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Golf Carts Manufacturer from China Ultimate Guide

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1. Who Buys Golf Carts from China?

China offers golf carts at a comparatively very low price. Hence, any supplier looking for a better price for value buys golf carts from China.

As the golf carts are used in golf courses, golf course owners are the usual buyers. However, large suppliers who may or may not own golf courses can also buy golf carts in large number from China.

2. Which Golf Cart Brand is Best?

There are a number of golf cart brands that have been manufacturing golf carts since long. Some of them have managed to get to the top of golf cart business. Here are some of the best brands for golf carts.
• Yamaha
• Club car
• Western
• Polaris GEM
• Icon

3. How Much Are Golf Carts?

The prices of golf carts vary in terms of some factors. For instance, it depends on the manufacturer brand. Different brands cost different based on their staff and production cost. The engine design also matters. While some of the engines are made to serve the purpose of movement only within the golf course, some others are made to be sightseeing vehicle.

The shape and body build of the golf cart also play a major role in the price. And finally, the age of the golf cart matters. It basically depends upon the condition of the cart. If the cart is in a good shape, it will cost you higher. In general, golf carts from China will cost you in between as low as $3000 and $10000 if the cart is new. And if the cart is used or in a comparatively beaten condition, the price lowers proportionately.

4. What to Consider when Importing Golf Carts from China

China is a big source of manufacturing golf carts. Hence, it is important to know what to consider when buying golf carts from China.

Electric Golf Carts

There are two variants for golf carts. One variant is electrically-powered, which we call electric golf carts. The other one is gas-powered golf carts; we will talk about it in the next paragraph.

Electric golf carts have their ups and downs in terms of advantages. The advantageous side is that they are more eco-friendly, they cost less in maintenance, and so on. However, they have a downside as well. These golf carts are significantly lower in terms of performance level.

Gas Golf Carts

These are the second variant of golf carts. The downside for gas-powered golf carts is that they will cost you more in purchase and also in maintenance. However, the upside is that these carts offer longer service life compared to the electric ones.

Hence, if you are looking for longer period of service rather than cost-efficiency, gas golf carts are your go-to.


If you are going for electric golf carts, you will need to know about golf cart batteries. Golf carts can use batteries of 3 different volt configurations- 6, 8, 12-volt. These batteries can be connected in series to obtain the required amount of voltage to run the golf cart.

The important thing you need to know here is that even if you have the same amount of total voltage from two different connections, the connection with the higher number of batteries would serve better.


Golf carts come in different sizes. Based on your purpose of using the golf cart, you should choose the car-size. On average, golf carts have the width of 48 inches, height of 72 inches, and length of 96 inches.

However, the width may be as low as 44 inches and as high as 54 inches. Similarly, the height may be as low as 67.5 inches and as high as 77 inches. And the length can be as low as 91 inches and as high as 144 inches.


Golf carts basically have their parts to be changed as accessory items. And usually, they are not that mandatory to change if used smoothly.

However, when buying or wholesaling from a manufacturing company, it is better to go for the ones that come with brand accessories. Later we will talk about different brands of golf carts.


Price is one of the major factors that will decide your purchase decision. A standard golf cart costs around $7,000 – $8,000. Based on the size of your desired golf cart, the price will vary.

The price may also vary based on the brand manufacturing them. Also, if the golf carts come with supplementary accessories, the price may vary a bit.


Golf cart warranty is similar to that of other vehicles. Generally, a golf cart warranty covers the parts of the cart and repairs in case anything goes wrong after the purchase. Based on the manufacturer company or the seller you are buying from, the warranty duration may vary.

If you face any problem with the golf cart during that period, you can take help of the warranty. All you need to do is contact the dealer and they will handle the cost of the parts or the repair. Some may think of the warranty as an unnecessary thing.

However, a warranty has quite some benefits, including added value upon resale, less or no repair costs, etc.


A golf cart is expected to drive in a golf course. However, these may sometimes be used in regular streets or public roads.

Nevertheless, there are some rules and regulation policies that must be met in order to drive a golf cart. Mainly you will need to have an insurance for the golf cart, road permit and registration under the DMV.

In some cases, there are some additional requirements, but these are the primary requirements.


Tariff applies to golf carts as well. Usually there are two types of tariffs based on the cart type. One is for electric golf carts, and the other is for gas-powered golf carts.

