cleaner environment. This will hopefully lead to a brighter and more prosperous future.

9. Shandong Zhongjing Solar Energy Co., Ltd.

Shandong Zhongjing Solar Energy Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of solar panels and other solar technologies that was founded in 2008.

The company is based in Shandong province and has a 66000 square meter footprint. Shandong designs manufacture and distribute high-efficiency monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar modules and other solar items.

The plant has a capacity of 200 MW per year and produces solar panels ranging in size from 10 to 340 watts.

The company’s employees are well trained and dedicated to producing high-quality, dependable items.

Shandong has built positive working relationships with firms from more than 60 nations, including the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and others.

10. Jinhua Dokio Technology Co., Ltd.

Jinhua Dokio Technology Co., Ltd is a company of solar panel production in China.

The solar panels made in China by Dokio have a minimum 10 years warranty on the whole panel and a lifespan of 25 years.

The firm spends almost $300,000 a month on R&d, so consumers can trust the company’s commitment to developing new products.

Customers can choose from mono and polysilicon solar panels with outputs ranging from 5 to 300 watts per panel.

Dokio’s products come with CE, UL, TUV certificates.

Dokio’s products are frequently exported to North America, Southeast Asia, and Europe.

Why choose Huntersourcing as your solar panel manufacturer’s sourcing agent?


HunterSourcing may be the appropriate place for you if you’re seeking the perfect sourcing agency for solar panel manufacturers in China.

There are numerous sourcing agent firms to choose from, but not all of them will deliver the desired results.

Most sourcing agent firms, in particular, provide their services through a variety of portals, which makes keeping track of everything difficult.

Nevertheless, in this aspect, HunterSourcing is unique.

The company aims to import items from China quickly, easily, and safely. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose HunterSourcing for solar panel manufacturing from China.

Rich Experience: For decades, HunterSourcing has been on the market.

They’ve also had a lot of expertise with solar panels all through the years.

As a consequence, they are more equipped than any other sourcing agent to comprehend Chinese solar panel manufacturers.

As an outcome, they can quickly discover manufacturers who can fit your requirements.

Familiar with the origin: HunterSourcing is well-familiar with the Chinese origins of solar manufacturing.

They are extremely familiar with the many locations and towns where China solar panel manufacturers may be found.

As a consequence, delivering the best service is easier for them.

Cooperative relationship: HunterSourcing has an excellent working relationship with a number of Chinese custom solar panel manufacturers.

They can acquire solar panel samples in no time, and at extremely low pricing.

Dedicated agent: HunterSourcing will assign a dedicated agent expert for you particularly.

Customers will be assisted at every stage of their purchase by that particular agent.

From order to shipping, it ensures quality, reliability, and on-time delivery.

One-stop service: Shipment is an extreme challenge for wholesaling.

HunterSourcing, as previously indicated, offers one-stop sourcing services, including door-to-door and door-to-port delivery, customs declaration, and so on.

As a whole, HunterSourcing will take care of all of your worries and concerns.

Free: Quotations and samples are free by HunterSourcing.

As a result, you can compare different solar panel manufacturers free of any cost.

You are welcome to speak with one of the Chinese solar panel manufacturer experts.


Now that you have a better idea about the solar panel manufacturers in China, you can easily choose the best one and import solar panels from them.

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