The tariff applied
on golf carts are usually same as the one for motor carts under HTS of the US.

5. Where Are Golf Carts Manufacturers Based in China?

China is the center of golf carts’ mass production. The manufacturing plants are situated across the country. Following is some of the states or provinces where the golf cart manufacturers are based in China.

Dongguan, Guangdong
Guangdong is a province in the Southern China. Dongguan city in the province has one of the biggest and most famous manufacturing companies, EXCAR.
The company started its function in 2006 with an experienced team at manufacturing. You will find different types of vehicles, including golf carts here.

Tianjin, China
Tianjin city harbors another most popular golf cart manufacturing plant in China. Their golf carts are known to be fashionable in appearance.
The main product of the company includes electric cars, including sightseeing and golf carts. Their cars are being broadly used due to reliability and durability.

Suzhou, Jiangsu
Jiangsu is another province in China that is home for quite a number of manufacturing plants. Two famous cities that have such manufacturing plants are Changzhou and Suzhou.
Changzhou is the home of Golden Motor, a company that manufactures a lot of products, like golf carts, battery packs, motors, etc.
And Suzhou is the home of Suzhou Eagle, a popular brand that manufactures electric vehicles, including electric golf carts.

Qingdao, Shandong
Shandong province in China is commonly known for its industrial warehouses and manufacturing plants. The province harbors some cities with golf cart manufacturing plants. Qingdao is one of them.
A major golf cart manufacturing company in Qingdao is the Qingdao Chengtai Hand Truck Co., Ltd. Besides manufactured golf carts, you can also source different part and accessory items for your cart from the company.
Another popular manufacturing company in Shandong is the Shandong Super Motor Power Tech Co., Ltd. The company is known to be one of the top-selling golf cart companies. Besides, it also manufactures electric four-wheeler vehicles.

Jinhua, Zhejiang
If you are looking for a manufacturer that manufactures different types of golf carts in a place, Jinhua city in Zhejiang is the spot for you.
The city harbors one of the most popular companies for manufacturing varieties of golf carts, the Yongkang Sun-Cart Industry Factory. The company is also known for its powerful customer support

6. What to Consider When Ordering Custom Golf Carts?

Many people like to custom things in their purchase. Especially, if you are a wholesaler, your customers may want to customize their orders. The same applies for golf cart suppliers.
If you are wholesaling from manufacturers, it is better to have options of customization. Also, upon customer demand, you can order customized products from the manufacturers. Here are some of the factors that you must look for before ordering custom golf carts.
• Custom styles
• Custom paint design
• Custom wheels and rims
• Custom seats
• Lift kits
• Light kits
• Customized fenders
• OEM parts & accessories
• Technical support
• After sales service.

7. Where to Buy & Wholesale Golf Carts in China?

If you are a foreign company, buying and wholesaling products online may be suitable for you. That applies to golf carts as well. Here are some of the B2B websites that can help you buy & wholesale golf carts in China online.

1. alibaba.com
2. made-in-china.com
3. dhgate.com
4. globalsources.com
5. aliexpress.com
6. chinabrands.com
7. huntersourcing.com

8. Top 10 Golf Cart Manufacturers in China

There are many different golf cart vendors and manufacturers in China. Due to the huge number, the competition is also high, and so is the quality.
Still, there are some manufacturing companies that do better than others. Here are the top 10 best golf cart manufacturers in China.

8.1 Guangdong Marshell Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd.
Marshell is not only a China-based, but also a world-class manufacturing company of electric vehicles.
The company specializes in golf carts, sightseeing vehicles, scooters, cleaning machine, etc. In terms of golf carts, the company offers a wide range of variety. From 2-seater golf carts, to 6 seaters, all are available.
The company has 3 factories in China, owning over 300,000 sq meters. Starting from 2002, Marshell has enriched itself with more than 100 skilled engineers and 1600 expert workers.

8.2 Dongguan Excar Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd.
Excar is another popular manufacturing companies for electric vehicles. The company started its journey in 2006 in Dongguan, a city in Guangdong. Since then, the company has gradually expertized itself in manufacturing low-speed electric vehicles, and no doubt, it has managed to earn the success.
From different models of golf carts to sightseeing bus, different electric motors, and other electric items, the company manufacture it all.
If you are looking for a company that relies mostly on machineries rather than human touch, Excar is the right spot for you.

8.3 Raysince
Compared to the previous two, Raysince is quite new among electric golf cart manufacturers, starting its journey in 2015. However, the company has still managed to become one of the top electric vehicle manufacturers in China.
The company specializes in electric cars, including mini cars, electric golf carts, RHD electric cars, sightseeing cars, and so on. Not all electric vehicle companies manufacture high-speed electric cars.
But Raysince manufacture high speed electric cars, as well. The company is well-equipped with its electrophoretic treatment, laser-cutting, powder painting, and so on.

8.4 Jiangsu Fengsu Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd.
The next in our golf cart manufacturers list is Jiangsu Fengsu Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. The company offers a wide range of electric vehicles, including electric golf buggy, electric shuttle buses, passenger vehicles, and so on.
The interesting fact is that there is a wide variety in the production of all these different types of vehicles. For example, the company manufactures golf carts varying from 2 seaters to 8 seaters. Similarly, the company has electric shuttle buses of 6 seaters to 14 seaters.
With their 24/7 support, the company has managed to hold a position in the top 10.

8.5 Suzhou Eagle Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
The golf cart supplier company claims to be the best manufacturer of low-speed electric vehicles in China, and the claim seems to be right assuming its position in the top 10.
The company is quite experienced in the industry with 15+ years of service since its establishment in 1999. The company’s testing process is quite helpful for its customers.
The company tests all its products with 5000+ kilometers of test run to ensure proper quality. From a wide range of electric vehicles, you can choose the one that suits your purpose.

8.6 Tianjin Zhongyi Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd.
If you are looking for an electric vehicle manufacturer company that offers various designs, Zhongyi EV is the right place. The company is well-known for its world-famous designs.
The company manufactures a wide range of electric vehicles, including electric golf carts made in China, electric vintage cars, patrol cars, sightseeing cars, shuttlebuses, and so on.
After dominating in China, the company is now trying to capture the international electric golf carts manufacturers market. And with its exclusive designs, the company may succeed soon.

8.7 Jinhua Sun-Cart Vehicle Co., Ltd.
With 10,000+ different designs, Sun-Cart boasts of its performance in manufacturing electric vehicles.
The main product of the company is golf carts; and it manufactures golf carts in a wide range of variety. Not only in design, the electric vehicles from Sun-Cart are also popular for their performance.
The best thing about Sun-Cart is that although they are centered in China, the company managed to keep pace up with the international market of electric vehicles.

8.8 Yongkang Jinghang Sightseeing Vehicle Co., Ltd.
The golf cart manufacturing company mainly specializes in sightseeing vehicles. But it also manufactures other types of electric vehicles. Unlike many other similar companies, Yongkang Jinghang manufactures both fuel and electric vehicles.
The company was introduced in 2002 and managed to find its way to the top in the next years. The company manufactures a wide range of sightseeing vehicles, that varies from 2 seats to 14 seats.
If you are looking for custom golf cart manufacturers, this might be the right place for you.

8.9 Wuxi Everbright Co., Ltd.
The company is primarily known for its tri-cycle manufacturing. However, other than tri-cycle scooters, the company is also prominent in manufacturing four-wheel electric cars, including golf carts and other electric carts.
If you are looking for a company that can offer a wide range of electric cars with no limitation to the number of wheels, Wuxi Everbright is perfect for you.
With its diversified collection of electric vehicles, the company is one of the top electric vehicle manufacturers and suppliers in the Southeast Asian and European market.

8.10 Guangzhou Langqing Electric Car Co., Ltd.
If you are a designer of your own vehicle but are looking for a manufacturing company that can turn your design into a reality, Langqing is the right manufacturing company for you.
The best thing about the company is that it offers contracted design besides regular designs. Hence, the customer gets the chance to have their own design implemented in their electric car.
The company manufactures a wide range of electric vehicles, including golf buggy, electric shuttle buses, electric utility trucks, and so on.

9. Golf Carts FAQ

9.1 How do golf carts work?

The electric golf carts work by the mechanism of an electric motor. First, the electric motor gets electric current. Then, it turns the wheels, which make the golf cart move. The greater amount of current, the faster the golf cart runs.
And the gas-powered golf carts work in the same manner, except that the fuel in that is gas.

9.2 Who is the largest manufacturer of golf carts in China?

There are many world-class manufacturers of golf carts across the world. In different countries, the largest manufacturers of golf carts are different.
In China, there are many golf cart manufacturer companies. Among them, Yamaha is currently the largest manufacturer of golf carts in China.

9.3 How often should golf cart batteries be replaced?

Golf cart batteries usually last five to ten years. If the golf cart is used in property lawns or for sightseeing, the batteries may run out faster, lasting about 4-6 years. However, privately used golf cart batteries may last 6 to 10 years.
It actually depends upon how much power your golf cart draws from the battery pack. But it is safe to say that with a newly put battery pack, you can get at least 5 years of service.

9.4 Why are golf carts so expensive?

Golf carts look simple and some may think that they should cost less. However, golf carts cost quite some amount due to some factors.
Firstly, their materials are of high-quality and last usually for many years. In addition, they have safety modifications that increase the cost to quite an extent but is necessary to ensure safety.
Also, golf carts accessories cost a lot, which make them more expensive.

9.5 How long do golf carts need to charge?

In order to last long, golf cart batteries need to be charged properly. Golf cart batteries usually take 8 to 10 hours to fully charge providing that the proper battery charger has been used.
If a different charger is used to charge the batteries, it may take longer or may cause damage to the batteries or the golf cart.
No matter for how long you are going to use the golf cart, it is a good choice to charge the battery to the full. As it takes 8 to 10 hours to charge, the ideal time to charge the batteries is overnight.

9.6 What is the speed of golf carts?

Golf carts are not meant to run fast. They are meant to provide enough sightseeing, which makes them comparatively a slower vehicle. An average golf cart runs 12 to 14 miles an hour.
However, if you do modification, the vehicle may exceed the regular top speed of 14 miles per hour.

10. Why Choose HunterSourcing as Your Golf Carts Sourcing Agent?


A sourcing agent is important for any business, especially if the business is wholesaling product from overseas. And if the country you are wholesaling from is China, then HunterSourcing might be the perfect choice for you.
The company is popular for its quick response. Also, you get one-stop sourcing services from HunterSourcing. Here are a few reasons why you should choose HunterSourcing as your golf carts sourcing agent.

Sourcing products
As a wholesaler from outside China, it may be quite difficult to source products in China from away. HunterSourcing can help you in this case. The company is very trustworthy in this process. They assign a specific expert. This expert sourcing agent then helps the customer with their query.
Firstly, the agent will select multiple manufacturers for you to choose from. The service doesn’t end here. Based on your requirements, the agent will then eliminate the companies that don’t meet your standards.
And then from the rest of the companies, the agent evaluates these companies on their quality of products, pricing, delivery choices and others.
As a result, there comes a short list of proper manufacturer companies that can meet your requirements.

Sample collection

If you are wholesaling a huge number of products or even a smaller amount but from a company that you haven’t bought from previously, it is important to check the samples. HunterSourcing will help you with that, as well.

Their assigned agent will collect the sample for you and let you examine them. Based on the quality of these samples, you can then go for the purchase or not.

Quality inspection
As an outsider, it may not be possible for you to inspect the quality of the products you are ordering, not even after checking the sample.
In this regards, the HunterSourcing agent will inspect the quality of the products. Besides, they will also do a detailed inspection on the manufacturing plant and how things are being made, etc.
Consulting import and export policies
Not all products have the same policies across the whole world. While a product might be adored in a country, it may not at all be allowed in another.
In this case, policies regarding import and export, tariff plans and other regulations are important. HunterSourcing will give you this information without any extra cost.

Price negotiation
When there are a ton of different manufacturing companies, it may get challenging to find the appropriate price for value of the product.
And if you are an outsider, it may be even harder to negotiate for a better price. Hopefully, there is HunterSourcing, which will do the negotiation for you and come up with the best possible offer.

Free warehousing
As you are wholesaling a huge number of products, you might fall in lack of sudden storage sometimes. However, with HunterSourcing, you don’t need to worry about that.
That is because HunterSourcing offers free warehousing for up to 60 days. You can manage a warehousing solution within this period, hopefully.


When wholesaling, finding a trustful manufacturing company may get quite challenging. Hopefully, this article can help you find your way to the perfect golf cart manufacturer.
Also, with the help of HunterSourcing, you can hopefully make a success in golf cart wholesaling and supplying.

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